Club Mac Alcudia, Alcudia
The Club Mac Alcudia complex is made up of three hotels: Saturno, Jupiter and Marte. The hotels are all-inclusive and share their facilities which include 4 swimming pools, free courtesy buses to the beach in Alcudia, a choice of restaurants offering local and international cuisine, regular entertainment and a kids club. The Saturno, Jupiter andmore
Not for Couples - Will not be Going Back - fizzgig. Date of travel: Sep 2009
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
We went in September and are an adult couple. I too read all the reviews prior to travelling and was definately quite worried. The good points: the hotel, pools and rooms are kept clean at all times and the food was good and had a good variety with themed nights. We had a premier room and had plenty of space and a queen size bed and flat screen TV. If you wanted the safe, TV or a kettle you had to pay. This is not a hotel for peace, quiet, relaxation and a romantic break - if you are a family then this is probably a good place to come - but not for couples. The lifts are alwasy busy and mainly too small, we were lucky and were only on the 4th floor so were able to walk if we did not want to wait - it did not help with kids playing in them - where were their parents!!! We booked on line for the first time and all went smoothly with the booking and the private transfers. The 3 hotels were full upon our arrival and the amount of people and CHILDREN was unbelievable, you could not find a quite spot anywhere. We had no problem getting sunbeds, although if you did want one around the pools you would have to get up with the rest of the sad people early to reserve one - i personally think this is wrong and unfare especially as the hotel has signs up asking people not to put chairs on their sunbeds to reserve them. Speaking of sunbeds, these are probably the most uncomfortable ever as they have no cushions and you just lay on the slatted plastic and the backs are not adjustable. The restaurant is very noisy and chaotic and reminds me of a cross between a school canteen and motorway services - do not expect a quiet romantic dinner. We booked several trips through the club house and these were very good and the staff there were very helpful. The evening entertainment was very good, although you would have to be there early (by 7pm) if you wanted a table, as later on all that was left was the arena style seats. The staff worked really hard with the day and night entertainment. The free buses to the beach and port were good, but again you had to queue for ages. The holiday ended up being run by your watch in order to be places to avoid the rush hours - early to the restaurants etc. There were large queues at the entertainment arena for drinks all night. The last 3 days we had terrible storms and the complex was not at all geared up for the bad weather. The entertainment was bought in side into areas completely too small for the vast numbers of people and this made the area unbearably noisy, cramped and uncomfortable, made worse by people letting the children run around and scream, knocking tables etc. The communication from the staff regarding the change in locations and entertainment was bad and they appeared not to know what was going on. When it rains the complex has no where for you to go inside other than the lobby/reception rooms of each hotel. If you do not want to join in with the kids clubs or adult entainment int ehse areas or want some where quiet to read etc there is absolutely no where to go! On our last day they decided to close one of the hotels as it was nearing the end of season and this made the other public places even more crowded and unbearable, they even closed the outside bars and Burger Bar, even more limiting the places to go and the number of people queueing. We had terrible rows with the reception staff to try and keep our room for the day on our departure, they blatenly lied to our faces - so it was a bad end to our holiday. I appreciate the staff and hotel cannot control the weather, but they should have provisions in place for when it rains. I do have to agree with many of the other reviews on the calibre of people at the hotel. It was at least 95% British and of this the majority of guests were northern or Scottish. I do not wish to band all northern or Scottish people into one - but upon my experience here they were nearly all very loud and rude, no manners, they allowed their children to run riot and scream all day long - the men were easily identifiable by their tattoos of their families names (can they not remember them or there birthdays!!) or bulldogs etc - it was like a Chav Council Estate, i know i may sound like a snob, but it was mainly the guests that spolit this complex. Basically i will never ever go there again and would not recomend it to any adults or couples. It is a very bad advert for all inclusive, as on our last few days we could not get food when we wanted it as they closed so many areas down.
Club Mac Alcudia - Peter, Zoe and Nicky Boniface. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
Club Mac Alcudia is great for kids and families as there's loads to do. My brood were always busy taking part in the activities we hardly saw them! The room was well decorated and modern and the bathroom was a very good size and always cleaned very well. The hotel is located about ten minutes from a complex which houses various bars and nightclubs, although it's a little on the pricey side. Can definitely recommend the Club Mac Alcudia.
Great time in all inclusive Club Mac Alcudia - Fran. Date of travel: Nov 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
We have a wonderful time in Club Mac Alcudia in this huge complex where our children play all day with the enterteinment. Also, plenty of pools to enjoy , the food all inclusive was very good also...
Excellent value - Laura Fenner. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
This holiday was really played down on the teletext website where I booked my holiday, it mentioned being surrounded by hills and being far from the beach which me and my friend sort of thought 'well its a cheap holiday what can you expect'. But to our amazement it was about a 10 minute walk from the most gorgeous sandy beaches which they even ran a free coach to every 30 minutes. It also sounded far from any other form of life, it was actually situated within 5 mins from the main strip of bars/ shops and even had 3 amazing clubs within about 5 mins. Club Menta was the closest and had a swimming pool in!!! And foam party every Thursday, Bells was around 10 mins walk and played excellent R'n'B music, best of all had to be Magic, which was a club at the end of the road, about 5-8 mins walk, it was at the top of a building, open air, with gorgeous sofas, then a spiral staircase took you up to a dance hall, this was the most mixed music of all, very good! Back to the hotel itself, they were the most friendliest staff ever. Bar open from 10am-12am, serving alll drinks!!!! Sluches!! Ice-cream, lollies, food was great, so varied! Also the fitness side of the hotel was really good, they offered yoga, power walking, water areobics all for free! The evening entertainment was really good, with dancers, musicals, parrot show, reptile show.
Recommended for families - Miss C. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
We had an excellent holiday at the Club Mac in Alcudia. When we arrived the reception staff were lovely we were checked in within 5 mins and given our room cards, our room was lovely and clean although it was a bit cramped because we had a cot in it, but it was manageable! The maids came and cleaned everyday and fresh towels were left, beds made properly etc. im a really fussy eater so this is the first time i have ever been all inclusive, i imagined it to be cold food and little choice but i was really impressed, there was a massive selection with show cooking everyday, everyday there was something different, they even have a seperate corner for children which was brilliant for my toddler. If you wasnt hungry at meal times in the restarants there were sandwiches on offer in all the bars and the mac buger did bugers, chips, wedges, chicken nuggets etc from 12PM Till 12 am which was brilliant. There were loads of bars and they served pesi and 7up and san miguel beer, they also did all you spirits and these were available from 10am daily till 12 midnight. They also had slushes, ice creams and ice lollies and you could have as much and as often as you like. There was constant entertainment at the Club Mac Alcudia, and the bingo and night was brill the house was over 1000 euros every nite. The entertainment was really good the shows were really entertaining. My son loved it, there were loads of pools and we didnt have any trouble getting a lounger. Theres a childrens area at the back of the complex with a park a swimming pool which is knee high and a little fair with bouny castles etc (although you do have to pay on the fair) i will honestly recommend the Club Mac Hotel to anyone with children especially if they are children that constantly want want want as everything is free. They also have stalls in the grounds at night that sell toys jewelry, hair braiding and characatures etc. Well worth the money. Tour Operator: Direct Holidays
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