Hotel Riviera, Santa Susanna
The only place worth visiting is Tossa de Mar - Ivancu Eliza. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Riviera Hotel is a 2 star hotel maximum. We are absolutely convinced that all the positive reviews are not written by tourists as we did not meet a single person satisfied with at least 50 % of this pitiful hotel. We have not noticed any single thing to save the hotel's bad image. Everything was a disaster. Rooms were small, ugly, the sheets and the towels were not changed at all during a 7 day stay; the bath does not have a sewerage system, a mouldy smell that we could not get off all the vacation. The promised fridge is a sweet dream. The receptionist was even surprise by our inquiry regarding this matter. The TV is available only after paying a guarantee deposit of €20. You are not even informed about this by the receptionist, as this is probably one of their first surprises. You enter in the room, you are disgusted by its apparence, you open the windows as quickly as possible because the smell is too heavy and then after adjusting oneself with the offered condition, of course you lay down and try to switch on the TV. Surprise!! No remote control!! Remember, you are in a 3 star hotel!! This is the confidence that they have in their own clients. A deposit for the remote control!?!? The area is noisy anyway, but the disturbing part is that the hotel's walls are so thin that we heard everything on the entire floor. We were unfortunate to have some noisy teenagers as neighbours and at 3 o’clock we tried to call the reception to calm down a little bit the spirits. The room phone was not dialling any number!! We asked afterwards, internal free calls are not possible. If you go with the gang, this is annoying. Never saw something similar even in a 2 star hotel. In the room, there is no instruction for using the phone. You must ask the receptionist how the things are working….Food was a nightmare. What else can I say? We did not have a decent meal in this hotel in 7 days. Beside the fact that is not diversified, the food is looking graceless and disgusting, not well cooked and tasteless. There is an automat machine for beverages – all are artificially made and very sweet. The coffee is not an option as it has a strange taste – better not even try it. Even their own traditional food is awful. They are in desperate need of a chef. The staff is ok, they are trying their best but they are short in number. You will have the surprise of being served by the receptionist lady!!! Even more disturbing is the fact that you must stay in line 10-20 min. with a ticket in your hand like in a charity canteen. The shocking part is that you pay for this as you were in a 3 star hotel!!! Above all, you are not allowed to take your "charity" on the terrace (not even the a coffee) and inhale at least the fresh air. In the basement the heavy smell of the disgusting food is not allowing you stay more than 25 min, cause is practically suffocating. Reception, staff were acceptable. They are trying their best, the problem is that the hotel is not a 3 star and their efforts cannot make up this very disturbing fact. The bottom line is that I am strongly not recommending this hotel, it does not deserve the money. I do not know how it got 3 stars. It’s a pity, especially for foreigners because it leaves them with a shadow image about the beautiful Spain. Our vacation was somehow saved by the visiting tour we made in Barcelona and a one day cruise along Costa Brava coast. The nicest site in Tossa de Mar. Go there directly, but if you choose Santa Susana/Costa Miresme avoid Hotel Riviera. It's your vacation, it's your money and you deserve more.
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