Zante Park Hotel, Tsilivi
The Zante Park Hotel is 200m from Laganas beach on the Greek island of Zante. The hotel is near the amenities of the resort of Tsilivi, just a five minute walk to the centre with its shops, bars and nightlife. Facilities at the hotel include a TV lounge, a games area with pool table, amore
Stay away from the Park Hotel - Cross. Date of travel: Sep 2007
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My boyfriend and I stayed at the Zante Park Hotel in Tsilivi for 2 weeks in September 2007 and came away determined not to stay there again. We wanted two weeks in the sun with the option of having a bit of peace of quiet but to also have a good night out in the town should we want it. Tsilivi definitely delivered on this, we had a superb time in terms of what Tsilivi had to offer, it was just what we wanted. If only we could say the same of the Hotel Park. We have always been used to staying somewhere where the staff made you feel very welcome and where you made friends by the pool etc, the experience at the Hotel Park was far from personal and we did not feel welcome at all. The owners of the hotel who tended to be on the front desk all the way through the day were arrogant and somewhat rude. If we ever had to go and ask them about something for eg, the air con, we were made to feel stupid and it was clear that they didnt want to have the conversation with you, very unhelpful. Whenever we left the hotel for our evening meal, we would always try to be smiley and acknowledge them on the way out, at the most we would get a grunt from the owner and if he was in a really good mood, he would muster a slight bit of eye contact. From our observations, it was clear that the owners favoured the Greek people who were staying there, they would go out of their way to talk to the Greek guests both in the dinner hall and in the lobby. We barely had two sentences spoken to us by the owner. I had read previous reviews about this hotel whereby they had said that english travellers tended to be put in the rooms at the back of the hotel that overlooked rubble land with the sounds of dogs barking and cockerills crowing, this was true for us aswell. One thing that we couldnt knock this hotel for was its cleanliness, the hotel was cleaned on a daily basis to a very good standard. However, I am alarmed at reviews I have read where travellers have said that they go back year after year, I cannot understand what would draw people back to this hotel. My boyfriend and I were drawn in by the impressive photos of this hotel, visually it looks very pleasing to the eye. However, the hotel lacked charm and I personally found it hard to settle on this holiday purely because of the non friendly atmosphere of the Zante Hotel Park and the owners who made no attempt to make my stay a warm and pleasant one. The hotel is about an 8 minute (yes we were sad enough to time it!!) walk from the centre of Tsilivi which is do-able but could get a bit annoying at times when after a night out you were just ready to collapse into your bed. For anybody who is planning a trip to Tsilivi, I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE PRINCESS HOTEL. Our two friends stayed at this hotel, it is ideally located, is a very pretty hotel and the people who work there are absolutely superb.
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