Hotel Belvedere Park, Cala Mayor
Hotel Belvedere Park is situated in a quiet area 600m from the sea at Cala Mayor and only 5km from Palma city. The complex stands 9 storeys high and hence offers superb views over the Bay of Palma. The hotel is perfect for families as it provides ample facilities for children such as a nurserymore
Hotel Belvedere Park holiday - The Milloys, Bedford.. Date of travel: Feb 2009
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We had read mixed reviews of the Hotel Belvedere Park. In our opinion the cleanliness was faultless, the rooms were perfectly adequate and spacious for my partner and our son. The food was quite samey and pork featured a lot (which we don't eat), however there was plenty of it and it was always hot. Our advice" opt for the Pizzeria it's excellent. Entertainment was so bad it was good and there was a mini mini disco for the kiddies which started at 9:30.
A pleasant stay at Belvedere - Jake. Date of travel: Sep 2005
The Belvedere Park hotel (Cala Mayor) was generally good - very clean and staff were usually helpful and friendly. The rooms were well cleaned (maid service excellent) and looked after and although on the small side, very pleasant. Took advantage of the bus service (could get crowded) but very useful way to get around and see the sights - palma nova busy busy but nice for a day out. Cala Mayor is not a bustling metropolis by any means but nice and relaxing. Hotel is close to the beach though and there is a free bus to it too. One big complaint was that the food at the Belvedere was not up to scratch. Very limited choice and long queues - this needs major imporvement. it is supposed to be a 3 star. The pizzeria however, was good. All in all, a pleasant stay.
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