Botel Alcudiamar, Alcudia
Botel Alcudiamar is a luxurious hotel that is well situated on the beachfront and close to the marina and the resort centre. The hotel has a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, which is complimented by its nautical ambience. Patrons can enjoy the cocktail bar, gymnasium, garden, 2 swimming pools (one heated), the sauna, restaurant and parkingmore
Julius Cardoza. Date of travel: Jul 2004
We have just stayed at the Botel this July 04 for 12 days. Overall we found the hotel had some strong pluses but also some strong negatives. The pluses: The hotel is very well (and exclusively) located at the end of a port in the bay of Alcudia. It is only 300 metres from the very heart of the town etc. The hotel gardens and infinity pool are top-class, with ample (in number) and comfortable loungers and absolute freedom to plonk oneself wherever. Very relaxed atmosphere. The pool is at least 30m long, kidney shaped and has a bench under a small waterfall. The gardens are sufficiently large to accomodate and space all guests comfortably with the hotel at capacity and beautiful palms provide sufficient shade. The staff are extremely friendly and professional and did everything possible to make our stay comfortable. One can take breakfast and dine either inside or outside at the edge of the gardens in a very picturesque setting looking out over the bay and the beaches. There is an internal pool, gym and jacuzzi, though the jacuzzi was cold, there were only 4 dated machines and the gym was only open from 9-20hrs - when one most wants to be outside in the sun. The beach at Alcudia is endlessly long and very wide with fine sand. Very crowded at peak. The water is very calm with almost no waves given the protected nature of the bay - so it heated up quickly and is very child-friendly. Limitless beach towels are provided free and can be renewed as frequently as required. Negatives This is actually a 4-star hotel (as rated by itself) but the rooms were an ENORMOUS DISAPPOINTMENT. Long but narrow, very sparsely and cheaply furnished (wicker) with not even a stand for suitcases, one small wardrobe and a bathroom of absolutely minimal dimensions. The TV was miniscule and old and the lighting poor and dim. One had the distinct impression that they were going as low cost as possible. In fact they definitely are! Discussions with a few other guests revealed that all had complained and requested a change but all rooms were much the same and didn't merit a move. The suites are just large versions of the standard - certainly not any more luxurious. However, the wooden balconies were sufficiently spacious to relax and the cleaning and maintenance was faultless. We have a 10m old baby and so spent a larger proportion of time in our room - space, storage space and comfort are all important (there was no sofa for example). My wife is Spanish and we have travelled extensively across Spain and the world. We have stayed in hotels with rooms 3 times as large and luxurious in the south of Spain for just Eur88 as opposed to the Eur200 here. It took us 2 days just to calm down from the disappointment!! Parking: The hotel has parking spaces but these are not owned - upon entering the port area one enters into public parking at Eur6 per day with no concession for the guests - not much by UK standards, but criminal in Spain and obviously it adds up over 2 weeks. We're sure the hotel is getting a handsome kick-back at their guests' expense. The standard of the food was also a real disappointment - a huge variety was available, the quality was poor. Breakfast eggs are fried in small circular moulds and the chef infrmed me this was to increase production and reduce the cost of cooking oil - back to the issue of cost-savings! Breakfast was certainly a lot better than dinner. The choice of quality dining in Alcudia was limited. The hotel certainly does run on a skeleton staff - there is surprisingly no porter (back to costs!) and there is no room service (back to costs) and we were not even offered the possibility of a cold snack when we arrived at 23:00. Instead we lugged all our bags and the baby some 60 metres optimistically to our highly disappointing room! The town itself was also very disappointing - highly touristy with really tacky shops akin to the worst of Blackpool or Brighton. The tourist crowd was very down-market this year since a lot of unsold packages had to be dumped last minute. Lots of Brits, Scandinavians and Germans, but no rowdiness thankfully. Little or nothing to do at night other than wander. Despite all I've said, the hotel is perfectly acceptabe if the room is not that important to you, nor the food. However, quality is a function of the price you pay and I would never pay more than EUR120 per night for those rooms, even at peak. Beware that the hotel (craftily) quotes its prices per person for the double rooms (Eur103 each person). Tour Operator: A Spanish agency
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