Hotel Voranova, Palma Nova
The Voranova Hotel is in the popular resort of Palma Nova, just 150 metres away from the beach. The hotel offers a large pool with children’s section and a playground. Voranova Hotel offers a number of studios which are well equipped with an array of amenities.more
What a dump - Sean. Date of travel: Dec 2007
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Before reading this review please note I have never left a review like this for a hotel in 10 years and over 30 family holidays. This place makes Faulty Towers look organized, definitely a case of the lunatics running the asylum. Firstly the good points. The rooms were cleaned daily. Now the bad points. The Rooms. After being allocated an occupied room we had brown cold water for two days, no water at other times, electric sockets hanging from walls, patio doors so heavy as the plastic frame buckled as you opened and closed them, no thermostat on the heating, cracked marble sink unit, plastic towel hooks broken, yellow stained bath, mould behind the sink, exposed key card socket, room door handle falling off, room number held on by tape that kept falling off, leaky bathroom pipes, leaky air-conditioning & plaster falling off around the doors. The Hotel building. fire hoses out of test date, fire extinguishers out of test date, broken glass fire hose covers, many exposed electric sockets, exposed electrical junctions, missing buttons in the lifts, holes in ceilings, back door falling off, cracked glass sliding doors, perimeter fence falling down leaving rusty spikes in the ground, tiles missing in outdoor pool, outdoor pool never cleared of dirt, pool area uneven and collapsing in places, rusted grid covers, cracked plastic hole covers, missing tiles in indoor pool, indoor pool heating turned off, indoor pool ceiling falling down, carpet full of builders rubble, outdoor football pitch used as dumping ground and dangerous, children's outdoor swings missing and full of broken concrete, fire alarms hanging off walls & falling vents from ceiling in dining room. The Key cards. key card don't work as we had 11 of them just to open our door. key cards for the bar stop working after a few rounds, key card sometimes work in the restraunt meaning you have to queue behind a long line at reception to have them re programmed then re-queue for food or a drink. Standing joke with all the gusts and staff, most people had a dozen at a time. All inclusive. Don't be fooled its not, bar shut more than its open, cant get a brew with dinner or lunch unless you want to pay and then your not allowed to take it into the dinning room, you have to drink it in the bar while your lunch goes cold. My favorite is rabbit including the bones & skull with blood pink chicken washed down with a nasty bottle of cheap wine. No snacks. The Food. Burnt on the outside and raw on the inside, poor choice, not replenished fast enough, same food every other day. Eat out, then at least you wont get ill. The Staff. Apart from a couple the rest are miserable sods, curse in Spanish at you when they think you cant hear. Bar staff are the worst, they curse at you to your face. The Entertainment. None for children and a singer in the smoking room for the adults in the evening finishing at 11.30. Hotel facilities. Indoor, outdoor pool & sauna and nothing else. Comments. This is a 2* hotel at best that claims to be 4* according to the hotel owners web site. If you don't mind staying in a dump then this is the hotel for you. There is no one to complain to as the management only attend when enough people complain to avoid a riot otherwise they are invisible.
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