Rebecca's Village, Sidari
A large complex set in manicured gardens, Rebecca’s Village has managed to avoid the mainstream resort complex atmosphere. A few apartment blocks overlook the extensive garden and swimming pool but are by no means imposing. A relaxed and peaceful atmosphere permeates throughout the village, which enjoys a breathtaking sea and mountain view. Only 1km frommore
Be careful if booking in October - Felicity. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
Arrived at Rebecca's Village early hours of the morning after an agonising 3.5 hour transfer from the airport, we were greeted by a miserable snappy lady who showed us where we would be staying. We stayed in room 108, room wasn't bad considering we have stayed in a few Greek apartments, everyone will moan about the kitchen facilities but what people have to remember is that they are self catered apartments and you are lucky to even get a kettle! If you want pasta or rice dishes then you will be fine, and there are bowls, mugs and glasses but the oven/grills do not work, they are either screwed in or have a note saying they are out of order. Not sure why though!!?? We had a lovely view from our balcony and could even see the sea. Rebecca's Village is quite a trek from Sidari town, we hired quad bikes which worked out to be great fun and cost effective as opposed to spending €5 each way. If you do walk into town you will see the Supermarket at the end and you need to turn right, don't be fooled to think that this is the town it's not! Keep walking for another 10-15 mins and you will come across the main strip. There are loads of bars and clubs. If you want to go to a club I recommend Ice - make friends with the DJ Gregory as he is lovely. Calypso is another good place for a wiggle. The BED bar is also good for night time entertainment although I wouldn't recommend the food it's quite pricey and in our case they served a grilled chicken instead of a steak!! Bless them! Our weather overall was terrible, we had constant rain, lightening and thunder. The storms were amazing but the rain during the day and night really did put a dampner on our stay. Greece in general starts to close down around the 15th October so if you go after that date everything will be closed. If you're a big animal lover and haven't experienced Greek culture you may get upset. Sidari is full of stray cats and dogs and we saw someone run over a dog on the main road. The law in Greece is very strict and if you see someone run an animal over they require 2 witnesses to testify and that person will be sent to prison for a year! So if you're anything like me please feed the animals as they practically only survive on what the holiday makers feed them. I would and wouldn't recommend this holiday for many reasons. It is a fair walk away from town which is a negative, the food there in my opinion isn't so nice and much nicer in town, there is no evening entertainment, and I am very confused why people love Spiros so much, as he is a miserable person. He doesn't speak any English and sits on his stool being grumpy all day and he pervs on the girls too. I could imagine if we did have lovely weather we would have probably sat by the pool all day as the pool area is lovely, the grass gets water logged and very muddy when they have rain. We did play tennis but spent more time trying to find the tennis balls in the weeds so it's a shame they don't maintain the tennis court and so called volley ball court! I wouldn't personally want to go back to Rebecca's Village or stay anywhere in Sidari there are much nicer Greek Islands.
The Perfect Holiday! - Kev. Date of travel: May 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
I couldnt praise the staff more they were excellent, especially Spiros! Rooms where basic but clean and good view. Swimming pool was massive, shame it closes early.
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