Novotel Mississauga, Toronto
Novotel Hotel bad management - bad staff - Piyush Bhatt. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
I had reserved and paid through Orbitz for a 2 double bed non-smoking room but when I got to the Hotel they said they did not have room available. They had smoking room available or non-smoking with 1 double-bed and we were 3 people with a kid. I just took it because it was for a night. But they did not give me any discount - not even complimentary breakfast. Then I had left 2 ice packs to keep in freezer at night. Ice packs were to keep baby milk cold during travel. And in the morning when I went to collect them, they had lost them. What kind of management was that to lose customer items?
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