Yesil Oz Apartotel, Side
The Yesil Oz Apartotel is situated in Side, on the Turkish coast. The apartments are on a main road, half a mile from the centre of the resort. With a large swimming pool and in-house entertainment, the apartments will suit families looking for a budget holiday in the sun.more
Side is a beautiful place - Rob, Lynn, Sam, Dave, Lyndsey, Andy, Jean, Kerry, John and Jason. Date of travel: Sep 2006
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Our first impressions of this apartment when we arrived were great, the reception area was immaculate and the pool looked fantastic all lit up. (we didn't arrive until 2am Turkish time). We had travelled as a party of 10 myself and family and my brother and his family. When we were shown to our rooms we couldn't believe the states they were in. Firstly in our apartment there were 2 bedrooms one with 1 single bed and the other with 2 single beds, we located the other 2 beds in the kitchen/living room area at opposite sides of the room (giving my 21 yr old daughter and her 23yr old boyfriend no privacy). The whole apartment was carpeted which smelt damp and wasn't very nice. The bathroom was too small and when we turned the shower on it flooded the whole bathroom. After further inspection we found mould on the ceilings, cracks in every wall and plug sockets were hanging off the walls! We then went to my brothers apartment to see what his was like to our amazement his apartment was even worse...they had no doors on any of the rooms (they had taken their 15 yr old son and their 18 yr old daughter and her 19 yr old boyfriend so they had no privacy whatsoever! We immediatley went to reception to complain but the man at the desk couldn't understand us and told us to go back at 9am. (by now it was already 3am). We went back to the rooms and tried to get a few hours sleep. In my apartment the beds in the kitchen/living area were clearly for children as my daughter and her boyfriend were sleeping with their legs hanging off the ends of the beds. After a few uncomfortable hours of sleep we got up and went back to reception and saw a woman who was very good and apologetic and told us that we could upgrade to the hotel side of the complex at a further cost of £45 per week per room. We had to have 5 rooms as they only accomodated 2 people to one room. Luckily for us my brother had bought his visa card and paid via that. Which in total cost £450 for the whole group. We have now wrote a complaint letter to Thomas Cook to try and get that money back. After we were upgraded we had a fantastic holiday. The only other down side was that we went self catering and one of the main rules for the hotel was that it was stricktly forbidden to take food or drink into the hotel from outside or it would be confiscated, everything had to be bought at the onsite mini-market. There wasn't even enough food in that market to make a decent meal and it was all ridiculously over-priced. I would never come back to this hotel again!
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