Neon Beach Hotel, Stalis
Threatened by hotel staff - Chris. Date of travel: Sep 2008
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Avoid the Neon Beach Hotel. On the second day of our stay here, we moved rooms and found a carrier bag in the fridge containing two beers and some yoghurts left by the previous occupants, which we put in our packed lunch. Half an hour later, the bar manager burst into our room, stuck his head in the fridge and started screaming at the top of his voice. It took five minutes of him screaming for me in Greek to work out that he was after the beers. When I realised what he was talking about, I handed them to him - at which point he went utterly ballistic. I thought he was going to attack me (my wife was now frightened to tears and I was half in shock) - he chased me around the room howling with aggression, then grabbed the phone and started yelling 'police' and several other words which I later found out to be fairly disgusting insults. All I could do was plead for him to fetch someone who spoke English. Eventually he stamped out with the beers. It sounds fairly comical but it was actually terrifying - I don't speak Greek and I really did think I was going to get hit or fitted up for a crime. The beers had clearly been left as rubbish and we'd been handed the keys to the room. Were we supposed to have taken the bag downstairs and handed it over? Even if we were (and we weren't) the treatment we received from this man was unbelievable. We went to the manager, who shrugged and told us that the guy was his brother and he was tired. We ended up avoiding the whole back area of the hotel (with the pool) where the bar was for the rest of the holiday because the man was downright threatening. There are plenty of hotels in the area and I can't recommend strongly enough that you choose another one instead of this wretched place.
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