St Constantine Resort, Varna
I enjoyed stay at St.St.Constantine & Helena resort - Lilia Brazhnikova. Date of travel: Jun 2008
I enjoyed stay at St.St.Constantine & Helena resort
I've just spent two marvellous weeks at St Constantine resort, 10 minutes drive from Varna along Varna-Golden Sands highway. It's second time I choose St.Constantine for spending my summer vacation (late June 2008), because I love it! It is so green, quiet, peaceful, friendly... Last year I stayed in GLORIA (3*), this year in Grand-Hotel VARNA (5*), both hotels are very good. No need to buy All inclusive tour, since there are lots of eating places where you can get a good lunch or dinner for 15-20 BGN (less than 10 Euro or $16). Plenty of fish, vegetables, meat, delicious wine and excellent strong drinks like Rakia (kind of home-brew made of grapes or fruit) or famous local brandy Pliska. Sand beaches in St.Constantine are well equipped, the fare for umbrella and chair is not high. Black Sea water is transparent, clean and beautiful (sometimes turquois, sometimes emerald-green), makes you feel fresh and strong. The seashore here is divided into many parts by wave-killers that mitigate the waves and allow you to swim easily. I didn't find medusas or any other water creatures from which I suffered in Aegean Sea, for example. When the waves are too high, you can bathe in a hotel swimming pool. Most of the hotels here have very good swimming pools. St.Constantine is also remarkable for its mineral water pools. Warm mineral water bath helps to combat many health problems: spine, gynecology, arthritis, etc. If combined with physical exercise and/or massage gives you especially good result. For those interested in massage services I would recommend a superb Bulgarian masseur Saro by name (his massage room is in hotel BOR, right near the beach) provides very effective massotherapy, really does wonders to your body and face! There are also lots of interesting sightseeing tours provided by tourist agencies, so for a change you can by a tour to Nessebar, Veliko Tyrnovo, Sofia and other Bulgarian cities to look at historical places, masterpieces of art and architecture, have a boat tour, go fishing, jeep safari, laser light show - whatever you want. Generally, if you want to have enjoyable holidays at a relatively low cost, to improve your health and spirits, choose St.Constantine near Varna!
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