Three Corners Palmyra Resort Hotel, Sharm el-Sheikh
Located in the bay of Nabq, the Three Corners Palmyra Resort is just 20 minutes from the old city centre and 5 minutes from the airport. The beautiful beaches of the Red Sea are nearby, offering endless leisure and sports activities for a perfect getaway in the sun. On-site, guests will be delighted to findmore
I loved the three corners Palmyra Hotel ..... - Lindsay Carragher (Matthew C, Debbie & Pauline Oliver xx). Date of travel: Feb 2009
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
I loved the three corners Palmyra Hotel .....
The Three Corners Palmyra Hotel is a good place to stay and the staff are boss e.g. Medhat, Bob, Mac, don't know his name but is a chef and whistles like a bird, Titto, etc .... Also the pool is a little bit cold but is clean and fun, the drinks are ok and the food is nice but the puddings are a little bit tasteless lol. The rooms are good and I'm loving the towel swans and hearts etc ... oh ya and go to Sharks Bay Beach for the day and buy a snorkel (lots of fish). The entertainment is very good and love the songs and dances :) The oriental room is really comfy and cute plus the activities are fun (not that I did any, my brother did them all but tennis. I had a go of that and it was fun lol.) And if you do go (which you should ) please tell them all I love them so much xxxxxxxxx :) :) :)
Hotel of doom!! If you're coming here don't read this!! You won't like it - Ash. Date of travel: Dec 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
Let me start by saying bravo to the staff and the animation team at the Three Corners Palmyra Resort...Bravo! Especially Adam who will now hate me because I beat him at tennis. The hotel itself is not a 4 star it's more like a 2 star, the food wasn't the worst I've ever had but the people whom I accompanied on this holiday actually had to stop eating it because if they carried on they would suffer from a mild case of death! I myself just stuck to what I knew I liked which was just your basics like spaghetti, rice, chicken etc.. and it did get a bit monotonous. My biggest problem was the alchoholic beverages, they all tasted the same spirit wise gin, vodka etc.. and the lager on draught wasn't lager it was water!! I didn't go to get drunk every night... at first!! The hotel drives you to it just so the nights go a bit quicker! Now the pool is extremely clean but because we went on Christmas eve the only thing stopping it turning into ice was the chlorine!! I bombed in just the once about 10 mins after I first got there thinkin it'd be warm! After everyone stopped laughing I had to be teated for frostbite (only kidding). The only thing we looked forward to was the 9 o'clock film on the tellies in our room. The room was basic but clean, the cleaner would make brilliant things out of the towels like swans, (but it could also be described as something else which I wont mention) crocs and love hearts which was disturbing because I was sharing my room with a fellow male. The hotel I'd say is great for kids but not for adults who like a beer or ten. My mark is 2/10.
Fantastic holiday in Three Corners Palmyra - Dawn Miles. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
Just come back from the Three Corners Palmyra Hotel, had a fantastic holiday! Very clean, everyone that works there can't do enough for you. Trips to go on: Go to see Cairo, Quad biking in desert is a must, yacht trip to Ras Mphamed was brill. Food in hotel is fair. We didn't starve but wasn't what we were used to. Will be booking again next year!
Three Corners Palmyra Resort - Ian, Ann and Emma. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
Great hotel, staff very friendly and helpful, could not do enough for you. Animation team worked very hard (Tito, Hatem, Mido, Sima and Shyma brillant). Rooms cleaned every day and spotless. Great art work with the towels left in room. Food very good. If things not on menu ask one of the chefs or George, the restaurant manager, and they would be able to accommodate your request; we send are regards to all the staff, eg Medhat in the oriental corner plus Mohammed; Taber and Reda [the massaures] well recommend. Will return definitely.
Amazing - Samantha-Jayne Hill. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
The hotel is amazing, the designs that are left on the bed are so amazing. The food is lovely and I lost so much weight which is good.
Sharm El Sheikh - Jane Ainscough. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Well, where to start? I'll start by apologising for the essay! This was my second holiday to Sharm el Sheik so you know what to expect don't you, or do you? We loved it so much last time (at a different hotel) so we decided to go back for 18 days. Food - The food at Hotel Three Corners Palmyra is almost the same every night. The variety includes rice, chips, pasta, salad, sometimes chicken, sometimes kofta. It's all VERY salty so please don't go here if you have a heart problem. Very bland and always tastes of tomato. Trust me you would be ok after only one week please don't try two. The Hotel Three Corners Palmyra a la carte restaurant - What a joke! We didn't go luckily, so what I know is only after meeting someone the night they were making a complaint about it. The steak was mostly fat, the seafood was covered in curry powder. Hmm not the way I prefer it but each to their own! The Hotel Three Corners Palmyra Pool - Oh very relaxing once you have learnt to ignore the planes and annoying people trying to sell you stuff. You think I'm exagerating don't you? Never say 'later' if you don't know what time you would like one to the massage guy, just say NO and then go back when you want one. He's very intimidating and doesn't hesitate sweating on you in order to get a sale. Oh, I'm going off the point aren't I! The pool.........Lovely when you can get past the stress of being harassed (you expect it in the street, not around a pool). Rooms at Hotel Three Corners Palmyra - Very clean, it doesn't matter where you are in the complex the cleaning guys are great, very high standards. It's just a shame that they don't have much to work with the rooms are adequate (NOT 4*) and could do with repairs here and there. Our shower curtain was mouldy but what are the chances of you having room 1106? Water - This has it's own section for a reason. The water in Hotel Three Corners Palmyra was hot in our room for the first 3 days and then cold for the other 15 of our holiday. I hear you laughing and telling me not to complain, I don't mean you know cold I mean freezing! It got to the stage where we were turning the airconditioning off and opening the door because we were that cold after a shower. Don't think that I am one of those computer geeks who doesn't complain to anyone. I asked them to move our room or just let me have one hot shower 7 times to no avail. But hey ho if you like cold showers you will love this place. The Gym - Not included in your package, prices vary, always empty, actually quite nice but who wants to do exercise on holiday eh? Just my husband that's who! Massages - Please look past the guy who sells it, the actual workers are lovely and the massages are really good. I would suggest you ask them not to do the neck thing, they shake your head quickly and your neck clicks, I worry someone might get hurt one-day but other than that it is lovely. Face Pack stuff - The stuff that they put on your face I declined, many people had it done and were fine. It contains Sulphur, this is the wikipedia extract 'It is an essential element for life and is found in two amino acids. Its commercial uses are primarily in fertilizers but it is also widely used in gunpowder, matches, insecticides and fungicides.' hmmm don't want that on my face. Henna Tatoos - Most people are fine but please be warned there are no guarentees that you won't be allergic to this. If this happens it will scar in the shape of the tatoo. It happened to a 10 year old lad whilst we were there. My suggestion would be to ask for a little tester first, they won't mind. Diving - Don't dive with the Hotel Three Corners Palmyra diving school, go into Naama Bay, along the seafront their is a school called 'Red Sea Diving College'. Great bunch of people, great school, diving is awesome! Let Alex Arnold know that I said hi! Buses - The bus from this hotel into Namma Bay only operates from Mon - Sat and only twice a day. 20.00 and 21.00, depending on the time you have left you will have to return 3 hours later! It's rubbish there is so much to do in Naama Bay you won't want such a short stay, just get the hotels taxi there 60 Egyptian Pounds and a Bedoin taxi back. Forgot to mention if you are on a budget the bus is free. Pachaa - The best nights are Fri and Sat, it is as busy as any UK nightclub then. Great music on the Ministry of Sound evenings. Barter for your ticket with the English people outside, don't buy from any Egyptians up the road. You buy tokens when you are in there to then go to the bar and get drinks, obviously I don't need to explain why. Taxis - Ask them to slow down, they will after your 3rd or 4th attempt, try the 'there's no rush' method. We were paying around 50 Egyptian Pounds one way from Naama Bay, try your luck if they agree always tip a couple of pound. Currency - There is a Thomas Cook in town for changing travellers cheques because this hotel does not accept them. Bacon Sandwich - There is a bar called 'Tavern Bar', I didn't try one but it owned by an British person who decided that he should serve a bacon sandwich. If they are nice please can you do a review, I am intrigued. Restaurants in Naama Bay - So you have decided that you would like a nice meal you walk into Namma Bay and there are so many that you can choose from, you would be mistaken if you thought that they all were up to the same standard. On that I can recommend is Ali Baba 2! Don't forget the 2. It's on the main drag towards the Hard Rock Cafe (another good place). The food is lovely, staff polite, well mannered and good at their jobs, price is reasonable and the best thing is you can see your bread being made (it tastes great!). McDonalds - DO NOT EAT HERE, I saw something in the toilet that I cannot put here for you to read for fear of making you throw up. This is the most unhygienic place I have ever been, again DO NOT EAT HERE, regardless of what the kids say. I have sent a letter to McDonalds International asking them to do something about this place. Anyway overall - don't book Hotel Three Corners Palmyra it is a shambles you only like it if you really afford to go for quite a few days out as we did, anything for a hot shower. But please remember that Sharm is great you should really go. Hope this helps! PS. Make sure you buy a snorkel and go to sharks bay - loads of fish!
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