Playamar Aparthotel, Puerto Pollensa
The Playamar Aparthotel caters well for families. Centred around a large‚ free-form swimming pool and lush garden, guests at the Playamar Aparthotel can enjoy the outdoors on the free sun beds or unwind at the indoor pool and sauna. Nearby is a wide sandy beach, which makes a great morning excursion. Other facilities include amore
Playa Mar - John Powrie. Date of travel: Oct 2006
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
We have just returned back from the Playa Mar and have had a great time. The hotel is clean, tidy and the staff excellent. The hotel is in a delightful setting close to the fabulous beaches and bars and restaurants of Porta Pollensa. At the Playa Mar there is plenty to do for kids and the adults with kids clubs and good evening entertainment. Thomsons provided us with everything we expected of a late season break. Thank you.
Allen Green. Date of travel: Jul 2005
FIRSTLY, DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL IF YOU WANT EVEN A MOMENT'S PEACE AND QUIET. Good points: Clean rooms, good standard. Kids clubs excellent. Kids reps very enthusiastic. Bad points: Two main ones really. Far, far too noisy - even for a family hotel. This hotel has a dedicated stage and sound system by the pool, right in the middle of the accommodation blocks. Music starts from around 11.00am in the morning and that's pretty much it until 11.30pm. The sound is set way too high (most people sit no further than 10 metres from the stage yet the sound can be heard up to a quarter of mile away on the Pine Walk). If you don't want your child to be awake until midnight every night (ours is 5 years old and normally a very good sleeper) it is virtually impossible for them to get to sleep until the entertainment stops - and bear in mind our room faced away from the pool, and was as far away as you could get from the sound system. Each accommodation block has an 'open' roof, the windows are normally open, as are the fire doors - so the sound carries everywhere. Add to this the noise of older kids playing in the accommodation blocks, which are tiled so their screams echo throughout, and you get the picture. I cannot stress too highly just how noisy this place is. Some people like it - but if you are looking at this website you want an honest opinion. Secondly, sunbeds! The age old thing. As usual there are not enough sunbeds when the resort is full so the towel game begins. Actually, I didn't mind this as getting up early and sitting by the pool provided the only peace and quiet of the whole day to read (bear in mind that the hotel very kindly turn off the balcony lights late at night, I couldn't find a way to override it, and this was the only other quiet time to read without disturbing wife or child in the apartment). More disturbing though is the lack of umbrellas for shade. This is a family hotel and kids need protecting from the sun - Thomson should be ashamed of themselves for this. When my wife questioned this situation she was advised, "oh, they keep breaking". To top it off obviously the people that didn't want to get up early complained so one morning we were treated to an absolutely pathetic outburst from one of the reps (you know who you are - 'failed DJ’) advising us that "the reps and management were sick of it, that they would throw any towels placed before 8.00am in a skip or chain the sunbeds up until 10.00am". Well, all I can do is repeat my earlier comment - you should be ashamed of yourselves for not providing enough sunbeds and critically shade for kids. And the rep in particular should be taking his comments to his management, not directing them at the people he should be helping on their holiday. Pitiful. Tour Operator: TUI
Paul, Jacq, Catherine and Louisa. Date of travel: May 2005
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
Have to say we really, really enjoyed the Playa Mar - the staff were friendly, the place was spotless and the Kids Club was fantastic. We'd stayed in the town center before and Paul was a little reluctant to change Hotels this year but we've no real complaints about the place. The walk into the town at night is lovely (though don't go along the front too bumpy !) and the 2 kids were normally asleep in their double pram by the time we returned at night. I agree with the previous comments about the sun beds; it really annoyed me that some people think nothing of "booking" the beds by leaving either towels (or Grandparents !!!) on them and then heading off into town. The same people did it day after day and it was very obvious who they were. We didn't find the music that loud though it had to be turned off at 10pm in May due to the neighbouring apartments. The Girls loved the Reps and the usual "holiday games and songs". It was a bit noisy the weekend we arrived as it was English MidTerm and quite a few older kids were there, but the noise (really just kids being kids) died down once they left. I'd imagine at peak time it could be very noisy as the place is indeed all tiled. All in all we'd a great time and would go back no problem. Tour Operator: Thomson
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