Karbel Sun Hotel, Oludeniz
Ideally situated just 100m from the beach in Oludeniz and near the resort centre with all its restaurants and bars, the Karbel Sun Hotel is ideally suited for couples and families. The hotel is family-run and is built around the swimming pool and is surrounded with lovely gardens. more
Avoid if posible! - L Kelly. Date of travel: Aug 2008
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Just got back from a 2 week stay at the Karbel Sun and am very disappointed. First let me say that Olu Deniz is beautiful, and the majority of Turkish people you meet are absolutely lovely, it's just a shame that most of the hotel staff did not reflect this! There were 8 of us staying in total, and every one of us found some of the staff to be extremely rude and unprofessional, with the exception of the cleaners and reception staff, whom were pleasant. Jan behind the bar is one of the rudest most ignorant people I have ever met. He made you feel awkward and even when you try to make conversation with him, he was very short with you. What ever you do DO NOT order a milkshake as it is such a huge effort and big deal for him to bother to make for you! Also caught him on a few occasions clearly making fun of hotel guests including myself and blatantly talking about you in Turkish to hotel staff around him. Also head waiter Mehmet is only interested in you if you book to join in hotel events...if you don't he also is rude and distant. I found the gardener/odd job man strange and unsettling. I caught him on at least 3 occasions staring into my room when I was in there alone, which I found creepy ( I was on the ground floor). As for the manager... he needs to have more training as his skills leave a lot to be desired. After coming back to the hotel at around 2am one morning, a member of my party was approached by Mehmet at breakfast in front of everyone and asked to go to the managers office. She was then reprimanded like a naughty school child by the manager Ali, about making noise on her way back to her room at 2am. I have been to many places around the world and go away between 1 and 3 times a year, and I have never heard anything like this anywhere!!! It was completely inappropriate and unprofessional! Also found that the security staff were rude on occasion! Rooms are basic, and need cleaning more often. Being on the ground floor we found that there were lots of ants on our balcony area and also saw mice droppings. Our room was very basic compared to other family members rooms on higher floors. The bathroom had a dirty shower curtain that kept falling down and when you used the shower the whole bathroom floor got flooded ( DO NOT STAY IN ROOM 202). The hotel staff at the Karbel Sun's sister hotel the Karbel are very pleasant and would do anything for you. Our party spent several nights at events there that were fantastic! You also MUST go to the Rose Garden in the back streets, which is a brilliant restaurant/bar. Ali and his staff are great fun and very hospitable! You also must go and speak to Hasan, who works on one of the slush puppy stalls at the beach! He is so lovely and funny and speaks perfect English and would go out of his way to help you with anything! Cloud 9 and the Sultan restaurants on the strip are very nice! If you book any excursions you MUST book with Sky Sports. They have the best insurance policies and give really good deals! Ask to speak to Michael! My dad and cousin went paragliding, which was amazing and we went on the most wonderful private boat trip for the day, which was fantastic!!! Overall, loved Olu Deniz and will definitely return at some point although will be giving the Karbel Sun a very wide berth as I had always thought that hotel staff were supposed to try to please their guests NOT the other way around!!!!!!
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