Buyuk Anadolu Hotel, Ankara
Buyuk Anadolu Hotel - British beware - Jenifer Purdy. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Buyuk Anadolu Hotel is a fabulous new hotel but beware if you are not Turkish. The hotel does not cater for any other nationality other than the Turkish. We went all inclusive but it was far from what we are used to. The children's club staff only speaks in Turkish so my little girl would have been the odd one out and didn't join in. The whole point of going away was so she could enjoy being with other children. There are no afternoon snacks or ice-creams. The afternoon snack was a flat bread affair covered in oil and herbs!! The only alcoholic drinks were rough wine, even rougher vodka and raki. You couldn't even buy any other spirit as the bar had nothing else! The staff are rude to beyond belief. They only serve you if you shout out in Turkish. They know you are waiting but they bypass anyone who is not Turkish. There is no recognisable food for the children. We did not book this hotel but we think we were scammed into going there when we were told our original hotel was full up!! The English are only about 1% of the total of guests. There is nothing around the hotel to stroll to in the evening. You have to brave the local bus or get a taxi for about 30 mins to get to the shops. The hotel is very clean but there are a lot of flies on the food in the dining hall, which reminds me of a school dinner hall. All of the food is crushed into one corner and the queues are massive (the Turkish then just push in and serve themselves)
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