Deer Lodge, Mount Washington
Located just 20 minutes from the Comox Valley, the Deer lodge enjoys a great location in Mount Washington. It offers ski-in/ski-out access, free underground parking facilities, free ski lockers, a Jacuzzi, kitchen supplies, and a coffee bar serving snacks. All guest suites come with kitchens, fireplaces, private balconies, cable TV and private bathrooms. There aremore
Deer Lodge - Not so - Ken . Date of travel: Mar 2010
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Somebody needs to tell the folks up at Mount Washington's Deer Lodge, that there's more to a "Luxury" accommodations (as stated on their website) than it's proximity to the ski hill. I've stayed at nicer motels in the middle of nowhere. My family has experienced ski resorts in many world destinations and we were very disappointed with both the hotel and the service we received. My family headed up to Mount Washington last weekend for my 3 year old daughter's first ever ski trip. We had excitedly booked a one bedroom suite with a sofa bed thinking that would be more than enough for the 3 of us. The cost for Deer Lodge was more expensive than the other accommodations we had found, but we decided to spend more for a bigger space, a sofa bed and its proximity to the ski hill -- we decided to pay for a "better experience". The first not so "luxurious" experience we had was after we returned from skiing, looking forward to apre-ski. We were disgusted to find that the dishes in the cupboard were dirty. There was hardened cheese, and grime all over the dishes and now we were washing dishes on our holidays -- not what we planned. My wife and I are typically easy going and go with the flow, so we got over it. The next not so "luxurious" experience was due to the fact that our suite in Deer Lodge still had its original furniture and the sofa bed was completely worn out. At first we thought that it was just uncomfortable to sit on, but when we pulled it out later that evening, we were disappointed to find that it was even worse to lay on. As I said, my wife and I go with the flow, so we put the kid in the bed thinking that it wouldn't be too bad for her because she weighs 30 pounds -- we were wrong. The next morning my 3 year old woke me up for the third time that night stating "My back hurts". So needless to say we experienced an awful night and we were all exhausted for our next ski day. The fact that we were now pretty sure that we were paying too much for our "Luxurious Accommodations", the next morning we decided to bring the issues to the hotel staff's attention. First we asked to move rooms, but were told that there wasn't anything available. Our suite was situated beside a one-room suite that wasn't being used, so we then asked to have that room opened up to us, and they agreed to let us use it as a second bedroom. So we went on our way feeling better about the situation but still not happy that we were paying for a Luxurious Accommodation and obviously not staying in one. After returning from skiing, we decided to try and talk to the manager and find out why we were booked into a room where they "typically didn't rent to more than 2 people" (as stated by the desk staff). This is when we had a bad experience with the service we received. The manager would not see us. Instead she sent a not-so "Luxurious" and rather rude assistant manager Pam, to deal with our issue. My wife was told by Pam that "we were lucky that the manager let us have the extra bedroom at no cost" and that they were not able or willing to do anything else for us and the manager was not available to see us. The assistant manager then said that she would talk to the manager and we could reconnect when we checked out the next day. We then had a knock on the door and the hotel cleaning staff had been sent up to clean our dishes. We thanked the lady who had come to help but let her know that we already washed the dishes. A little late folks. The next day our service received wasn't any better. My wife again asked to see the manager and after waiting for a long while, was told she wasn't available again. The desk staff called Pam and she said that she would speak to her, but she needed to walk to the next hotel because Pam was there. So off my wife went to the next hotel to speak with Pam. After waiting for a lengthy time again, Pam simply told her again that they were not able to do anything more for us. My wife thanked Pam for wasting our time and that we would not be staying at Deer Lodge again. In fact, we are still receiving poor service as my wife now feels offended and tried following up with Mt. Washington Reservations. We are still waiting for a return call from a manager. My recommendation to people visiting Mount Washington is to rent a privately owned condo and avoid the people running the accommodation bookings. If you do book a room at Deer Lodge, have low expectations of what a Luxurious Accommodation is.
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