Coralia Palm Beach Hotel, Hammamet
The Coralia Palm Beach Hotel overlooks the beach and has a lovely Mediterranean atmosphere. It is situated just 6km from Hammamet. With three restaurants, three bars and a nightclub, there is plenty of evening entertainment. Facilities include a pool with poolside bar, jacuzzi, and rooms are air conditioned and equippd with satelilte TV and amore
Holiday from hell! - Avis and Brian. Date of travel: Feb 2006
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If you want to go on holiday and lose weight due to lack of food; become tea-total due to lack of alcohol; and get a bad cold as its warmer in your own home, then go to the Corallia palm beach hotel in Hammamet.The hotel is over-run by cats on-heat, even in the restaurant. The food is cold but dont worry theres a microwave to warm your soup! The drinks are limited supply so get down your vodka or gin if you like it well early or they run out, and be prepared to play bingo and dance with a grown man dressed in a "dog" yes, "dog" costume for your evening entertainment ( i suppose hes trying to chase the cats away). If you have booked this hotel thinking it looks good in the brochure and you have chance to cancel ...do so. The only good thing about this place is coming home and memories of some great friends made due to all being in such a bad situation together and making the best of it. Tour Operator: Thomson
Were you on the same holiday as me? - Dillie. Date of travel: Feb 2006
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with this hotel apart from some of the guests! The food was plentiful and well prepared but then again some people don't just want English food when they go away. As I recollect, the microwave was used to warm plates to put a piece of toast on!!!!! Yes, the evening entertainment is patchy but it was very early in the season but I seem to remember someone singing....... Alcohol - if you want to spend all day drinking they do run out. Overall, we throughly enjoyed our stay at a very pleasant, clean welcoming hotel. Tour Operator: Thomson
Were we on the same holiday? - Dillie Family. Date of travel: Feb 2006
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For our 1st time in Tunisia we could not have chosen a better hotel to stay in - apart from Brits who spent their whole time complaining. The food was very good and traditional and hot and there was enough to drink except, of course, if you decide to sling it down your throat from 10 in the morning it will run out. If I recall correctly, the microwave was used to warm a plate for a piece of toast...... Our room was excellent and the staff very helpful and welcoming. We found that if people were treated with a certain amount of respect there was no problem. Breakfast was terrific - lots of fresh bread, fresh jams (yes there was jam it just doesn't always come in jars) and my favourite - fresh yoghurt with fruit. The gardens were lovely and luckily quiet, overlooking the beach as the complainers couldn't go too far from the bar - in fact the nicest evening was when they went out. There really isn't anything wrong with this hotel for people wanting a relaxing break - you do not get 5 star at a 3 star hotel. I would reccommend the hotel but stay away if you want bacon and English food. Some people really are professional complainers. Tour Operator: Thomson
Lisa Barton. Date of travel: Jan 2006
My partner and I booked to go for both our birthdays, we also decided to get married and make it our honeymoon, we were informed on booking that Thompson would do something special as it was our birthdays!!!! There was a bowl of fruit in the room, but as everybody else had one I wouldn't call it special?? (the same fruit was still there on our departure and was green mouldy by this time) On arrival at the resort we had to struggle up the stairs with our bags, (the other hotels we had dropped off at had porters and complimentary cocktails on arrival??) then we were informed that as it was nearly 12am they had no food!! We had been travelling since 1pm?? They eventually relented and made us a baguette each and told us to be quick if we wanted a drink as the bar closes at 12. We got up the following morning and went down for breakfast and decided to explore the complex and see all the facilities on offer, there was no TV room as advertised, the satellite tv in the bedroom catered for the french and german and the only english channel was BBC News, the complex consisted of a bar area, a seperate coffe bar (which was open for a couple of hours a day), a games room (only a couple of things worked) a shop and a discoteque (which was filthy and had nobody in it). We went back to the room to look forward to the afternoon's entertainment and the rep's meeting, when we returned to the room we discovered that money had disappeared from my zipped up pocket in my handbag???? We went to the rep's meeting and listened to all the resort had to offer (we had to imagine them as the rep's flip board showing the sights had been misplaced!!!) we reported the missing money and were told they would speak to the hotel management and get back to us. We decided to book a Thompson's outing to the Sahara desert 2 day trip which we were told we needed extra money for our drinks only!!!! (no mention of having to pay extra for the camel trip??) Luckily we took extra money otherwise we would have been sat on the coach watching the other guests on the camels!!! The much anticipated afternoons entertainment never materialised???? We decided to go and have a swim but we couldn't as it was too cold and the pool wasn't heated, so decided to walk to the beach, where we were confronted by people claiming to work at the hotel and offering us drugs and day trips out with them. I wanted a cup of tea and went to the bar to get one, but was told I would have to pay extra for it?? (thought we booked all-inclusive) Other people we arrived with were disappointed and after speaking to the rep they were leaving the hotel and being moved to other accomodation, we were informed we would have to pay and so decided to stick it out in the Coralia Palm Beach. The snacks on offer in the afternoon was a small square of cake or a small cheese and tomato pizza (as I dont like tomatoes,I had to go hungry) also on the occasion when a snack was made available it consisted of a so called chef filling 2 inch crusty cobs with left overs from dinner or tea. The evening meals were a bit better apart from the cockroaches crawling on the drinks table and the stray cats walking round the restuarant!!! The first evening's entertainment was bearable, it was a belly dancer and the staff dancing around, it started at 9pm and finished at 9.45pm, so we had to just sit around for the rest of the evening. The only other evenings entertainment was one game of bingo on the wednesday and a Fakir on the Friday, there was never any entertainment in the afternoons. We paid for all-inclusive but the bar ran out of Vodka on the Wednesday and the only other drinks available (without paying) were gin, Booka?? and Lager, I only drink Vodka, so was just on coke all week until Saturday when they got 2 bottles whick lasted about an hour (some birthday eh??) On the last day I went to see the rep (Nikki) (as she had only been at the hotel twice during the whole holiday)about the missing money, only to be told to claim it back on my holiday insurance (which has a premium so it would cost a fortune to claim it back) She told me she would give me a form to claim it back, but had accidentaly took it out of her bag that morning, I had to wait for her to ring another rep and get her to bring the form to the hotel, the reps were not interested in any of our problems, all the guests were complaining and they sat in a corner out of the way trying to avoid us?? All the guests actually cheered when the coaches taking us to the airport arrived!!!!! As they also couldnt wait to leave. We feel sorry for the young couple who are actually staying another week, they were really upset that we were all leaving them there in what can only be described as HELL!!!! We arrived at the airport and got our suitcases from the driver, but somehow the rain must have got in and our suitcases were absolutely drenched, all our clothes were wet, the photos which had been taken on the camels were ruined and our video camera which had our wedding video on is not working the water has obviously got inside it. Having listened to the other holiday makers on plane home it seems that the hotel we stayed in was totally overlooked by thompsons, as they had lovely hotels and even had a toaster on the dining room, freshly made food ie omlettes and crepes and they actually had entertainment!! the people who had been moved from our hotel (who only had to pay for the taxi fare??) had 17 guests in their hotel who had been moved from the Coralia the day before our arrival, so surely there were questions about the accomodation then?????? All in all it was a horrible holiday and did not live up to our expectations at all, the brochure describes it as a relaxing beach holiday suitable for families and couples, well I am sorry but I wouldn't let my dog stay there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We look forward to hearing from thompsons regarding compensation as senior rep M.U.Ali from the airport has actually said full money should be paid back to us as it was a honeymoon and both our birthdays. We filled in a customer report form at the airport with the rep the ref is - 055920. We paid 700.00 for a weeks all-inclusive holiday and wished we had paid 99.00 and gone to Butlins. DEFINATELY A HOLIDAY TO FORGET.............. Tour Operator: Thompson
Paul Barry. Date of travel: Dec 2005
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CORALIA PALM BEACH HOTEL, HAMMAMET, TUNISIA. We returned from Tunisia on January 11th. I am writing to make complaints mainly concerning the unsatisfactory facilities and entertainment at the hotel, and the poor quality of information given by the Thomson representative (Nicky). On its own, each point I am going to make seems minor, however when put together they add up and made our holiday less enjoyable. We have travelled all over the world, independently as well as with holiday companies, and realise that standards do vary, but facilities should be as advertised. On checking in before each flight we were assured that we had been given an aisle seat, but did not have one. I suggest the check in procedure is tightened up. Hotel facilities and star rating: The hotel had a new manager who took over only a few days before we arrived. It was evident that he was working very hard to improve the hotel but that it would take some months to do so. The hotel was visited by the Thomson North Africa manager, suggesting that the company had concerns about the hotel. During our stay several guests complained that it was not what they had been led to expect and were moved to other accommodation. Other guests were also dissatisfied. Those with children found it difficult to keep them amused due to lack of children’s entertainment. This made for an unsettled and stressful atmosphere for all. For the first week, the hot water was not hot enough to have a bath and ran very slowly. This was put right for the second week when the water system was serviced Supplies of vodka ran out on Jan 5th and were not replenished until Jan 10th. As an all-inclusive, locally produced alcohol and soft drinks should have been available free from 10.00am to 12.00pm ). We had to pay for hot milk and fresh orange juice. Also for white rum, however the bottle read ’produced in Tunisia’ ie locally produced. From 10.30pm we had to pay for drinks in the disco. There was not a signed or enforced no smoking area in the restaurant. My husband has asthma and found this most uncomfortable. The cleaning and servicing of the room was not ideal. We had to ask for a ‘do not disturb’ sign from Reception, as there was not one in our room. However more than once the cleaner knocked when the sign was displayed. The cleaner seemed to need to visit the room several times a day rather than just once, to replace towels and linen, supply toilet rolls, clean the room, bring replacement light bulb. Other guests had money taken from their rooms but no action was taken. Some services incurred charges but this was not made clear before our visit ie pool towels, sauna. Entertainment at the hotel: The dining room was being completely renovated. The entertainment room was in use as a temporary dining room. This meant that entertainment the first week took place in the coffee shop, which was a small area seating just a small number of people. The second week the foyer/lounge area was used, but the seating arrangement of the room was not suitable for watching a show. We were there for 14 nights, 3 of which we were away for the evening. Of the remaining 11 nights, the evening entertainment on 3 nights was Bingo. On the nights of January 7th, 8th and 10th there was no evening entertainment at all. Entertainment during the day was listed but in many cases did not happen at all, was poorly publicised as to location, or was of a low standard (skill at catching a drooped stick, board games). On one occasion we contacted the manager after waiting 15 minutes for the advertised ‘Tunisian cookery demonstration’. He contacted one of the entertainment staff and it started 30 minutes late. The junior ‘animateurs’ were very helpful and friendly, but their immediate manager showed poor leadership and erratic behaviour. On one occasion he danced around the foyer brandishing a pool cue and with an item of pottery on his head. His pupils were dilated and he smelled of cannabis smoke. Satellite TV in the room consisted of French and German programmes with only one programme, a news programme, in English. There was no TV room as advertised. Billiards and pool were listed as facilities, only pool was available. The discotheque was at the bottom of a dimly lit, steep, curving staircase with threadbare carpet, no handrails and 2 more steps into the disco itself. The week before we arrived a guest had fallen down these steps and spent several days in hospital. We were later advised by the rep not to use the disco at all, as the fire exit arrangements were unsatisfactory. Information from the Thomson’s representative: At the welcome meeting we were not given a full presentation, but a brief informal introduction and list of trips. I asked if it was possible to travel by train along the coast, as I had seen the railway line on the journey from the airport. The reply was: ‘Oh, I don’t like trains, I never go on them’. I think you will agree that more information should have been given. We booked for the Sahara Discovery trip. We were not told that it would be extremely cold at this time of year, that the camel trip would cost extra, and that an early breakfast would be available on the day of departure. We were told that we could take a standard suitcase, as it would be put in the luggage compartment in the side of the coach. However, we actually made the trip in a minibus, and had we known this earlier would have taken smaller more suitable bags. On two occasions we were told that guests would receive compensation for the lack of facilities at the hotel. We asked for a complaints form but were told this was not necessary. We were not satisfied with this, so contacted the help line. The resort manager came to see us and filled in a form with us . He said that compensation would not be automatically sent (as had been implied) but people would need to write to Thomson’s. I could add to this list, but think I have made my point. I am writing to ask for compensation for the poor quality and even lack of evening entertainment and unavailability of the disco due to safety concerns. I am also requesting compensation for the general poor facilities. I suggest that the star rating given is reconsidered as at present the hotel does not merit a 4 star rating - possibly only a 2. Prior to writing this letter I rang the Thomson’s helpline and asked for a list of criteria for each star rating. I was told this was not available. I therefore looked at the Thomson’s web site and compared the hotel with other hotels in the same area. Other 4 star hotels, and even 3 star hotels, had indoor pools. One 3 star hotel had a children’s club. 4 star hotels also offered many more activities and facilities than the Coralia Palm Beach including minibar, fridge and hairdrier in the room, gym, whirlpool bath etc. I also suggest that when taking bookings for trips reps use a standard information sheet so that full information is given, and if they cannot provide information (for example my train query) they do suggest where it can be obtained. Tour Operator: Thompson
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