Perle Resort Hotel, Hania
Hanis is beautiful - Shane McAlindon. Date of travel: Jul 2006
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
Fantastic location by the sea, the Perle Resort Hotel is built on a rocky headland quite isolated and quiet. There is enough to do for 2 young children, hotel has miniclub and 2 sea water pools. There is no beach which thankfully seems to deter many tourists, we hire a car and drive to best nearby beaches. Hotel has quiet, upmarket, sophisticated air and service is good Food is buffet half board and generally good, with specatacular dining views over the sea and sunset. We have now stayed twice Bad bits - we were give a distant bungalow on arrival instead of rooms in the hotel which we specifically requested, Argo must take the blame for this, but after complaining we ended up getting free see view hotel rooms as compensation after the first 3 nights. Having been twice we're going to try something new for the kids next year, perhaps in nearby Giorgiopolous with its fantastic beach, but we will miss the views and serenity of the Pearle. Tour Operator: Argo
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