Sultanahmet Suites, Istanbul
Dreadful indeed - Monaco Love. Date of travel: Jul 2008
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A tiny 4-room apartment hostel called Sultanahmet Suites in Istanbul, Turkey is the worst place I have ever stayed in my life. The worst thing is the owner. He is incapable of managing not only business but his anger. He would get irritated, whine and yell at guests, and threaten when things did not go his way. For instance, when we politely asked not to charge a hidden credit card cost, he shouted, 'you have only two options. PAY or go to the POLICE!', 'You don't deserve to be treated well!!' When I tried to talk with my boyfriend to solve the issues with the owner, he blasted, 'He (My boyfriend) is not my guest!' (This is after my BF stayed at his apartment for 6 days.) The owner tried to charge as much as he could for the room. When I complained, he flatly refused to reduce the rate and shouted, “that is your problem!” He even broke a promise and nullified our late-check out guarantee. 'I changed my mind. I got a reservation from a new guest. Leave on time, or you must pay if you want a late check out!' In short, he is not normal. I found out that there is something wrong with him and his wife. Here is why. After returning home, I wrote about the problems of Sultanahmet Suites on tripadivsor. Then, at 1 a.m. midnight, my phone rang. I heard a loud voice shouting at me. It was the owner of Sultanahmet Suites yelling from Istanbul! I hang up, but he called over and over. “I tell you something. I will go to your embassy. I have all the copies of your e-mails and everything. You only have 48 hours to clean up what you have written about me to tripadvisor. So you either do that, or I will be a trouble for you.” This is a tape-recorded message he left on my answering machine. Then his wife sent a nasty threatening e-mail to me. Then they called my boyfriend's office and repeatedly threatened him, too. Then the wife went on the internet and insulted me on numerous public forums, but never admitted what his husband did to me. Instead, she also wrote “nothing is true. She (this refers to me) finds new stories everyday”. How can a human being become so dishonest?! Then she exposed privacy information of my boyfriend and me on tripadvisor as revenge! I made a big mistake to stay here, because I believed reviews on tripdavisor. The Sultanahmet Suites wife solicits glowing comments from previous guests, and pastes them on tripadvisor and other sites. I was silly enough to believe those coerced reviews and, as a result, my holiday turned a hell. I have been on holiday many times but never been subjected to anything like this ugly hostel, and never felt so miserable and angry. I had great experiences travelling in Istanbul and through other parts of Turkey. So, my terrible experience was down to Sultanahmet Suites only. I want to visit Turkey again, but will never stay at Sultanahmet Suites again, or recommend this place to anyone because of the way I was treated during the stay and the threats and slur I received from the owner and his wife after coming home. I would urge you to avoid this hostel unless you love to be yelled at and harassed. Other info about this hostel: Says 5 minutes to the centre, but was about 20 minutes trek up very steep hill. The neighbourhood does not cater to tourists and gets pitch dark at night. The apartment offers just a room, and there is absolutely no service provided. There is no warmth. No reception, no lobby, no common area for guests to hang around, no restaurants or bar, no room service, no housekeeping, no concierge, no bell captain, no wake-up call, no breakfast, no gym, no garden, no parking, nothing. No elevator, so climb narrow stairs up to 5th floor, carrying luggage on your own. No telephone, no desk in the room. No bathtub. Shower is very tiny. No amenities. Just tiny soaps and a small sachet of shampoo. Wi-fi was broken all the time. And, there is no staff at this hostel. Meaning, there is no one to help you day or night. Just the owner shows up from time to time during the day. A part-time cleaning lady comes once a day and, if you’re lucky, you have your bedspread replaced. In our case, no clean linen for 5 days. One day the electricity went off at night, but there is no backup generator, or staff to help us, so we just wandered around in the dark. This hostel lacks security, and is quite risky and dangerous to stay. I don’t say a hotel is always better, but, again, this hostel lacks warm atmosphere. There is nobody here to say “hi!” when you come back. When you check-out, you just drop off your key and leave, saying good bye to the wall. How can this be a “4-star” accommodation? No way! I don't know how and by whom ratings are given in Turkey, but this place definitely does not deserve that status. Sultanahmet Suites is a 0 STAR NO-FRILL HOSTEL. “No-frill” means it’s lower quality and lower value of money than a HOSTEL.
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