Royal Wings Hotel, Antalya
A superb hotel on renowned Lara Beach in Antalya, the Royal Wings Hotel has it all. Lagoon style swimming pools, intercepted by bridges and walkways, gourmet restaurants, quality accommodation with all the mod cons, entertaining evening shows and first class sports facilities. The hotel is suitable for families, couples and friends. more
Royal wings was fantastic - Wendy Evans. Date of travel: Dec 2008
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We all loved our stay at the Royal Wings Hotel. The animation staff were fabulous and made our stay fun. The food was lovely and as for cleanliness all around the hotel was second to none, I have never been to such a clean hotel and have travelled a lot. Well done to all the staff !!!!!!
Royal Wings Hotel - Robert McMillan. Date of travel: Oct 2006
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This was our 2nd stay at a 5* AI. (Previous was the Sun Zeynep in Belek). After carefully trawling through the reviews we opted for a Thomas Cook package deal at the Royal Wings Hotel. We arrived at 4.00am in the morning and checked in ok. The room was the quality we had expected and everything looked very clean. So first impressions of the hotel were very good and it certainly looked a classy place. The first problem we had were the clothes hangers in the wardrobe which were all broken, so when you hung your clothes on them, the frame came away from the hook and your clothes ended up on the floor – not a good start. In the morning, it became abundantly clear that we were in the minority as British guests, infact out of 1700 people staying at the hotel, my family and I made up all of twenty British people. 50% being German, 30% Dutch, 10% Russian and 5% Spanish. The other 5% consisting of Turks, French and British. Before this holiday, it never bothered me to be in and around foreign people but to have so many Germans in your face with their pushy ways and rude attitudes was intorrelable. The staff in the hotel were very nice but only about a handful could speak English, Some others could only speak the basics and the rest none at all – but they could all speak German. There seemed to be an obvious bias towards the Germans as they always got attended to first in the dining room or bars. The resort currently consists of a dual carriage way with about a dozen beachfront 5* AI hotels and a shopping centre on one side and apartment blocks and smaller shopping centre. The Royal Wings is at the eastern edge of the main resort (in its current stage of development) about 10 minutes walk from the shopping areas. The Royal Wings has a central 10 storey high building. There are 6 lifts, 4 are glass, with 2 overlooking reception area and 2 looking over pool and gardens. The lifts were a bit of a nightmare at peak times with everyone calling them at the same time. I lost count of the number of times I saw what looked to be fit people getting in a lift to travel one floor. All rooms have air conditioning controls which can be set at various temperatures; however the main unit is centrally controlled and as it was October, had been switched off although it was still 27 degrees through the day. This meant that the unit was only blowing normal air which made the room hot and sticky at night and difficult to sleep. To overcome this, we had to leave the door open, which led to an invasion of mosquitos. On our second day, there began a 16 hour thunderstorm, which led to large expanses of water forming all around the hotel in the areas where building work was being carried out. On seeing this, I thought to myself that these would be breeding grounds for more mosquitos and sure enough, by the start of our second week they were everywhere. As the air conditioning was not on, the various doors were open frequently which led to most people going around with lots of visible bites. I was bitten over 30 times. There were even mosquito larvae in the lazy river. The food in the main buffet restaurant was very continental, but plenty of choice Breakfast consisted of pancakes, omlettes, various breads-homebaked, fruit, pastries/cheese cold meats cereals etc. If you want fresh orange juice you will have to fork out 2 Euros per glass. The choice at breakfast & lunch did not seem to vary much from day to day and the evening meals were very repetitive. If you happened to use the main buffet restaurant at peak times, then be prepared to be patient – very patient. With about 800 people going around with food in their hands we saw quite a few spillages and broken crockery. When we were there, the in thing with the continental kids was roller blade type things that attached to your trainers; fine except it was often very difficult to avoid 25 – 30 kids in the dining room buzzing about on these things. I complained on two occasions to the hotel management that this was a health and safety issue in the dining room but nothing was done. I guess they did no want to offend their majority customers. The food in general was at best average. Main dishes were repeated quite often and most times it was not very hot. Because the doors were open quite often (no air conditioning) there were lots of flies and mosquito’s around. Most of the fruit cocktail was always full of small flies. The outdoor food corners were OK except for the Kebabs. These being the most popular snack at lunch time attracted larger queues (something the Germans don’t like) and because of the pressure to serve everyone, I often saw partially cooked meat being served up. My wife and I had upset stomachs for most of the holiday and for about a week after getting home which we blame squarely on the quality of food at this hotel. Another aspect of the main dining room was that there was no clear no smoking area and most of the smokers just lit cigarettes whenever they felt like it which got on my nerves because there is nothing worse than getting smoke all over your not very warm rotten food. I was very disappointed in the choice of international branded drinks available. My wife ordered a Southern Comfort which cost 5 Euros. There are a choice of about 10 alcoholic & a few non-alcoholic cocktails. The wine was disgusting except for one of the rose wines in the dining room. Soft drinks were a bit of a hit and miss depending on what bar you used. It is all draught soft drinks and most of the time there was either not enough concentrate or not enough CO2. The lagoon style swimming pool meanders through the grounds & together with the profusion of palm trees and straw thatched bars & restaurants had a Polynesian feel. The pools are not heated and to be honest are very cold when you first go in. The sea was actually warmer. We had no problem getting a sunbed at any of the pools or the beach but we did notice lots of people ignoring the rules of not reserving sunbeds before 9.00am and getting away with it. If you like the shade, there were plenty of shaded sun beds on the beach. Towels are provided, which you can change once each day. If you lose a towel you will be charged 10 Euro. The aqua park was on the whole quite good although it was very busy. Again the Germans took over especially at the rubber ring slides where they tried to take turn after turn without giving up the ring to the queue of people waiting for them. There were very few rings and this caused some arguments. On a couple of occasions we witnessed grown men wrestling with each other over these rings. We ended up buying a ring for our son so that he did not have to bother with the hassle surrounding these flumes. The area around the aqua park gets very wet at peak times and we found this to be slippery and dangerous as it is not non slip tiling around the pools. The beach in front of the hotel is very nice being mostly sand with some shingle at the sea edge. It was more peaceful lying at the beach away from the endless noise around the pools. Water sports like parasailing, Jet Ski catamaran etc are available from the beach (additional charge about £20 for 15mins) there are a wide range of activities available during the day. I did the archery & airgun and won, much to the disgust of one German guy who thought he was Robin Hood! The entertainment team seem to work hard during the day to please those who want to take part in the activities, although they did tend to annoy you to take part and won’t take no the first time of asking. Hot water was a problem if you wanted to shower at around 6 – 7pm. It seemed to be that everyone in the hotel was showering at this time and the hot water just runs out. Night time entertainment consisted of either going to the nightly shows or sitting around one of the bars in the lobby area listening to a couple of Turks trying to sing English songs. We went to the shows a couple of times which we found to be absolute rubbish but it was quite funny to see the entertainers making a fool of themselves. After the show there is always a mad rush to get a seat around the lobby bars as this is where everyone hangs out at night. There is only a very small area for non smokers and these seats are usually gone pretty fast If you were really bored at night you could always retire to your room early and watch one of the many German Channels on the TV or you could watch the one British channel – BBC World. Except for the shopping mall there is nothing in the immediate resort and unless you have transport or prepared to pay big taxi fares, you are very isolated. You can get the resort bus (out 1000 ret 1600) into Antalya for 5 Euro or the local Dolmus for 1 Euro each way. It takes about 30mins to get to Antalya on the resort bus. Antalya is quite a large city with lots to see and a quaint little harbour in the old town. There is a large shopping centre and a couple of Bazaars which sell the usual fake rubbish. Going round these bazaars is not for the faint hearted because the traders are in your face from the moment you walk in. If you happen to go there with a female be prepared for some sleaze bags to be leering all over the top of her and making suggestive comments. If you do want to buy anything always haggle with them as they start of at a ridiculously high price for their goods. I found it a good tactic to start at an equally ridiculous low price and meet somewhere in the middle. Prices in the hotel shops and the local shopping mall are expensive, so it is best to travel to Antalya if you want to buy anything. This was by far one of the worst holidays we have had all points considered but at least the weather was good -sunny 26 -27c most days. We could not do Turkey again as we have been put off by everything that happened to us this year. We certainly would never plan to stay in any hotel with so much a minority of British people. The Royal Wings is a nice looking hotel but it’s a pity there is so much wrong that make it for me quite a bit short of the 5 star we expected.
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