La Perla Hotel, Hurghada
The lovely La Perla Hotel in Hurghada is located close to a gorgeous beach, and offers incredible views and great amenities. Guests may make the use of sparkling swimming pools, sports and games facilities, watersports, on-site restaurants and bars, a disco, and much more. The rooms are all tastefully furnished and completed with satellite TV's,more
La Perla Hotel - Nikki Hesford. Date of travel: May 2005
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Value for money: | * * * * * |
Hotel was great, staff are friendly wherever you go (But this is usually because they have a few shops up the road and want to sweeten you up, or have a relative who has a tour company - everyone is on the fiddle in some way!) Hotel was immaculately kept and was very reasonably priced for drinks and snacks, we cant fault the hotel, which certainly exceeded our expectations for a 3* Hotel. I would recommend it to anyone! Tour Operator: My Travel
Fantastic trip! - Tracey and Jay. Date of travel: Apr 2004
We stayed in La Perla, Hurghada. Whilst the hotel was basic, the holiday itself was fantastic! The exchange rate was great, people friendly and helpful. Tipping is a way of life, and the people here are mostly much poorer than us, so if you are not prepared to give a small tip you may find it uncomfortable. Food in town was varied and well cooked. Lots of lovely public beaches. Try the Giftun island trip, the snorkelling is great. Some areas can be a bit scruffy due to more hotels being built, but it stops during summer for the tourists. You get used to the armed guards here and there, and begin to look at each other with curiosity. forget photographing them! Taxi-buses tout for your business all night, so its easy to get around. Careful you dont mix up the money and get ripped off though! The sunlight and lack of shade is relentless, but amazing. You can enter most any hotel and be welcomed, the mighty pound is so attractive! Oh and if you get into any trouble at all, just shout "Mohammed!", 90 percent of the population will try to rescue you. Dont expect to go here and find England in the sun. Its a different culture. If you want fish and chips and rock, go to Blackpool. We cant wait to return in 2005, and will be looking for familiar faces! By the way, a salesman happily let me out of his shop with £60 of goods when my credit card failed. I had to wait til we got back to sort it out, and forwarded the money on. Any race of people who trust you that much arent all bad! Tour Operator: Thomas cook
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