Bitzaro Grande, Kalamaki
A good standard of all-inclusive hotel - Mouldy and Tracy. Date of travel: Oct 2010
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If you are going to Zante, and you want all inclusive, I would highly recommend the Bitzaro Grande. However, there are some negatives which I will set out first, to set realistic expectations. First of all, there is less advantage of going all inclusive in Greek resorts because food prices are still reasonable, even with the weak £. English breakfast or burger and chips will cost you about Ä6 (current exchange rate £6). A pint of lager or spirit with Coke costs about Ä2.50 - Ä3.50 from the bars. The all-inclusive drinks at the Bitzaro are Ďlocal drinksí but the whisky was claimed to be Scottish (though I donít think the Scotsí would own up to it!). The lager was cold and ok-ish. The sprits and the beer seemed much weaker than we are used to. Also, even at busy times there is usually only one bar person, so be prepared to queue for drinks. The all inclusive drinks end at 12pm, which is not a bad thing if you want quiet at that time of night. In the restaurant you can help yourself to white or red wine from a machine, (some people liked it, I thought it was horrid). The entertainment consisted of bingo, karaoke, killer darts, water polo and connect four, etc., though on one night there were three visiting Greek dancers showing people some of their moves. I thought the entertainment was pants, but some people seemed to enjoy it. As for the drinks I didnít expect much but would have preferred an acceptable whisky such as Bellís or Jamesonís; though I did eventually discover that the brandy was ok. NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF! ALL of the staff are very helpful, smiley and polite all of the time. The hotel is clean and smart. The restaurant is nice and the food is better than you could possibly expect from a buffet. There are many breakfast options including full English (fab!). Lunches and dinners were varied with something for everybody. There were so many nice things to choose from; most people including myself ended up having a little (or a lot) of everything. The pool was large and over 2m at the deep end with a shallow section for children. There is also a Jacuzzi pool. Neither of the pools are heated, I guess thatís not necessary in the main season, but when we went (October), they were really too cold to use. It was quite amusing to watch people jump in then speak in low pitch single syllables in an attempt to convince their partners/friends to jump in, (I got as far as the ever increasing waist band of my swimming shorts). If you want a touristy beach/pool holiday and you expect a reasonable standard from your all-inclusive hotel, then the Bitzaro Grande is a great choice, but I wouldnít go again after mid September.
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