Andreas Apartment Complex, Santorini
Awful - Jon Mitchell. Date of travel: Sep 2005
Below is a letter to Kosmar complaining about a holiday we booked with them. They denied our request for compensation, but we received a letter stating that we had no cause for complaint. This is the worst holiday I have ever been on and I would NEVER use Kosmar again! It is my intention to inform as many people as possible of the appalling accomodation and service provided by Kosmar: Dear Kosmar/Thomas Cook, We write to you to outline our complaints regarding a holiday in Perissa, Santorini, Greece. The holiday was booked initially online via the Thomas Cook web page: a DOUBLE room was booked in the names of *********. The room was booked between the 6th of September and the 13th of September in the Andreas apartment complex on a self catering basis. As a payment confirmation was not seen at time of booking, my girlfreind telephoned the Thomas Cook booking line and made the same reservation for a DOUBLE room during these dates. The internet booking had not worked. It was made clear by my girlfriend during this conversation that a DOUBLE room was required and not a twin room. We are a young couple expecting our first child in January and specifically requested a DOUBLE room as being pregnant and sleeping in a single bed is not very comfortable for my girlfriend. My girlfreind was told that it was not a problem at all, that we could have a double room. After a cramped/late plane journey with Excel airways and enduring a ridiculously tight plane seat (when being 6’3�) and being at the back window with no leg room or space, we were relieved to arrive at our destination. We were greeted by a Kosmar rep who informed us that the Andreas apartments were double booked and we were to be moved from the Andreas to an alternative complex called Roberto’s. Having a personal recommendation for the Andreas from a friend we were a little disappointed, but we were told that the Roberto’s apartment block was of the same standard and that we would have a room with a balcony. We were dropped off at Roberto’s complex by our rep, Scott. He did not show us to the apartment but instead told us to walk down the drive and speak to the owner. The owner didn’t speak English but she showed us to our room to leave our suitcase. The room had not been prepared and was dirty, with sheets and towels from the previous occupants still in place. We were then met by the owner's daughter who explained that we were not expected and hence the dirty room. The room was a twin. We were then asked whether we wanted air conditioning/a fan/a deposit box or a TV. We said we would like them all as we were not aware that we had to pay extra for these: we therefore refused to pay for these and did not have access to them. We explained to the daughter of the owner that we had booked a double room. She said this was not her responsibility and that we should phone the rep. She gave us the number and pointed us to a payphone. When we called the number provided we spoke to Tina who said that we needed to talk to our rep but that he was doing airport runs and we needed to call later. When the room was ready we went to look at it and to our disgust, it was more basic than we had imagined: it resembled my image of a 1950’s butlins holiday camp. Between the twin beds were wires hanging from the wall and taped together with masking tape. There were also dirty marks leading from the power sockets and light switches. We then opened the single wardrobe to find everything shoved into the bottom of it. We then inspected the “en-suite shower/toilet� and were immediately hit by the strong smell of urine and noticed the disgusting shower tray and filthy shower head. We then moved onto the kitchenette and were horrified by what we found: the cutlery drawer was disgustingly dirty and the cutlery itself was a dull silver colour with signs of food and dirt stains, there was no way we were going to eat using these. The pans were covered in very old burnt in milk or liquid of some variety and signs of what looked like lard and grease deposits. We also found a juice jug which has ground in and very old brown stains around the neck and lip where the juice should be poured. The final straw was seeing the “cutting knife� (this is pictured) and is exactly as the picture's name describes, it is rusty. I can’t begin to explain my anger at finding a rusty bread knife in a draw in a kitchen I am supposed to live in for one week! We decided to call the rep again. We explained all of this to Tina again using the payphone and she explained that Scott was doing the airport run and he would be at the resort at 5:30. This was 1.5 hours from then and we hadn’t had a meal and the bar at Roberto’s looked filthy and over priced (we discovered later that the bar was more than 3 times more expensive than the local supermarket and twice as expensive as the local restaurants). We found a local café to eat and drink. As we sat down, directly opposite us sat Scott: he looked straight at us and ignored us. He was sitting having a drink. I approached Scott and decided it was fruitless asking why he couldn’t come to Roberto’s when we called or why he didn’t return our calls. I very calmly and politely informed Scott that a mistake had been made and that we booked a double room but had been placed in a twin. Scott informed us that our booking was a twin room and said that he didn’t think that it was possible to change this. We told Scott that we had been moved from our original complex and that we weren’t happy with the one we were moved to. Scott told us that in the brochure it states that we can be moved at any time and that we had to pay for local costs such as air conditioning etc and that we were not entitled to a double room and that if there had been a mistake, it must have been with the organisation that we had booked with. Everything Scott said basically amounted to, “It’s not my problem and I simply don’t care!� Scott told us that he couldn’t do anything until the morning and he doubted that he could do anything anyway. I quickly realised that unless you were booking a trip or a car through Scott, he wasn’t interested and his arrogance made this blatantly clear. Scott was of no help to us at any time of the “holiday�. When we met Scott at 10 AM the next morning, he gave his welcome meeting and then sat with people booking trips etc. When we sat with him, he said that he had checked and there were no available double rooms in the resort and that he would ask the owners if they had anything available after he had completed all the bookings. When we spoke to Scott again after waiting about an hour, he informed us that the owner had “one of his own double rooms� available but if we wanted to take that, we would have to pay the owners full rate as this was not a Kosmar contracted room. There was no way we were going to pay more money for something that we had already paid for. We again realised that we would gain more from talking to our rusty cutting knife as talking to Scott. We did ask about the pots/pans knives etc. Later that day the owner came to our room. I was in the bathroom at the time and listened as the owner very loudly shouted and screeched at my girlfriend in Greek, occasionally counting in English “ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO�. My girlfriend later told me that she was holding up the filthy kitchen wear as she was counting as if to say “You have 2 of everything, what is your problem�. When I emerged from the bathroom she stopped shouting and said something to a man she was standing with, they then left. She was muttering in Greek all the time. I realised that she was trying to bully my girlfriend, a tactic I was and am not happy about. To shout and scream at a guest is bad enough but at a pregnant guest who simply wanted things clean is a little ridiculous. A complex employee named Mario later appeared and washed the knives and forks and one pan. I’m afraid the only thing he was successful with was the pan. Nothing was replaced and was therefore unusable. I assume Scott receives commission from booking trips and cars as this was when he seemed interested in talking to people. Except the occasion when he didn’t inform people that a trip he had booked people on had changed departure times and they waited for 2 hours in the heat only later to discover that the trip had already gone, he also tried to blame them for this ! We decided to make the most of what we had but this was pretty difficult to do as more and more signs of a shoddy, disgusting and at times ridiculous apartment complex appeared! We noticed that the towels provided smelled and left a horrible odour on the skin after drying with them, this drew attention to the fact that none of the towels matched. When we examined the towels, we realised there were many different brands and colours, one of the towels had a Primark brand label on it, as there are no Primark shops in Greece and I doubt Primark supply Greek hotels with towels, I can only assume that this towel had been left by a previous guest and was his/her private property and was now being used as a guest towel by the complex. Later into the “holiday� we noticed a metal rack holding suntan crèmes with the clear notice “5 Euros ALL OF THEM�. When I looked a little closer, I realised that there were British supermarket (Boots etc) branded crèmes for sale. This struck me as odd. When I took the lid from one of the bottles, I suspected that it had been filled with water. I can again only assume that these were left in the rooms of previous guests. I can’t imagine that the protection rating on the front of the bottle was correct when the crème was watered down. This goes beyond recycling and harmless money making and must be criminal. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw that one of the containers still had a price tag from Wilco showing that the previous owner had bought the item for £2.99. The top of the container also had clear signs that it had been used. We write requesting a full refund for our holiday and compensation. If this is not provided we will be forced to take further action and show people what disgusting accommodation you have to offer, the standards Thomas Cook and Kosmar think are acceptable. In my opinion, the standards offered were simply not good enough. Not only were we given something we stated we didn’t want at the time of booking but we were also given something resembling a prison cell for a week! Although we tried to enjoy our break, I was very relieved to leave the complex, the resort and the Island and to be honest, it was nice to return to work, simply because I was no longer in that room! Tour Operator: Kosmar
Steve. Date of travel: Sep 2005
Stayed at same apartments. Remember couple below. Never stopped moaning about everything and I am sure that they are like that at home. Good riddence. Lovely island and apartments. Scott really helpful as well. Going back this year!!! Tour Operator: kosmar
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