Pokolbin Village Resort, Hunter Valley, Outside Sydney
Pokolbin, Hunter Valley, Australia - Corinne Janssen. Date of travel: Feb 2006
The hotel itself is cute enough but photography from the website is very misleading. It really is a 2* roadside "motel". But what really makes this a place to avoid is management (or the lack thereof). We had a power outage which can happen anywhere so that was not the issue. But all staff and management left the property shortly after the power went out and abandoned the hotel. We were left utterly in the dark with no lights, no air conditioning (it was an extremely hot day), no torches or candles, no working phones, no security and no one to assist us. Not even emergency contact details. The power went off at around 5.30pm and we finally left in utter despair at 10pm after we had located alternate accommodations. At no point was anyone around to assist us. Worse, we went back the next day to speak to a manager and attempt to get a refund only to be told the "manager was not on property". It was bad enough that the manager was not there to assist guests during the blackout but he/she obviously felt it was not important to be around the next day either. We left after we were promised to be contacted within 24 hours. After 2 days we still had heard nothing and called back only to be "put off" again and promised someone would call us back within 45 minutes. We finally received a call back 1,5 hours later - not from management but from a poor staff member who had been tasked with telling us we would only get a partial refund. At no time did management contact us - they were simply nowhere to be found in what was essentially an emergency situation. And then to not even follow through and have staff do their "dirty work" for them ......completely unacceptable!
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