Villa Sonibel, Fuengirola
Villa Sonibel - Not what is sold and not good - Campbell Family. Date of travel: May 2009
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Villa Sonibel - Decided to rent a villa rather than stay at a hotel, as we had family coming out with us and we have a little 2 year old also, whom we thought would be safer in this environment. After much looking around I was sold on a place called Villa Sonibel, through agents Spoilt4Choice. Unfortunately it turned out to be a disaster. The place itself is NOT as advertised. It is allegedly a 5 bedroom luxury villa with Sky, BBQ terrace, games room etc. It had NONE of those! It was 3 bedrooms in the main house with 1 contained in an annexe (which was referred to by their own representative as "suitable for backpackers"). There is no sky (owner removed it), there is no BBQ terrace as the BBQ is so old as to be unusable. And there were actually no games in the games room (owner allegedly removed them just prior to us arriving... mmm, yeah). The worst thing was the place was dirty and run down. For 250 a day it was a scandal. The main bedroom reeked of damp (dehumidifiers downstairs gave away a flood sometime). The pool was not ready for use when we arrived and we later found out it hadn't been occupied for 3-4 months prior and the owner had it up for sale and had removed so many fixtures and fittings, and left lots and lots of exposed wiring. Nice. Anyway, it was a bit of a disaster and I wish someone had posted some reviews of the place prior to us going. Hopefully this will serve as a warning to others not to use this villa. I just hope no-one else gets ripped off going to this property and using Spoilt4Choice as the agents. Clearly they don't care about the property as, despite a lot of correspondence, they still haven't altered their website to tell the truth. And their service out there in Spain was very non-plussed and deflective. Pretty poor all round. I wish someone had reviewed it prior to me going!!
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