Vincci Alkantara Thalassa, Djerba
The Vincci Alkantara Thalassa Hotel is loated on a small island surrounded by water, directly on a beach, just 6 kilometres from the village of Midoun. It boasts three themed restaurants and facilities include fitness equipment, spa services, currency exchange, laundry facilities and supervised child care and activities, making this a perfect family getaway.more
Don't go, book for the mainland instead. - Simon Morris. Date of travel: Apr 2006
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Me and my wife stayed at the Alkantara from the 31 March '07 till the 07 April '07 on a half board basis. First the positives: The hotel was very clean and the staff, although English isnít their best language, tried their very best to communicate with us. This hotel is mainly for French and German holiday makers so the staff all speak those languages. We have found that if you try and speak a little Arabic you get a very good response from all the locals. Our room was first class and was cleaned every day, in fact the hotel seemed to be being cleaned 24 hours a day. The food on the half board option was excellent, the choice and standard was definitely 5 star. I would have been disappointed if we were all inclusive as there were only two other places to eat in the hotel apart from the main dining area. Unfortunately those are the only positives, now for the negatives: Once you get past the reception and the rooms, the rest of the hotel is in a poor state of repair, and looks very tired and old. The entertainment was woeful, the band that played in the bar at night was worse than the dregs of fame academy, but the Germans seemed to like it so I can only presume it was aimed at their tastes. There was what seemed to be a stage area on the beach, but this was run down and never used. The animation team as a whole were disinterested, the day entertainment being non existent. Being half board we had to pay for our lunches and drinks, and this is a major moan from me, because the prices are extortionate to say the least. Weíve been to Tunisia twice before and have got a taste for the local grog Boucha. We bought a bottle on the plane over for £4. In the hotel bar it was £4 for one glass with coke. The beer is also very nice, but at £1.20 for a small glass I soon lost interest. Lunch was also very expensive, averaging at about £15 for two with drinks. If you get hungry between breakfast and evening meal, and you donít like pizza, burger or lasagne then youíre not going to enjoy this hotel. We spent about £200 on food and drink in 1 week and we arenít heavy drinkers. The biggest problem is the beach. We booked specifically for a beach holiday, the brochure says ďÖringed by miles of fine sandy beachesĒ. Our beach was hidden under 4 feet of seaweed. This isnít an exaggeration; I have the film to prove it. A JCB and 3 tractors spent the whole week moving this mountain of rotting black goo, the smell of diesel was unbearable, and in fact the beach was deserted, everyone opting to sit by the pool. If you want a peaceful time then donít go here. The pool is only feet from the beach and the sound of these ill-maintained machines trundling up and down all day made it impossible to get any peace or concentrate on a good book. On the last day the tractors started moving in big piles of sand. The JCB had got the seaweed down to about a foot deep and they were intending to bury this under new sand. If they do, the smell will eventually find its way through and the whole lot will have to be replaced. Reading other reports on this hotel it seems they have done this before, and obviously donít learn from their mistakes. All things considered I wouldnít go back. Souse, Monastir and Port El Kantoui are all better and cheaper. If you go to this hotel donít let it put you off what is a beautiful country full of very friendly people.
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