Hanioti Village Hotel, Thessaloniki
I loved the accommodation - Alan & Lynn. Date of travel: Jul 2007
My wife and I stayed at the Hanioti Village Hotel in Halkidiki, southeast of Thessaloniki, and the upgraded accommodation was excellent with the much needed air-con. The pool area was excellent and the rooms kept clean. The pool area and grounds were very nice. The only thing you have to beware of is as soon as we arrived we were asked if we wanted to upgrade to the better rooms, Being tired and hot we agreed and were told it would cost an extra €210. €15 pp per night. Which at the time we though was a bit steep. Then after 5 days of being there we had a price list stuck on the door and it was for weeks stay breakfast and evening meal which totaled the €210. So in effect you are not only paying your fee to the travel agent for your room + breakfast & evening meal you are also paying for a weeks stay + your breakfast and evening meals (TWICE) When I raised this to Thomson rep and he told me whatever transaction I did with the manager was nothing to do with them, (Total waste of time) I also noticed he only accepted cash to be upgraded and no receipt was offered. But I received one on request. I mentioned this to the hotel manager and his mood changed rather quickly. Breakfast was a bit repetitive, scrambled or boiled eggs on alternate days, ham, cheese, Cornflakes, bread roll or toast, juice, coffee, tea, and peach segments. So we had meals out most of the time which cost us extra yet again. BBQ was excellent though. The food you ordered and paid for was excellent. Although the bar prices were high, Two coffees and a brandy for €9.50. Fruit juice €2.80. And so on. Hanioti is a beautiful place and we would go back tomorrow, though to another Hotel. Excursions were very good, try the cruises, you won’t be disappointed.
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