Bella Costa, Varadero
Stay away from Breezes Bella Costa - Paul Silva. Date of travel: Apr 2007
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Upon our arrival the bell boy opened the room and tried to kill a bug, we did not realise at this point it was a HUGE cockroach. A few minutes later my wife was screaming as there was another in the bathroom. I then went down to the lobby to question the infestation problem wanting to know if it was local to this hotel or to all of Varadero. I was told "This is Cuba!" I then told him if I saw another I would take a picutre and bring it down for him to see it. Sure enough, as soon as I entered the room there was another. I was in Caya Coca last year and the year prior I was in The Dominican Republic, I was born in the Azores islands and am well aware when there is poor hygeine. My son suffers from a poor immune system so hygene is VITAL to him. The front desk called the bell boy via hand held radio to question whether he indeed saw a cockroach in the room. Being Portuguese I was able to understand the conversation clearly. I was told someone would be coming up to disinfect the room. A few minutes later a nice lady came into the room with a large can of bug spray . she sprayed the corners, behind shelves and the closets. She did an EXCELLENT JOB! The lady then left and asked if we wanted to keep the can(??) A few minutes later my wife and I were sitting in the room looking at each other. We were sitting in a room that had just been sprayed with pesticide and are exoected to sleep the night here?? I went down to front desk again and was FURIOUS! The next day we spoke with the Sun Wing rep and explained what had happened and asked to be changed to another hotel. After having breakfeast we decided to make the best of it as it would be too much trouble to repack and move 5 people and all or bags. From here on, everything was fine, everyting OUTSIDE of the hotel. They do not have toilet seats in the lobby! Our last day was the final nightmare. I was told we HAD to leave the room at noon. After a lot of arguing and fuming, we were offered a courtesy room. Before going to The Breezes Bella Costa I had read reviews about there being no toiled seats in the lobby? Knowing people are strange I disregarded this. Ialso read a review from someone who had been there two weeks prior to us complaining about blood soaked pillows(??) What are the odds: we walked into the 'Courtesy Room', lifted the blankets and were horrified/sickened to see a blood soaked pillow!!! I am appaulled that Sun Wing would give this resort a GOLD rating. What happened to the advertised 24 hour drinks? As far as six months back there were NO 24 hour drinks. The rating and advertising on Sun Wings site needs to be updated and SOON!
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