Hotel Hawaii, San Antonio
The Hotel Hawaii is located in San Antonio Bay, in Ibiza. The hotel has great views and is just two miles from the centre of the resort, with all its bars, restaurants and busy nightlife. The beach is close by and offers a range of watersports. The Hotel Hawaii is a good choice for familiesmore
Hotel Hawaii 2007 - Miller. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
The food is excellent. The waiter staff are fine if you speak Spanish. English leads to random orders. The German at reception is fine for German speakers. The others are rude - "Die andere!" when told one lift was broken. They have a phone for taxi service, but did not tell people (sign in Spanish). Waiting for a room or all-inlcusive card can be an adventure as well. Location is great, but overall would not go to the Hotel Hawai again. English clubbers at 5 AM setting off the fire alarm to wake up their roomies was unpleasant. The 6 AM Eurosong contest was also unwanted, but that was rude Mancusians. The A/C pulls air from the smokers room, so everyone gets to smoke. Never again.
Great location - Sue. Date of travel: Aug 2006
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
I spent a week in the Hotel Hawaii in August. The hotel was fine for what we needed: the rooms are clean but basic, but big enough for a small family. The hotel food was good and the entertainment quite good. The Hotel Hawaii is in a great location near the beach and close to the pier where you get the water taxi. There is a great bar called Libertys which is good for lunch which is only five minutes from the hotel Hawaii. The resort of San Antonio Bay was great for a week though i think two weeks would probably be too long as there is not that much for children to do. In gereral we though the hotel was perfect but be prepared to get up early to get a sun bed as there is not enough to go round (whats new).
Disappointed - Sharon Donnachie. Date of travel: Jan 2006
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
On first impressions , the Hotel Hawai looked excellent but once inside our room, we were a bit disappointed (the pictures always look better than the real thing), it was very basic and the bathroom was in need of a major refurb! Couldn't fault the cleanliness though. The furniture in the rooms and around the hotel are also in need of replacement. But the view from the balcony made up for everything else. It was amazing!! There are 2 lifts in the hotel but one of them would always be broken down. The food was very basic - but always cooked well. The entertainment left a lot to be desired but ok if you have kids. We never got to stay by the pool at all. People were putting towels out at 7.15am and by the time we came down at 9.30am there was no chance!! We used the hotel pool across the road - it was much quieter and hardly any kids. The location of the hotel is excellent. Take the ferry across to San An Town (just 5 mins). Loved the town atmosphere, very lively without the hooligansim reputation. The beach just outside the hotel was not exactly ideal. It's man-made, and watch out at the hotel end of the beach (by the rocks) it stinks!! I noticed a pipe outlet hidden under the water - probably sewage. If you move up the beach a bit it's ok and convenient. For better beaches you need to travel a bit further. Loved the location and would go back but maybe a different hotel next time. Tour Operator: Direct Holidays
Eileen Fox. Date of travel: Apr 2005
I was a bit stuck as to what to put first but I think this has to be it. DO NOT TAKE WALLETS OR HANDBAGS DOWN TO THE POOL. A public right of way runs on the walkway between the hotel and the pool. Local males have taken to pretending they are hurt and asking if there is a doctor in the hotel. Whilst you are trying to help him along comes his friend, pretends to drop his towel on the ground and then picks up your handbag wrapped in the towel. It happened to someone the week I was there - you have been warned. There is no need for money at the poolside. Safety deposit boxes are about £24 per week; four of us shared so that was not too bad. Taxi from the airport cost €32. The food was a little repetitive and if you are a fussy eater you may have problems here. I am glad I was only there one week as I think 2 weeks on the same round of food would have been too much. The room was fine (with a proper bath as well as a shower) and it was very clean with an absolutely stunning view from the balcony. The food was always nicely set out and there was lots and lots of it. The reception staff were extremely helpful and the maids were lovely. Some of the bar staff were a bit surly - or maybe it is just their way, not sure which. Having said that I think they have a lot to put up with with some of the guests. Evening entertainment was geared more towards families with children - a sort of Butlins abroad - however there are plenty of bars within easy walking distance of the hotel. I would go back again, probably at the same time of year and again only for one week. If you are bringing cigarettes/tobacco back with you buy from the Tabac shops, it is cheaper. Tour Operator: Medintravel
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