Super 8 Airport Hotel, Colorado Springs
Hotel was Okay, but they made me mad - Valerie Mellema. Date of travel: Oct 2007
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Hotel was Okay, but they made me mad
While in the Denver area, we actually stayed in Colorado Springs, as there were a few things we wanted to do there and Denver wasn't a bad drive from there. We stayed at the Super 8 Airport hotel and the rooms and service wasn't really all that bad. However, because we paid cash they made us put down a $20 deposit. While at the baseball game in Denver, my husband dripped mustard on his shorts and I had to use the hotel washcloth to try and get what I could off so that the shorts wouldn't stain. Okay, so there was a little bit of mustard on the washcloth afterwards. Anyhow, when checking out we had to wait on the lady to check the room and she charged us $5 for a washcloth because of the mustard! These washcloths were really worth about 99 cents, so needless to say, we were not pleased about this. Other than that, the hotel was fine. Tour Operator: Hotelscombined.com
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