Hotel Saadia, Skanes
The Saadia Hotel is located close to the beach and offers an outdoor pool, separate children's pool, indoor pool, aerobics, table tennis, billiards, darts and video games. For the children there is a mini club (with entertainment team) and children's playground. Rooms are air conditioned and equipped with satellite TV, safety deposit box, telephone andmore
Excellent clean and enjoyable - Keith & Sharon Lawson . Date of travel: Aug 2010
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Value for money: | * * * * * |
Rooms basic but clean, maid service daily. Staff at Hotel Saadia went out of there way to make us feel welcome and that was before any tips were given out. Pool staff always on hand very friendly and often anticipated your needs for sunbeds. Animation team worked tirelessly throughout the day to entertain everyone. The children were amased at the teams enthusiasm and were occupied and happy from the moment they got up until they went to bed. The nights mini club show always got the children up to join in and often a few adults then after that 9-30pm approx the adult entertainment started which was just as good. The food was a good mix of local food with something to eat for everyone. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience and children are already wanting to book a return.
Hotel Saadia - Highly Recommended - Anonymous. Date of travel: Mar 2009
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Upon reading some of the reviews on other websites about the Saadia Hotel I must admit I was dreading going. I must say straight away that this hotel is miles better than half of the reviews throughout the internet. Upon arrival the staff were extremally friendly and would do anything you asked of them, also very polite and would greet you whenever you walked past. The receptionists were always happy to help with any questions you may want to ask. The waiter who served us throughout our stay was brilliant, nothing was too much for him and after a few days of getting to know us, he would have our drinks already at the table upon arrival. I was staying all inclusive as to make the most of our holiday. The bar staff were also very polite and would ask how you were whenever you would go to get a drink. The food on the odd occasion was cold but the chef would always be making fresh all the time so hot food came after quickly. The rooms were very basic but very clean which is what you expect. We had slight problems with the plumbing one evening but as soon as we reported it at reception, a plumber was sent up immediatly (the time being midnight) and solved the problem straight away. The entertainment was fantastic and the evenings were the highlight of the day as the animation team did their very best to entertain their guests, which they did. The animation team always interacting with us and would chat to us about different things. All credit goes to them as they try their very hardest to please everyone. They run afternoon activities which are great for all age types and it breaks up the day by doing something energetic. A relaxed atmosphere is all around and guests are able to have a laugh and enjoy themselves with the animation team. Outdoor and indoor pools are spotless and constantly kept clean by the staff as are every areas of the hotal. The Saadia Hotel is located in a slightly isolated spot but there is a bus stop right outside the main gates where buses travel every half an hour to the popular towns such as Sousse and Monistir. Even though the hotel is located near to the airport, no planes can be heard as they come to land at the airport from a different direction, so the fact that the hotel is 10 minutes away from Monistir airport is no problem what so ever. I could comment on many more good points of The Saadia but the basic needs of a good holiday are all here. This holiday was one of the best holidays I have been on due to everything that the hotel has to offer. Highly recommended to anyone seeking a relaxing holiday packed full of fun!
Hotel Saadia... - Diane. Date of travel: Sep 2006
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Value for money: | * * * * * |
7 of us are just back from a 14 night stay at the hotel Saadia in Skanes. Not a lot of good things to say, rooms were basic but OK and had very good air conditioning, pool was OK, the entertainment staff worked very hard and were very friendly and enthusiastic considering they had to entertain daytime and most evening. Now for the bad, from the day we arrived until the day we left we had constant diarrhoea which we can only assume came from the food which was bland, sometimes uncooked and never appetising, or the chipped and cracked crockery which was dirty more times than it was clean. We were all inclusive which meant the waiters wouldn't serve us as they were there for the 'paying' guests!!?? It could take anything up to 45 minutes to get served at the bar as the waiters were always served first and they usually ran out of glasses. When queuing for snacks the 'paying' guests were always served first which meant 9 times out of 10 the food ran out before you got served. Basically you were treated like a second class guest. The hotel is in an isolated spot which meant eating or drinking down the road was impossible forcing you to stay in the hotel grounds where there was never enough seating for everyone, never enough glasses for drinks or plates and cups in the dining room. Hygiene was non-existent, when the barman passed your drinks it was usually with fingers dipped inside the glasses - which often sported someone else’s lipstick or even fruit from the previous drink of sangria. I even saw a barman open a cocktail mixer, test the contents add more spirits and then pour it into a glass for the waiter to take to a customer! The beach was filthy and the sea was full of seaweed. Within 5 minutes of entering the sea my son, a young girl and a woman got stung by jellyfish; the staff in the hut provided by the hotel said to rub it with tomato when we got back to the hotel and that he was lucky because had it of been a couple of weeks later the jellyfish would have been a lot bigger. If this is a common occurrence why aren't there tomatoes in the hut and why aren't swimmers made aware of this fact? Overall I'd say don't touch this hotel unless your dream holiday is to lie by the pool all day and sit by the stage for 3 hours before the show starts, which lasts approximately 45 mins and is mostly done by the entertainment staff, just to make sure you have a seat, even then, make sure you're not all inclusive or you'll never get served a drink. Diane
Hotel Saadia - Leanne, april and keshia. Date of travel: Jul 2006
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Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
Hotel Saadia
Wow this hotel is great i went there 3 weeks ago and loved every minute - okay the food aint to great - but the pool is very nice especially in the hot days- the hotel was clean rooms basic - waiter very gd - entertainment was great for kids and adults- Tour Operator: thomson
Anna Juliette. Date of travel: Aug 2005
Saadia Hotel, Monastir is a very attractive hotel and I was pleasantly surprised upon our arrival. Although it has 300 rooms it is spread over a large area and the buildings have no more than 2 floors above the ground floor - quite different to some of the enormous complexes we drove past! The grounds are well maintained and very pretty, and the interior of the hotel was also very comfortable. I would say that rooms were fairly basic with a rustic feel, perhaps in need of a little updating, but they were clean and comfortable, all with air conditioning. The only problem we had with the rooms was that the hot water would occasionally suddenly run out, but we found that if we took a shower before about 6pm this didn't happen. I over heard some guests complain that their rooms were not cleaned very well, but I cannot say that this was a problem for us. In fact I felt that the hotel was very clean indeed. The floors were washed every morning and although it made the floor a bit slippery, the cleaners seemed to be finished by 8am - well before the majority of guests would come down for breakfast. My family and I went for the half board option and I would say that the food was not bad. For breakfast there was a wide range of food available from fruit and yoghurt to croissants and cooked food. It would have made a lot of difference if they had served real orange juice rather than a very sickly sweet fruit squash, but overall the breakfast served was what could be expected of a 3 star hotel. The evening meals were also perfectly acceptable. The quality and choice of the food was good with a salad bar, a hot food section and also a desserts section. The only disappiontment with the evening meal experience was that it felt rather like being in a school canteen. Dinner was served over 2 hours, unlike breakfast which was served over 4 hours, so it felt much busier in the evenings. It was also very difficult to get good service, and we got the impression that the Tunisians are quite laid back in their approach to such service. One night we had ordered a bottle of water to drink with our meal but had finished before it came! However, a few days into the holiday things were much improved when we decided to go down to dinner half an hour before they stopped serving. By this time it was much quieter so consequently the service was much better, and the choice of food was not compromised either. We found that giving a small tip to the waiter, (be it just the small change left over form the drinks), resulted in much more efficient service. We found that not being able to drink the tap water resulted in quite a big hidden cost in all the bottled water we had to buy. However, during the second week we realised that the water was a fraction of the price when bought at the mini market a 10 minute walk away rather than at the hotel shop. Although we had ice cubes in our drinks, (more than likely made using tap water), none of us became ill throughout the entire holiday. The pool was a lot smaller that it seemed in the photos, but nevertheless very attractive. Unfortunately it felt a bit small and cramped for the number of guests, and the constant noise of the loud music by the bar seemed to spoil it. However, perhaps we were in the minority - it depends whether you want a lively holiday or not. What was annoying however, was the daily session of aerobics that took place by the pool, or rather the music the accompanied it. Every afternoon the same track played continually for what seemed like a good hour, and it was very noisy too. I was under the impression that other guests found this a little irritating as well. Consequently we preferred to spend our days at the beach. The cleanliness of the hotel area of the beach was not bad, although I have to admit I did spot a crushed syringe on one occasion washed up on the beach, but I was very surprised at this and am sure this was just a one off. The hotel staff at the beach seemed to look out for the guests, for example by making sure those taking part in water sports kept away from the areas marked off for swimmers. It would have been better if more sun loungers were provided (at the pool as well), since they would all be gone by about 9.30. It was particularly disappointing to find out that some guests would purposely go to the beach very early in the moring to 'reserve' some of the freely provided loungers by placing towels on them, only to return again hours later in the afternoon while many people went without. We were quite astonished that people could be so selfish and felt that the hotel should not have allowed this since it caused bad feelings between guests on a few occasions. My advice would be to get to the beach early! I only went to the evening entertainment a couple of times since it is not really my cup of tea! It seemed a little tacky, and quite noisy considering that many if the rooms faced towards that area, but other guests enjoyed it, so I think I must have been in the minority again. The facilities available were pretty good. There was certainly plenty to do and the majority of staff seemed friendly and helpful. The female receptionist was particularly helpful and spoke excellent english. Overall I would say that the Saadia hotel provides perfectly acceptable holiday accomodation, and you get what you pay for. It is the ideal hotel for this who want a lively holiday, but if you do prefer more peace and quiet it is good to be able to wander down to the beach. My family and I would have preferred a quieter hotel, but we still had a pleasant holiday. One thing to mention is that we didn't come across any jellyfish. Four years ago we went Tunisia and stayed at a hotel without a pool. Two days into the holiday we found we couldn't swim in the sea due to the number of jellyfish there which did spoil things a little. Although we didn't have that problem this year I would definately advise booking up a hotel with a pool just in case, since the heat does get quite intense at this time of the year. Thompson seems to be a good tour operator, but I felt they could have provided more information regarding the culture and nature of the natives. Don't be fooled if the locals appear to be particularly friendly and helpful. We were in Sousse one day when we were stopped and asked where we were going. Although we knew our way and did not ask for directions, the man took us 100 yards and gave directions for the rest of the way. We thanked him, but he demanded money from us. Naturally we refused to pay so we were spat at! Also, at the airport a porter will gladly greet you with a trolley, load up your luggage and take you to your coach. However, once there he will ask you for money which you then feel obliged to give. Hence it's important to make sure you don't get pushed into accepting offers of help because it always comes at a price! Tour Operator: Thompson
Lisa Marie. Date of travel: Jul 2005
When in the hotel we drank beer and wine as we had paid all inclusive and thought we might as well get something out of our money. Nearly every drink we had was served in either a chipped or cracked glass or most of the time they were dirty. The water behind the bar used to wash them in was filthy. When we ordered a beer we could only have a small one; in every other all inclusive hotel we have been to once you have paid you can have what you want and this could be a large beer. It was absolutely ridiculous and felt that we were being treated like children. The soft drinks which are in the all inclusive were served in white disposable plastic cups and if you asked for it in a glass you were just laughed at. It felt like we were still at school. People who bought cola and lemonade etc from the bar were given glass bottles with a straw. The people who were all inclusive were given it in cups from a plastic bottle which tasted very sweet rather like soda stream. I suspect as a cost cutting method. This should not be the case: we should get the same treatment as everyone else. On a few occasions the outside bar was not manned and the barman would be hiding behind a screen eating his dinner and would make it obvious he had seen you but still not serve you, this is just arrogant. A lot of the staff were very rude with the odd few being friendly. If you were sat at a table you got waiter service but if you had a blue band indicating you are an inclusive guest then they would ignore you as they did not think they would get a tip from you. One bar man in the inside bar was very suggestive and made rude comments: he even followed one female guest into the toilets to harass her and when she threatened to get the manager he left. You do not expect this behavior on holiday and it was most unwelcome. We would like to know why you had to sign a chit/receipt every time you got a drink when you have a band on to indicate you are an all inclusive guest. The glasses and tables and general bar area we thought were not kept very clean. We observed a table with a spillage on it which attracted about 30 bees the waiters walked past it for over an hour. Anyone could have been stung. The bar was a disgrace and for most of the holiday we purchased drinks outside the hotel. As previously mentioned we both suffered diahorrea and sickness for the 10 days we were on holiday and we were not the only ones. On day two of our holiday we complained about the hotel and hygiene standards to the 1-2 Fly Representative, but he just said that it would improve which it did not. Firstly meal time at lunch was supposed to be at 1230-1400hrs. On numerous occasions the doors were not opened until 1255hrs. People were stood queuing which is not good when you are supposed to be on a relaxing holiday. The food itself was mostly the same choice every day for the whole ten days. Breakfast was croissants, which were hard, bread which was like rock and you could hardly cut through it. Boiled eggs, fried eggs, sausages on some occasions and beans which were drowning in some sort of congealed liquid. If you were brave enough to sample lunch or dinner the meals were nearly always the same. The food was disgusting and most of the time there were trays running out and the chefs were not very quick at replacing the food which had been taken on the buffet. The chips and potatoes were rarely cooked properly. On one occasion we both got meatballs and when we cut them open they were raw. We told the waiter who just told us that the chefs were busy. The chefs uniforms were filthy and we witnessed the chef in the pizzeria which is a separate restaurant wearing the same uniform for the whole ten days we were there. This is unacceptable hygiene. The floor in the kitchen of the pizzeria was always filthy even when the kitchen had just opened and there was no wonder that so many people at the hotel were ill. The pizza which was cooked for the guests was cooked fresh: if you were all inclusive you got slices from a big tray which can only be described as cold bread with tomatoe puree on. The all inclusive pizza did not resemble pizza in any way. Also pasta was supposed to be served in the evening as part of all inclusive but never was. On several occasions in the main buffet restaurant we just eat pasta as the rest of the food did not look edible. Most of the time we just took one look and ended up eating elsewhere. We witnessed a chef again in a dirty uniform come out take some paper napkins wipe the hotplate down. He then brought out a tray of meat took the old meat off and used the same napkins he had used to wipe down to push the old meat onto the new meat. This is disgusting practice. The waiters in the restaurant would ask if you wanted a drink with your meal and then bring it when you had finished your meal and it was often warm beer with dirty glasses. There were flies everywhere and the window sills were full of dead ones. All they need to do is invest in some fly zappers. Instead of plates being taken away straight away to be washed, they and the unwanted food was piled high on side tables which attracted even more flies. Our dining experience at the Saadia hotel can only be described as feeding time at the zoo. The entertainment at the beginning of every night was a kids mad half hour. The entertainment team would get the kids up and play the same naff songs every night, this was rather irritating to most guest especially those without children. Why not have the kids entertainment separate or if they must do it vary it. The entertainment itself was some of the worst we have ever seen relying most of the time on audience participation, rather been like at Butlins. The CDs played during the day were the same day in day out. The so called DJ was annoying as he kept spinning the records and slowing and speeding up the music which irritated a lot of people. The Nightclub we thought would be great to escape and unwind, wrong again. On the door as you would expect it clearly stated ‘No Under 18’s’ yet every single night you would have under eighteens running around playing chase. This was brought to one of the nightclub managers attentions on several occasions who just laughed it off, or told them to get out then let them back in. The all inclusive drinks stopped at 2400hrs which meant you had to buy your own drinks in the club which were served from the same bar area as the ones you got all inclusive before 2400hrs. This is absolutely ridiculous. You were not allowed beer at the beach bar if you wanted it you had to buy it, this All Inclusive deal was a total rip off we have never known anything like it. The toilet at the beach was in an absolute state most of the time with toilet paper on the floor and faeces around the seat, has this hotel never heard of hygiene. The carpets in all the main corridors were badly stained and the hotel smelt unhygienic, especially the pizzeria. There were electric sockets without coverings which is a serious health and safety risk. Down the corridors were cupboards with pipes in that we witness children opening and shutting and this could have resulted in a nasty fall. The door to the hotel roof was left open and children would run around up there and again a serious risk to life. The cleanliness and hygiene in the entire hotel was disgusting and I would not send my worst enemy there. The towels in the room were supposed to be changed if you put them in the bath. On a couple of occasions ours were taken out of the bath still unclean and placed back on the rails. When they were changed they still smelt disgusting and sometimes wet. We witnessed maid using dirty water to clean the rooms and the bath was absolutely filthy. In the morning when guests were going to breakfast the cleaners would fill the floor with soap suds, why not clean before guests go to breakfast this was a serious risk, anyone could have slipped and hurt themselves. In the morning the patio area would also be scrubbed with detergent and swept into the plants and into the swimming pool, absolutely disgusting. One day we were in our room with a ‘Do not Disturb’ Sign displayed. There was a knock and the cleaner asked when she could clean our room. We said in five minute, two minutes later she knocked again to ask if we could changed some UK pound coins for Dinars, we said no. She then returned immediately asking us to change Euros. If it says don’t disturb then you shouldn’t be. we would like you to know that we have traveled to many parts of the world and stayed at many hotels so we are experienced travelers. Our holiday which we paid All Inclusive for was an absolute disgrace it felt like we were in a prison camp for 10 days. By day two we requested that the 1-2 Fly representative move us to an alternative hotel or get us a flight home, he told us that this was not possible. When you complained about anything you were just laughed at because as far as the staff were concerned they had your money already. We spent a lot more money than intended on food and drink outside the hotel as everytime we eat in the restaurant we would then spend most of the time in the bathroom. Tour Operator: 1-2 Fly
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