Governor Hotel, Portland (Oregon)
I loved the location of the Governor Hotel, hated the service, was blah about the room - Maria B. Date of travel: Mar 2009
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The location of the Governor Hotel is prime, right off of the airport-to-downtown light rail and above the Jake's Bar (check out the 4-6 and 10-close cheap bar menu offering full fare at supper discounted rates). Other than location and gym, there is not much to offer. The room lighting was horrible, the tub/shower plumbing was plugged and to shower meant standing in 16 inches of dirty water, and housekeeping staff was rude...leaving the front door open while I was in the shower, walking in without a knock at 4 pm, etc. When I notified the front desk of the latter issue and my concerns, the manager on charge was dismissive. Regarding the plumbing, I wasn't offered a new room & the plumbing was never fixed. As for the intruding housekeeping staff, I was advised I should have a "do not disturb" sign on the door at all times. Really?
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