Vinci Nour Palace, Mahdia
Located just 6km outside of Mahdia's centre, the Vinci Nour Palace is the ideal place to lounge and enjoy te sunny beaches. It boasts over 500 rooms and suites, all of which are fitted with satellite television, a direct-dial telephone and a terrace balcony. It also features a childrens' club which opens from 10am tomore
Hot and sunny - Millie Ireson and family. Date of travel: Dec 2005
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Hot and sunny
The Vinci Nour was a brilliant hotel to stay in for two weeks, as i am only eleven,i was always either on the beach or in the outdoor or indoor swimming pool which were vey clean and rerfreshing.The lobby was probebly the nicest place to go to therfore it was cool and the glass shandalere lit it all up. the rooms wasn't perfect to what i would want them to be at but overall i would give it an 8/10,my room had a double bed for my parents and two single beds for me and my sister,it also had a t.v a mini fridge and a large mirror with a desk unerneath it. The bathroom was lovely and clean with a toilate,a bath/shower and another mirror and of course a sink.now the luckiest thing to have in your room was a terrace which could fit about 4 chairs on it and extra space for a table or...something like that.we didnt have a washing machine so we had to buy washing powder and wash them in the sink or bath to soak. now to the beach... the beach was so so so so good. we was about a 3 minute slow walk to the beach,walking past the pool and outside dining area.the sea was a georgeos torquise colour witch began to darken further out to only a colour of blue.the warm soft sand slipped between my toes as i walked along the shore with my parents to maybe end up in mahadia(if you could WALK that far) overall i would give the beach a definate 9.5/10. dining... we were and still vegitarians so we could only either eat freshly made pizza,spaghetti,fruit,or the odd chips in occasions for tea.ther was a big salection of meats if you are meat-eaters.overall for us(because were vegatarians) a 7/10 for lunch we normally ate in a small cafe on the beach or in a restaurant in the actual hotel. for breakfast we had either cereal,ommlette,pancakes in the hotel(thats all i can remember but there will be more available) Tour Operator: lastminute.com
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