Sheraton Miramar Hotel, El Gouna
The magical Sheraton Miramar Hotel in El Gouna offers magnificent 5-star accommodation designed by a world-famous architect. It is located approximately 20km north of the popular Hurghada, and so offers a break away from the busy resorts. On-site, guests have the pleasure of making use of the beautiful swimming pools, great on-site restaurants and bars,more
Sheraton Miramar Hotel - Pauline Olliver, Ray Olliver. Date of travel: Dec 2006
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Value for money: | * * * * * |
The Sheraton Miramar Hotel was an education to both of us - we had no idea as to the size of either the hotel or the grounds. The drive leading up to the hotel was very long - too long to walk it - and the bushes and trees were lit with fairy lights - it was beautiful. The rooms were lovely, very large, plenty of room to move about. Room Service was very good if you did not wish to eat in the restaurant and so was the dry cleaning and laundry service.
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Sheraton Miramar Hotel | * * * * * |
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