Grand Ozcelik Hotel, Kusadasi
The four star Grand Ozcelik Hotel in Kusadasi is located on a private beach, allowing guests to partake in sun bathing, swimming in the Aegean sea, and to enjoy various water sports. The hotel offers 96 sea view rooms, each with a private bathroom, air conditioning, direct dial telephone, satellite television, and balcony. Hotel facilitiesmore
I thought I was good!!! - Ann. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
I thought the hotel was great. I had a nice room the air conditioning worked great. The room had an brilliant view of the sea. The staff was really nice and friendly. The hotel looked beautiful. The rooms was cleaned everyday. The food was ok but we had pretty much the same everyday and there was a snack bar in the afternoon and there was cake and cookies in the evening 5.00pm <- Free. The pool was nice but it's deep for people who cant swim but I thought it was good and theres an indoor pool which is good and also deep! The bad things about it was that there was no entertainment at night and and the bar shuts at 11 o'clock Before I left I read some comments and most of them where bad so then I thought that it was gonna be boring but I enjoyed it! I would love to go back there again I loved it!
What a major disappointment - Peter. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Location: | * * * * * |
Service: | * * * * * |
Value for money: | * * * * * |
Had a NEW family room at the Grand Ozcelik Hotel for a week which was very basic, telephone worked, TV worked, fridge (mini bar) did not work, only air conditioning in main bedroom so your kids will not cool down of an evening unless you swap rooms. Maid service was good though, clean towels. However the bathroom, leaked water or toilet water, cos I did not look for the source. There is plenty of hot water hut at 6pm it goes hot and cold until around 7pm. The Grand Ozcelik boasts of several things that are not there, kids play area (not found it), Disco (not open and looks like it hasnít been for ages), Turkish Baths (not working) Sauna Room (not working) Indoor Heat Pool (Not Heated) Very cold will turn your lips blue. Restaurants, there is a dining room, quite nice actually, but the food is not catered toward the British palate. Food is very basic, salad foods for breakfast, some cornflakes, a boiled egg, leftovers from the night before on one day, I kid you not, there were French fries from the night before served for breakfast. Cheese salami, tomatoes etc for breakfast, some breads and runny butter. I only had one evening meal there which was rice (very dry) and fried chicken. Everything else that night was some sort of homogenised salad / sauce. The food was really quite appalling. I decided there and then that I would take my family out every night after that and yes I was all inclusive, which by the way runs like this. It start at 10 am, finishes at 11 pm between these hours you must pay extra for drinks, which range from Turborg lager to Tang which is a chemical soup added to water to give you refreshing lime of orange cordial basically. There is a very limited selection of spirits, and quite frankly I think they water those down. There are two bars only one of which is ever open. This bar is at the pool side, outdoors. The bar area is looked after by a right miserable bunch. By the way your kids can only have Pepsi or other such soft drinks in small plastic or foam cups, your beer when they donít run out and they do run out since it is all bottled and always Turborg, is never a full bottle worth they will pour two plastic beakers from one bottle. So donít expect a pint cos you wonít get one. Location wise is right on the beach, they have sun beds which you can fight over with the Romanian guests for because they never take the towels off the sub loungers for the entire time they are on holiday, It you get one on the beach keep it towelled at all times because like nature the Romanians like to fill a vacuum. There are very few British people at this hotel; those that are there by the straw poll I can take are utterly disappointed with the place. The staff there speak little if no English so if you are daunted by that, keep it in mind, on the whole the staff are nice people, I think they know that they are working in a poorly run hotel by a mis selling tour operation. There is also the problem of poor lighting in the hallways, the stairways, which can really be difficult for people with poor eyesight. There are no life guards, so supervise you kids at all times, especially in the indoor pool, or fridge as it should be called. There are no water sports other than swimming which is of course free, there are many other hotels along this coastline which do offer these activities but you will have to pay extra, which by the way seems to be the most commonly used English word in this hotel. I felt I had been mis sold the package from the tour operator since it is not all inclusive, have very little of what is advertised even in the literature they hand you upon arrival. Read this with your eyes wide open. By the way the exchange rate in the hotel is very poor and seems to be fixed at 2ytl to the pound regardless of that fact that Turkish lira changes practically every day. There is not entertainment provided other than a television in your room and what seems like the same CD played all day and all night until eleven pm when it all just seems to shut down. Quite is the word and if you like quite you will find it here in abundance? The pool is small but deep make sure your kids are ok about never being able to touch the floor of the pool. Unless your kids are tall, or you confine them to the kids splash pool which is about four feet by four feet. There is a snack bar on the terrace on the other side of the pool which to get to you have to go down to the beach and back up the stairs which will attempt to cook you a snack between 2 and 3 o'clock watch the times though as after a given amount of time cooking they charge you extra, the food is again very basic, French fries and a hamburger, you have to beg them for cheese to go on the hamburger. No I say attempt to cook because one day I had three burger and chips , which had to go back as one was still practically frozen and the others were not cooked properly, I had to induce vomiting to my youngest son to ensure he would not become ill with food poisoning. What you are about to eat there, it could really ruin your holiday. One other thing there is a very big gaping hole which exposes some inspection point with the mains or pool or sewage pipes, it is in an area where you are not supposed to walk through but you will have to do that or go from the pool down to the beach up the other side of the wall past the indoor pool to the stairs or lift to the main lobby into which you are not supposed to wear swimwear outside of the hotel down the road into the annex and back to your room with your family. If you are an exhibitionist then you will love this part. There is no terrace restaurant, make sure you kids do not travel up there as there is nothing there no personnel and its pretty much a flat void with barriers that can be scaled by a five year old, Keep them from there. The view up there is nice though. Well thatís about all for now, hope you can get your money's worth or back depending upon your point of view, I want mine back.
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