Aparthotel Cap De Mar, Cala Bona
Aparthotel Cap de Mar is a great seaside holiday option for families and seniors. The complex, which is located on the beachfront and only a stroll away from Cala Bona fishing harbour, offers clients all the luxuries of a 4 star hotel such as a sauna, Jacuzzi and gymnasium. Each apartment can accomodate four peoplemore
Aparthotel Cap De Mar for single mum and kids - The Potters, Croydon.. Date of travel: Oct 2008
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I bought my twins (aged 12) here on my own last year for two weeks. The weather was great which meant they spent most of the time in the pool and racing around with other kids. There was no shortage of things for them to do. This hotel is definitely geared to families, since no-one seems to mind if the kids get loud! Not sure I would give it four stars but it was well suited to our needs. The apartment was spacious and there was plenty of cupboard space, also a small kitchen with two electric rings so we could make our own food if we wanted, although the food provided was of a good standard. The one thing I would mention is that we were among the only English families there. Germans make up the majority of guests, so entertainment was largely in German.
Disappointing - J. Eagleton. Date of travel: Sep 2005
Not up to scratch. The Cap de mar hotel is definitely in need of a facelift and possibly an attitude adjustment- not particularly friendly. The rooms were fine - properly cleaned and comfortable, butfood nothingto write home about. The hotel is definitely more German orientated and promises more than it delivers. Wouldn't go back.
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