X Hostel Waikiki, Varna
Hostel in Varna/Golden Sands area - DON`T MISS IT!!! - Eva & Steve. Date of travel: May 2008
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Hostel in Varna/Golden Sands area - DON`T MISS IT!!!
Go to St Constantine area!!! Just like Golden Sands but cheaper, less crowds and so many options for fun! My boyfriend and I found this new amazing place: X HOSTEL WAIKIKI just out of Varna on the road to Golden Sands... They offer free transport to the attractions, city and show all the non-touristy fun places to go to!!! Great staff, relaxing, an amazing garden, pool, sea view terrace and so cheap! Common room where we played all sort of games, cheap bar, then out for short walk to the beaches or go-karting, hot open air baths, so many pretty street markets and clubs... WOW! I`m going back there with the girls!!!
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X Hostel Waikiki | * * * * * |
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