Hotel Selenunda (Glossa), Skopelos
Loved the view - Heinz. Date of travel: Sep 2008
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Loved the view
A hotel away from the crowds!!! The Hotel Selenunda is an excellent place to go and relax. This small family run hotel is just 15 minutes away by hydrofoil from Skiathos, which I found very busy. When I arrived in Loutraki the port of Glossa, I found it to be a real Greek village without the tourism. I arrived at the hotel (which is right by the port) got to my room opened the doors to the spacious balcony, I was thrilled at the stunning view before me. The rooms are apartment style so I could make my breakfast and sit on my balcony sipping coffee and enjoying the view and peace every morning. The staff is carefree and always willing to accommodate. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone.
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Hotel Selenunda (Glossa) | * * * * * |
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