Risky business: Travelling without insurance.

Going on holiday and travelling are often the most exciting times of your life. Seeing a different culture and experiencing different languages, food and etiquettes is the natural spice of life. Holiday memories are among the best memories out there. What you don't want is a stack (or folder) of bad memories because you didn't take out travel insurance. Insurance might sound boring but it's an essential prerequisite to any holiday. Whether you are planning a week's holiday around a sunny European destination or fancy a month soaking up the culture in Cuba, you should really take out travel insurance. There are plenty of different travel insurance plans out there for a simple holiday and it's a good idea to start with a high street insurance provider such as Santander who offer a range of different plans. You will be thankful for your forward, wise thinking if you ever lose your luggage, traveller's cheques or get robbed.


It doesn't matter how planned your holiday is, glitches and emergencies happen to the best of us. You might suddenly need medical treatment, have an accident or something worse. Either way, whether you've lost your luggage or need urgent medical advice, it'll cost you. This is the reason why you should take out travel insurance. If you take it out, any luggage you lose can be reimbursed. Imagine taking a trip to New York to do your Christmas shopping, loading your suitcase with choice items from Bloomingdales or Macys and then losing it. Without travel insurance your Christmas would surely be ruined. With travel insurance, you can at least reclaim the money and then take a short sharp trip to the shopping centre to try and undo the damage without any financial inhibitions.


If you have an accident and have no insurance cover then expect to pay a lot for the privilege of using foreign health care. Not only will you have to pay more than usual but the added anxiety of sorting out any maladies abroad will only add to the unpleasantness of the situation. If you are going to a location where health bills are expensive (you need only think of the USA), then taking out some travel insurance is an absolute essential piece of travel preparation.


This is a similar situation with car insurance if you are planning to drive on holiday. There's nothing like a crashed car to ruin a holiday. With travel insurance, your car will be covered. Without it, you'll have a massive mechanics bill. The main thing to remember with travel insurance is that it is different from 'normal' insurance. It doesn't come as part of home insurance or anything else. It is true that you can take out some insurance plans which might cover holidays, but you must remember to stringently check the finer details of any insurance cover to make sure. So, in order to ensure that your holiday is completely stress free and resembles much more of a holiday than a week long phone call to lost luggage, get some travel insurance. It's the ultimate peace of mind.