Anagenissis Village Hotel, Kalamaki
Peace and quiet - Kev Bev. Date of travel: May 2008
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We stayed at the Anagenissis Village Hotel a week ago although rooms are basic they are clean the staff are brill. (Kostas and Maria) It's only around 20 min walk to town and beach its ideal if you want quiet no fuss soak up the sun drink, etc. €5 gets a taxi back from Laganas and Zante town for kids is a no no as there is nothing really for them. If you want relax unwind and use a as a base ok.
Kalamaki - Misky. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Did you really stay at the Anagenissis Village Hotel? Your description is well off. We stayed there in September and had a fantastic time. The apartment was clean and roomy and the staff were fantastic. As for nothing for children, didn't you notice the kiddies pool or the slide and swings in the childrens play area. Maybe the kids would have noticed these if they weren't kept indoors because it was so hot. The apartments were out of the main drag but if you want some peace and quiet it is ideal. Oh while I think of it, I am 52 years of age with heart disease and it only took me 20 mins to get to the beach.
Anagenissis Village Hotel, Kalamaki - dont use this hotel. - P Parker. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Kalamaki is a lovely place - but dont stay at the Anagenissis Village Hotel! Just got back from the worst holiday we'd ever had. Apart from the sub-standard rooms with dirty baths and lack of clean towels, the poor quality, over-priced food, the additional charges for only one night of entertainment put on, (& that wasnt worth watching), the dangerous edge to the pool and no shallow end. Nothing for children of any age and a 50 minute walk to the beach... apart from that - We had a run in with the owners. Judge for yourself; Our daughter lives in Greece & is pregnant - we went to visit her. It was a heat wave in Zante, being up to 46 degrees. So we of course paid €6 a day fee, (50% more than most places if they cahrge), for air-con that was of course, vital to us. We took the room key off of the magnetic key fob, so we could let our daughter sleep in the room, (with the fob in the key socket to activate the electrics and the aircon on), and we could let ourselves in without disturbing her when finished at the pool. Somehow the owners found out - I dont know how - but it was a real big deal to them - saying we might lose the fob?!?! So next time, we left the key and fob together and popped a small magnet in the slot to activate the room's electrics. Problem solved - daughter naps in cool room and we let ourselves in with key. The owner summoned me to reception just as I was about to have breakfast, saying the magnet had destroyed a microchip in the room key socket and it was a €500 cost! He (and his screaming wife) also said they could not fix the aircon til after we left as it meant a repair man spending several hours in the room - meaning no aircon for us for 4 days! Being an electrical engineer I knew this was pure lies, and when I challenged their story, they changed it and the chip moved to reception! I apologised for their upset, informed them there was NO microchip anywhere in their old system and suggested they should just flick the switch behind reception back on. Alas they would not back down, so I said they should call the company representative as I'd like an investigation. At this point they said the repair man might be able to sort it in 30 mins and proceed to try to Greek hug me... something that was a long way from my mind! Thing is, not only did they feel the need to tell me off like a small boy, but they actually also tried to punish me and my family in a heatwave - knowing our daughter is heavily pregnant. Not something anyone would take and you can only imagine my reaction. All I can presume is that they don't want people using the aircon that they over charge for. The air con was restored... 2.5 hrs later. The First Choice rep took my complaint and then the owners version. They denied ever having mentioned a microchip and denied saying we'd have no aircon for the rest of our stay. A complete pack of lies, even though there we're numerous guest witnesses... Maybe the management changed since some of these earlier reviews… they certainly don’t reflect our experience and I strongly suggest you DON’T go to this hotel. Kalamaki is nice but pick a hotel near the beach.
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