Skanes Palace Hotel, Skanes
Not so good accommodation - John Vaughan. Date of travel: Sep 2007
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Right, firstly the Skanes Palace Hotel in Skanes is not a 4 star even though all operators offering this state, it is a 3 star at absolute maximum. It is not ten or twenty minutes from Monastir airport it is 3 minutes at most so you do get aircraft noise, but we didn't find it too noisy. When you get off the plane make sure you get your bags as people will try to get them for you and they expect a tip for this and you are not going to have Dinas, so be warned. Me and my wife booked this resort for our honeymoon, mainly on price and the general look of the place, don't make my mistake. This resort caters mainly for the Eastern European market and subsequently not many people spoke English or unfortunately acknowledged you when you spoke, and when they did they could be very coarse and plainly rude. This hotel is very run down in places. The rooms are barely adequate and all need a damn good clean, the TV didn't work initially and to add insult to injury when I reported it to reception, the staff member wanted me to give him money to change it, not good. The room make up staff were quite friendly and often made pretty patterns with your clothes and things but they did not Hoover and thatís what it really needed. The All Inclusive option is adequate, but the food is quite bland and there is a hell of a lot of flies everywhere because there is no control over them so sometimes you would be greeted with for example a plate of prawns with a sprinkling of flies, a sure step to dysentery. You will get allocated a table eventually however no one will tell you and you WILL get told off by a waiter whom has been tipped to give someone that table when they arrive or simply doesn't like you. You are only able to order two drinks maximum at once and make sure that you take your glasses back or the nice man behind the bar refuses to serve you and shouts obscenities at you, again service with a smile. On the plus side the beach is lovely and the sea is great, though you have to fight to get a seat but it is lovely when you do. The pool outside is nice and very deep but the inside pool is a gem, the staff there are great and helpful, there is always a place to sit and read and it is quite clean, as is the Hammam, Sauna and Gym, which are all in the same area.
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