Bouganvilla Apartments, Santa Ponsa
The self contained Bouganvilla Apartments are equipped with air conditioning, a private bathroom, kitchenette, lounge area, TV, safety deposit box and balcony overlooking the outdoor pool and leafy garden area. Great for kids, the complex offers a playground and mini club, as well as a tennis court, squash courts and mini golf. The Bouganvilla apartmentsmore
Mosney in Mallorca - David. Date of travel: Jun 2010
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Just back from Santa Ponsa today. Love Santa Ponsa but hate this accommodation. I myself am Irish and after seeing the state of some of these people i am ashamed to say that If you are not from Dublin dont go here. Nothing but Dublin people in there packs of 15 to 20. The odd quiet family here and there but basically Mosney in Mallorca. Kids running mad to all hours of the morning - sometimes 4 in the morning. Absolutely terrible, the walls are paper thin, there was a few English families staying here and i felt sorry for them to b honest they even went as far to say they were from Wales one night when they won the bingo. Horrendous. The entertainment funteam tried their best from morning to nite. There was a few good shows as well - Inaka the Spanish entertainer was great craic real funny. They advertised that this apartment was fully air conditioned on my first nite my 3 year old daughter had a temperature. I phone reception only to be told that it doesn't get turned on until July so then i had to rent out a fan off them which set me back 15 euro per week a safety deposit box is 17 euro for a fortnite. I asked for a kettle for the babies bottle and the receptionist tried to rent me one. I refused and she sent me up a screaming kettle. We did get friendly with an English family. frankly don't know what we would or could have done without them. There was a girl going home, went to get her passport out of the boxes behind reception to find out that one of the girls behind the desk had gave her passport to somebody two days previous. Luckily enough the girl and her family were not flying out to later that nite and she got it back in time. The apartments are liveable, the pool ok, the childrens playground is a disaster, the tennis courts are wild, there is a 5 a side and a basket ball court which were good all and all i feel like i need another holiday to get over this one. I know all Dublin people are not like these people but if you are not from Dublin you shouldn't be staying at this hotel and that is it in a nutshell.
Bouganvilla Apartments - Jacks & Minnie. Date of travel: Feb 2009
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We stayed at the Bouganvilla Apartments for 7 nights and thought it was OK. The room was acceptable but could have done with modernising and a spring clean, the rest of the hotel was fairly average. There's a very large British contingent that stays at the hotel, we prefer more of a traditional Spanish feel when we are abroad and would rather be mixing with the locals. That said, there were no problems are everyone seemed to get one very well. Entertainment staff were very good and seemed to be working 24 hours a day.
Mallorca - Mark Healy. Date of travel: Jun 2005
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Holidays are only good if you get what u expect and more. Having young and old Kids its hard to please everyone. But I have to say the Bouganvilla apartments Santa Ponsa is very good for all ages (not to be mixed up with the Bouganvilla in Sa Coma) The Apartments themselves are clean with very friendly staff and have a lot of entertainment for all during the day, water polo etc. (my fave). As for nighttime they try their best, but I have to say a load of screaming kids is not my cup of tea (too old for that) so thats when u hit the town. The more u go into it, the more lively it gets, so everyone has a choice!!! 36 of us going back this year , that speaks for itself. Tour Operator: Budget travel
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