The Black Sea resorts of Bulgaria on the Balkan Peninsula in south east Europe are fast being “discovered” as desirable destinations, but away from the sunny, sandy coast this small, scenic country has plenty of other attractions too, from snowy mountains to thermal spas, quaint villages and a grandiose capital city, Sofia. The best aspectmore
Bulgaria - Sunny beach - Katarina. Date of travel: Jul 2009
Hello people. I just got back from Bulgaria and I must say I would never go for a vacation over there again. The thing that aggravates me the most is people. Even though travel agencies tell you that people over there are friendly it's a lie!! There are some gypsies, mostly those who work at the restaurants and fast food, and only thing they do is try to steal your money. I was so upset when this happened to me three times a day. They would never tell you the right price and give you back less change than they are supposed to. Besides, they bother you all the time. You cannot walk on the street without being bothered by ten people who ask you to buy some stuff from them or go to their pub or something. If you are a woman it's even worse. They bother you all the time, wave at you, honk at you, holler at you, stare at you and treat you as a piece of meat. My stay in this country was a huge disappointment.
Loved Bulgaria - Lynsey and John. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Bulgaria is a massive place, too crowded but didn't put us off. Anything and everything to do. Minigolf, karaoke, bingo, shows, magicians, mini bungee for kids, big bungee for adults. Cinema, brothels, show girls, tons of clothes shops, bags, shoes and fake designer stuff. Not as cheap as people make out though, I would advise to shop around. Cheap ciggies and beer and gorgeous restaurants and chill out bars. Large beer only 1 lev (35p) in some bars. Horse rides for kids, parasailing, jet skis, bananas, this place has everything and that's no exaggeration! Just like Blackpool but bigger and better!
Sunny Beach - Jan. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Very pretty, Bulgarians very eager to speak English and always friendly. Tour Operator: Thomson
Bulgaria Alen Mak - John Pat and family. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Great place friendly people great for a family holiday. Very cheap.
Beautiful!! - Brenda. Date of travel: Feb 2006
What a beautiful city Varna is to arrive at midnight with a full moon! The city is floodlight and the Black Sea amazing. We stayed in some newly refurbished, fully serviced and equipped holiday apartments in Trakata, owned by a friend, and these provided all comforts and because they were in a residential area the nights were quiet and one could sleep in spite of the hear. Hard to believe this was the Baltic when it was warmer than England is in September! If you would like to know more about Orison Apartments, please contact the owner on orisonvarna@yahoo.co.uk - I'm sure he would be happy to advertise on your website! Tour Operator: Private
Ann-Marie. Date of travel: Jan 2006
Bulgaria is excellent for skiing and the runs were fully complete with all lifts open every day. Bulgaria is very cheap to eat and drink but the food everywhere we went was terrible. We ended up quite ill from lack of food and also food poisoning at the beginning of our week. Tour Operator: Thomas Cook
Varna - Briony Biddle. Date of travel: Aug 2005
Amazing, loved it!
Albena - Karl & Michelle. Date of travel: Jul 2005
This was our first holiday overseas so we couldn't really compare with other places. We stayed in Albena which was a great place. The Bulgarian people are fantastic and made you feel welcome in their country. The beach was nice and the little market in Albena was great too. We stayed all inclusive and felt very let down by the standards of the food but with the food and drink so cheap we ate out most nights. The resort is mainly geared to the Germans and there are lots of them at the resort. The biggest let down was the entertainment for the children: if your children couldn't speak German then there was nothing for them to do. We travelled to Golden Sands and this place comes alive at night with the large Casino, places to eat and many other things to do. The water park is a great day out too which costs £8 return to Albena using the Taxi. You need to arrange a price first though with the taxi driver. Overall we would recommend Albena, plenty to do and very cheap, plus the travel to Varna and other major places is cheap. We recommend though if you are taking children to go for all inclusive, even if the food is not to your taste. The snack bars include pizza, chips, Ice creams and soft drinks which will save you money. If you go out with Thompsons to Albena the Rep is a waste of time so we recommend finding out this information before you go. I could write forever about Bulgaria but space must be limited, however if someone would like more information please feel free to e-mail me@ smith_k@blueyonder.co.uk, please enter in the subject Bulgaria so I can adjust my spam filter. Tour Operator: Thompsons
Nicola Jones. Date of travel: May 2005
When I was told that I was going to Bulgaria I was a little worried as I wasn't sure what to expect. On arrival at Golden Sands I was pleasantly surprised. The beaches are long with plenty of space so the height of the seaon wouldn't be a problem. Along the beach are newly built bars and shops. Golden sands really comes alive at night with something for every taste. The cost of living is next to nothing with a cocktail costing 90p, buy one get one free! The resort's water park is within walking distance and with it costing next to nothing to get in it's a great day out.
Trudy Wedge. Date of travel: Mar 2005
I travelled to Bulgaria on a skiing break. The first resort Pamporovo was 4 beginners as it has the best ski school in Bulgaria! The hotels are set away from the ski slopes so you have to take a shuttle bus every morning which they will provide. The nightlife is ok and all bars are within the hotel complexes. The next resort was Bansko this resort was fantastic as it has a traditional town feel to it with everything within walking distance, the resort has brand new ski lifes and all the best ski equiptment you can get. It would be suited best for experienced skiiers as has more blue, red and black runs. The nightlife is very low key with a couple of bars but mainly tradtional restaurants with live music. The last resort and my favorite was Borovets this was due to the resort having the best nightlife and all types of ski runs to suit all levels of skiiers. You can even night ski here and most the hotels are ski to the door. This would suit groups of young people looking for a fun skiing trip with lots of activites for none skiiers to. Bulgaria is very cheap to eat and drink aswell making it a cheap ski break. Tour Operator: Balkan holidays
Bill. Date of travel: Jan 2005
A recent review on your website prompted me to add my own experience. I can certainly endorse your contributor's description of the quality and peace I found at Orison. It's so conveniently situated - a walk of about 15 minutes leads to a peaceful beach where children were swimming in complete safety. The bus route to Golden Sands (travelling to your left) and the city centre (in the opposite direction) is less than 10 minutes walk away. As for the night life - e.g. restaurants in Varna city centre are great value, excellent food shown on well illustrated menus with full descriptions. There are more great places for eating, drinking and dancing down by the beach area a short walk from the city centre. If you'd rather not use the buses, taxis are cheaper there than our busfares at home! After searching recently I found their website, www.orisonapartmentsvarna.com with pictures of the rooms and more info on Varna and Bulgaria than most holiday websites. I believe there is now an ENGLISH SPEAKING manager who is full of ideas and information on what to do and see. Tour Operator: Private
Angela Niblett. Date of travel: Jun 2002
I went to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria for 2 weeks on 27th July 2002 with 4 friends, travelling from Manchester with Balkan Holidays. On first impressions I wasn't impressed with it, is seemed quite dingy and quite dirty. The hotel I stayed in was the Maritsa and although quite basic it was clean with all the facilities we needed. The beach is at the end of the main street full of small shops and market stalls and is very clean, and considering i was there during the main holiday weeks didnt seem over crowded. The local people were very friendly and are very welcoming, they are keen to make you feel comfortable. I would say that for a group of friends it is ideal. Food and drink is very cheap and there is a variety of bars and clubs that open until very early in the morning!! For families there is lots of places to eat at very reasonable prices and most of the restaurants and a good few bars are child friendly. The only downside to taking a family with young children would be the noise from the clubs which can go on until early morning. Tour Operator: Balkan
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Orphey Hotel | * * * * * |
Bansko Spa and Holidays Hotel | * * * * * |
Hotel Perun | * * * * * |
Bansko Hotel | * * * * * |
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Kamelia garden | * * * * * |
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