For centuries Egypt has been top of the world tourism agenda because of the relics of its ancient civilization, including the gargantuan pyramids of Giza, which are liberally sprinkled along the banks of the life-giving River Nile. Many modern visitors, however, come on holiday to Egypt to soak up the sun more than archaeology, attractedmore
Excellent Tours with Le Caire Travel - Nani & Rodi. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Hi. We're two couples who have booked through Le Caire Travel for our tour in last Sep. We are celebrating a 60th birthday. We were recommended to them by someone who had just returned from Egypt who was extremely impressed by this company. We got quotes from 3 different companies, and as well as being recommended, Le Caire Travel was also the cheapest. They were helpful from the word go, and were always quick with a response to our queries. Their Guides whilst we were there were a joy, and so knowledgeable, they made the Egyptian history come to life. I don't know if they are the cheapest, and I don't care, they worked well on our behalf and were worth every penny we paid for our holiday. Nani & Rodi
Going to Egypt Alone - Tahany Solomons. Date of travel: Jun 2010
Hi everyone thinking of going to Egypt alone. I found an add on one of the Travel websites for a guide named Abdo and took the chance! He was excellent! Abdo met me at the airport, he drove me in his own car and he took me all over the place. He is a registered tour guide so no tricks up his sleeve. I knew a little about the Egyptian history and he was spot on with his facts. Email this man if you want to visit Egypt or just some parts of it. He is a treasure. abdo_eljoker@yahoo.com
Amazing trip in Egypt - Pam B. Date of travel: Apr 2010
We just returned a week ago from 10 days in Egypt and 4 in Jordan. We created our own basic itinerary - Cairo, Abu Simbel, Nile boat from Aswan to Luxor, lower Sinai, Petra. We submitted it to several agencies on line and were delighted with the approach of Backpacker Concierge. Eric was willing to tell us when he agreed and disagreed with our "no guide" locations and added some great options — and in the final result, every day brought another delightful surprise! Having the cell phone in Egypt was a nice life-line (we never needed to initiate its use, but Eric and staff checked on us every few days to make sure all was well and to advise us of last-minute changes and choices).
Aswan-Luxor cruise on a Dahabiya - V. Roubardeau. Date of travel: Mar 2010
In preparation of a 2 weeks trip in Egypt, I was looking for a nice short cruise on the Nile from Aswan to Luxor. The semi-private dahabiyas were really tempting but far out of our budget so we started looking for other options. We got the name of Backapcker Concierge through a recommendation and started discussing with Eric, who I thank for his great patience as we kept checking options and changing our mind. After a few proposals, Eric came with a proposal for a dahabiya trip very reasonnably priced for the season and we just jumped on it. We also used his service to book our hotel in Aswan and a day trip to Abu Simbel and I have to say it was just great as everything worked out fine, on-time, etc. We had a great experience over our 2 weeks in Egypt and the dahabiya trip was a big part of it. Go for it! VERO&JM
Egypt - Amazing Trip - Jeremy C.. Date of travel: Jan 2010
I just returned from an incredible trip to Egypt, due in no small part to the expert work of Backpacker Concierge, owned by Eric, an American living in Cairo. I don't often write online reviews, but feel that Eric's service deserves my highest recommendation. Traveling as only two people, our highly custom and frequently changing itinerary would have cost a fortune (we checked) booked with an American agency. Booking with Backpacker Concierge was significantly more reasonable, even if it required a small leap of faith to book with someone we found online. The result was a smooth and efficiently planned trip that could only have been provided by somebody local. In the planning stage, Eric proved both very flexible, as our plans changed several times as we learned more about what we wanted to see, and also very knowledgeable, providing many helpful and non-standard suggestions. Before arriving, Eric provided us with an invaluable information package, including things like recommended restaurants in every city and a chart with entrance fees to every site we wanted to visit. Once we were in Egypt, every transport and transition was handled flawlessly, and Eric was personally in touch with us several times via a cell phone that he provided in order to make sure that everything was going well. All of his suggestions, hotels and otherwise, were spot-on to meet our needs. But by far the best part of Backpacker Concierge's service is the extremely high quality of people that they work with. Much of our trip we were accompanied by a guide whose background in Egyptology was far more substantial than would normally be expected of a tour guide, who was very willing to add several last-minute sites and even suggest some, and who even knew exactly what I should ask for at the pharmacy when I got a minor stomach bug (very usual I think for Egypt). Another guide for a desert excursion was equally competent and well-prepared, as well as very enjoyable to be around whether drumming by the camp fire or entertaining us in his own historic mud brick home in the oasis. Even drivers were helpful, punctual to the minute, and friendly. I believe we would have been hard pressed to find a better service at any price. In a country where it is clear that things do not always go smoothly, Eric's help and planning was hugely appreciated. I would recommend his service to anyone, and will absolutely book with him again should I ever return to Egypt.
Be careful buying oils in Cairo from Siwa store - Neo12. Date of travel: Jan 2010
This is to warn everyone about a store for oils and perfumes called Siwa in Cairo, Egypt--they are a big store and obviously give a hefty commission to travel agents and tour operators, which is why they all take you to that shop. Our travel guide also took us there on our visit a few months ago. And although I hate to say this, every time I look at the bottles of Siwa perfume I feel bitter and am perhaps unconsciously wishing them ill. What you get to smell in the shop, what they show you, is not what they pack for you. We bought over $500 worth of essential oils and 3 blends of popular brand perfumes. At the store what we smelled was intense and we were told we could take it home and dilute it--as it was pure oil. What they packed for us, which of course is packed so well you don’t want to risk opening until you come back home, is a Completely Diluted version of what we were shown at the shop. I’ve been trying to say ‘oh well’ and get over it but before I do I think I must let others know. So unless you too want to be ripped off, I suggest you find another source for your perfumes in Egypt. I must also be very clear that I loved Egypt and would go back there and will do and in fact this experience with the Siwa store was our only bad one.
Egypt, Sinai, Jordan - Sofia Vrataric and Francine Estrada. Date of travel: Dec 2009
A girlfriend and I went on an amazing trip using Backpackers Concierge. We were interested in the area but were intimidated (two females) to go it alone because we knew nothing of the area but we also didn't want to be lead around in a big tourist group. This entire trip was ideal for us, some roughing it, some luxuries, all of the drivers and private guides were cool, knowledgeable and punctual. I really can not believe how affordable it was and how smoothly everything went; planned beautifully! I want to go to Morocco and Turkey next, this is the only way to travel for me, highly highly recommended for traveling in this area.
Airplane Taxi Service from Aswan to Abu Simbel - Will. Date of travel: Nov 2009
Traveler’s Be Aware: A few tips to prevent the type of exhaustion and confusion we experienced in November 2009 on our Tour of Egypt and the Nile that included a tour of Abu Simbel. POINT 1: Take note if your itinerary has you staying in a hotel in Giza (Le Meridien Pyramids) the night before taking a scheduled flight to Aswan to visit Abu Simbel. The tour company cannot control the Cairo traffic. They cannot get you to the Cairo airport in time to catch a 7AM flight. Your tour guide will ‘surprise’ you by stating that the bus will leave for the airport at 2:30AM to catch a 4:15AM flight to Aswan. Therefore, you must arise at 1:30AM to pack and eat a small breakfast before getting onto the bus. Since you now arrive too early in Aswan to get a flight to Abu Simbel, the tour director will ‘do you a favor’ by taking you on a one-hour bus tour to the Aswan Dam before taking a flight to Abu Simbel. POINT 2: If you have paid for the optional tour of Abu Simbel, be aware that you will be taking an airplane that operates like a taxi service. You will not be pre-ticketed with your name on a reserved ticket. When arriving at the airport, your tour guide will go into the terminal and purchase tickets for the group. He will hand you each a ticket. This ticket will get you onto the next available airplane (the taxi is a 200 passenger airplane) going to Abu Simbel. Do NOT be fooled into thinking that you have a scheduled time to depart on a chartered flight. The taxi will leave when all 200 tickets have been sold. When you arrive at the Abu Simbel airport, you will take a 10-15min bus ride to the complex. You will then have a 10-15min walk from the bus parking area to the site entrance. From the entrance you will have another 10-15min walk to the temples. In our case, we met up with our tour guide in front of the temples for a 15min history presentation. He then told us to be back to the entrance in 30min to meet the bus. This gave us all of 20min to tour the area. Do NOT panic to get back to the bus. Relax, as you have a ticket for the taxi (airplane) that is not leaving until it is full. For our 20min tour, it was not worth the money paid for this optional tour.
Egypt - Marie Family and Friends. Date of travel: Oct 2009
Hey all! We have travelled to Egypt several times and we just came back from a great visit there. Our tour company this time was Cosmopolitan Travel. It is excellent and fantastic. Of all, the best service company in Egypt. We recommend if you plan to travel to Egypt use this company. For more information, have a look at this company's website.
Egypt travel by Ramses tours - Hilary, David. Date of travel: Feb 2009
My husband and I traveled to Egypt with Ramsestours in february of 2009. It was a 10 day trip including 4 days of cruising on the Nile. From the time we arrived at the Cairo Int. Airpot...everything was an adventure...the first day we went to the markets to get a feel of how the food and culture is, but to our surprise everything was the same as we were used to in the middle east countries... The food, culture, everything...but the atmosphere was really different you could feel the energy in every person you met. It's a fast paced country - no time to stand and linger, everything has to be done and dusted. Food came, we ate and sat for a while and then took off in a freakin speed boat ride LOL to see the night lights of course. The people are kind, but hard to bargain with! The place where you can seriously note this point down is when you're at the Giza, as soon as you get off the bus car or whatever ...there comes storms of souvenir sellers trying to sell duplicate papyrus calenders or other stuff, we bought 2 calenders with hieroglyphic writings but I dunno where they are NOW! The most exciting thing was to climb down a 20ft tomb to see how it is laid out at the bottom....very scary! It's dark and you only have a string attached to you to save you from the 20ft plunge! This tomb was the only one we were allowed to climb into cause it was the smallest. I would highly recommend this trip with Ramsestours. As a note, if you're going to do it, I suggest you choose the Group A option. It's a bit more money but you get 5 star hotels and a better Nile cruise boat. The big advantage, however, is that the group you're with is substantially smaller than Group B. In our case, our group was only 11. That makes it much more pleasant to travel. Finally, be careful not to drink the water in Egypt OR use it in any way, e.g., brushing your teeth. Don't even eat washed veggies or fruit. All but two people on our trip ended up with a touch of King Tut's revenge. Bottled water is the only way to go. Enjoy your trip to Egypt! I absolutely enjoyed mine!
Do not use Cairo Travel Service!!! - Josh. Date of travel: Nov 2008
Hey all! Just came back from a great visit in Egypt. Though the sites and the people were great, Cairo Travel Service, our tour company was not. They blatantly lied about the type of cruise ship we were getting, completely messed up our itinerary (didn't see many of the things we wanted to see), forced us to visit many shops (they get commission for) that we did not ask to see; practically forced us and were overall the opposite of accommodating. If you plan to travel to Egypt, find a good tour company. Selecting someone other than Cairo Travel Service is a good start.
I loved Egypt - Ally. Date of travel: Oct 2008
The whole Egyptian experience was fantastic. I was absolutely gob-smacked with the pyramids and all the temples especially Abu Simbel and Karnak. The Nile cruise was fabulous and the food was to die for. If you go on any other tour than a gecko tour you are crazy as we had the best time, saw everything and made friends that I hope we keep forever. I am 56 and everyone looked out for me especially the tour guide. So, don't ever think you are too old for one of these trips as I'll never forget how great it was.
Loved Egypt, going again - Christine. Date of travel: Oct 2007
Loved Egypt, going again
Beautiful place, weather glorious especially October, November, very hot June, July, August.
I love Egypt but - Brian Galyer. Date of travel: Apr 2007
I have travelled to Egypt several times and would live there if I could stand the heat in summer - Luxor is my favourite place - there is so much to see and do. I would say though that there is nothing there for young children. The down point for me was not the people that spoilt my holiday to Egypt for me, but it was the airlines - XL / MONARCH are renowned for their lousy service - every time I have travelled with them, The plane has never taken off on time or arrived on time. I have had everything from pilot arriving late to hydraulic leak, fire in the galley etc. Diverted to various airports and on and on... The longest delay was 9.5 hours.
Egyptian staff - Mary. Date of travel: Dec 2006
I like so much to read other people's wonderful times in Egypt. I have been several times and not once have I had a problem, but it breaks my heart that we as tourists know so little of the treatment of these brilliant staff - Egyptian tour guides, coach drivers. I urge everyone to look into the very poor treatment they get, as the tour companies make millions of pounds, all I ask is please please tip well, you would not believe the gratitude these people have for our small tips, unlike tipping in eg. America, where it's just a bonus. In Egypt it's a survival, not an extra treat. It is needed more than you can imagine.
Egypt - Natashiah. Date of travel: Nov 2006
A lot of people go to Egypt... have a fabulous time...go back to their countries rave about the Pyramids, Sphinxs, Khan El Khalili, Sharm El Sheikh etc, etc.....and as they continue to rave we find the complaints about the beggers...the staff always expecting a tip and so on. Let me tell you something about Egypt's salaries per month...a qualified doctor working in a private hospital earns about LE500 equals ZAR600....airline staff working themselves to death on a shift basis earn about LE800 equals ZAR900...the sanitary workers at the airport...which most of us complain about because they expect you to give them a tip for the toiletpaper they give you...they earn about LE100 equals ZAR150. Yes the cost of living is low, but can you really support a family for ZAR150 per month??? So the next time you decide to moan about Egypt's beggers ...think again...that lady in the toilet,which you frown upon, who looks at you expecting a tip for giving toilet paper is cleaning toilets the whole day...12 hour shift...for a mere ZAR150...that 50 piasters you give her will supply her family with bread for 2 days! The above information comes from experiencing Egypt the way Egyptians do. I have lived and travelled Egypt extensivelly over a period of 7 years and I am on my way back for good. It is one thing to have a holiday in a country...but when you live there it is something different.
Out and about around Sharm el Sheikh - Jan & Rose. Date of travel: Jun 2006
Visited Sharm el Sheikh and Sinai and Red Sea 4 times so much to do and see. St Catherines Monastery with the Burning Bush and monks from all over the world work there, built in the 4th C; Ride a camel taxi up the mountain; Chat to the Bedouin children (take some candy, paper and pens for them); Out in the desert on a jeep safari or watching magnificent sunsets and night skies; Dinner in the Bedouin camp. The familiar Hard Rock Cafe, Pache (Ministry Of Sound), McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut are all in Sharm el Sheikh; Sunbathe by the pool or at the beach; Swim snorkle or dive amongst the most beautiful sites in the world: The Red Sea coral and underwater life! Tour Operator: First Choice
Tracey Adams. Date of travel: Dec 2005
We travelled to El Gouna and stayed at the Movenpick Hotel. What can I say? I have nothing bad to report. The hotel was immaculate, as was the town. The people are friendly, welcoming and extremely helpful. The food at the hotel and in town was varied and well cooked. Lots of shopping, and a beautiful marina. Buy a shuttle bus ticket for £1 a week and travel anywhere in the resort as many times as you like! You can also use the shuttle boat as there are lovely lagoons to explore. They tell you goods are fixed price in town, although we had fun bargaining for gifts and got lots of good deals. A must is the trip to Giftun island to snorkel or just sunbathe and they provide a fab lunch. Its about £30 per person. Web site for more info, www.elgouna.com also try the Movenpick website. Our Thomas Cook rep, Vanessa was well informed and frequently popping notes in or visiting us with news of events etc. I cannot praise the Movenpick staff enough. We didn't lift a finger for two weeks. Evening entertainment is based around the hotels, or a meal out in town. Not much in the way of "western" discos, but then your'e in Egypt, so dont expect Britain in the sun! Tipping is a way of life here, and just a few Egyptian pounds will buy you any small service you might want. Most locals are trusting, and trustworthy. Eg, if you need medication from town, you can find someone who will pick it up for you and return your change without question. Also, if you want an item from a shop and didn't have enough on you to pay, you will be let out of the shop WITH your goods, and asked to pay next time! Be aware that the heat can be almost unbearable for some. ( it averaged 35-42 degrees) You need to drink untold water (from bottles), which in turn may give you a funny tummy, although its not a bug, just a radical diet and temperature change. Ask for a "yellow box" at the pharmacy, they will know what you want! However, if you are actually sick, please ask for advice from a doctor, as the yellow tablets won't work. Didn't see a mosquito all holiday, although when we travelled to Hurghada in April, we were all bitten every night. That said, we all had a fantastic rest, and enjoyed our time in Egypt immensley. Oh, by the way, El Gouna is very secure with checkpoints to the north and south of the area. Also checkpoints going into the hotels, and at various roads around town. Its very difficult for anyone to enter the town unless they live/work there, or are tourists. Police are everywhere but are eager to wish you a good evening rather than interfere with your holiday. Have a great time! Tour Operator: Thomas Cook
Jo Durrant. Date of travel: Nov 2005
I stayed at the Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel which was a very impressive 4* accomodation.The staff were polite friendly and efficient, the food was excellent.We were about 10 mins from the Naama Bay area and travel led there by taxi which was bookable in reception.Naama Bay is a large cosmopolitan resort which had plenty of shops bars and resturants.At the foot of our hotel was a coral reef providing excellent scuda diving & snorkelling facilities,you can wade out to the reef as it lies in shallow waters so snorkelling is safe for anyone even non swimmers. I would go back to sharm el sheik again but I would probably go when the temperature was cooler as it was too hot for sightseeing. Tour Operator: Libra
I loved Egypt - Susan Mary Robertson. Date of travel: Oct 2005
The weather was hot 30 degrees centigrade in Egypt in October during Ramadan. We visited Cairo, Pyramids, Sphinx, camel ride, Papyrus Museum, train from Cairo to Aswan, Aswan Dam, felucca on River Nile, Nubian village, Temple of Luxor, Valley of Kings, Valley of Queens, Suez Canal, Mount Sinai, Red Sea and National Museum of Cairo with hundreds of mummies.
Eugene Vustyan. Date of travel: Jul 2005
This company provides great service, tailored to your specific interests at a reasonable price. Excellent service, very reliable and punctual, highly recommended. Special thanks to Emad, who maid sure that our trip was just perfect from start to finish. Tour Operator: Min Travel
Egypt, exciting and a little crazy - Mel Hoffman. Date of travel: May 2005
Of course we loved climbing up the pyramid, although it is awfully hot inside and the air is strange, you have to keep telling yourself that you are not claustrophobic and that you are nearly there! It was incredibly hot when we were there, so one had to get used to that, and the sun is a killer, so do use the highest spf you can get. Egyptians are constantly asking for tips, and can get on your nerves, but that won't change. They are dreadful drivers and I had to close my eyes on some of the taxi trips. Funny enough they always get you safe to destination somehow. The market in Cairo was a great experience and we bought lots of things we don't need, half of them made in China no doubt. But the haggling is fun, and the whole atmosphere is great. Camel rides in the deserts are something you shouldn't miss. We went 3 times, and thoroughly enjoyed it. We travelled with kids, and it was great for them.
Rebecca Toussaint. Date of travel: Apr 2005
I stayed at the Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel in the Sharks Bay area of Sharm El Sheikh.The hotel is a great 4* All inclusive in a fairly secluded area on it's own private beach.Excellent diving and snorkelling is available directly from the hotel beach and equipment is available for hire.Facilities include outdoor swimming pool,two restaurants,two bars,tennis courts,squash courts, several shops and a health club with gym, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and massage. The hotel is only a ten minute transfer from the airport and Naama bay with it's wide range of shops, bars and nightclubs is only fifteen minutes away and approx £3.00 in a taxi. Tour Operator: Libra
Leanne Turvey. Date of travel: Mar 2005
This resort comes highly reccommended if you are looking for sun, sea and a beutiful stretch of beach on the Red Sea. I stayed at the Marriot Resort,Taba Heights. The hotel is fantastic,a true 5 star hotel,the rooms are spacious and well equipped. The hotel is spotless and the staff are helpful and friendly. There are a number of resturants and bars,the food is plentiful with a good choice.The hotel has a couple of shops, exchange bureau and a great fitness centre and spa offering a number of treatments at good prices. The pool is huge with a swim up bar and lots of longers and also has its own private beach. Taba Heights is a very peacfull resort, which is currently being developed, it has a great P.A.D.I dive centre and also offers loads of other watersports. Nightlife is very low key and is hotel based. Overall a great destination if your looking for a week of relaxation and great hotel facilities.
Wonderful Egypt - Joan Sharpe, Ian Tucker. Date of travel: Mar 2005
This is the most amazing country, steeped in history with friendly people, great weather & good restaurants. We love Luxor as it's so easy to get to the Valley of the Kings, Karnak & Luxor Temples, museums, etc. It is hard to get used to the traders, taxi drivers & caleche drivers all wanting your business (& money) but on the whole, they are good natured & will leave you alone if you are firm but pleasant with them. Never think you can just "pop to a shop" as it doesn't happen, so when you need to buy those souvenirs, allow plenty of time to barter or look for the "fixed price" shops of which there are more springing up. Most shops have signs saying "no hassle". Not true, but again it's all good natured. If you want to sail on a Nile felluca make sure you fix a price before you set off & if you find a good deal, try to arrange to use the same guy for all your planned trips as they are happy to do a good deal with you if they know you will come back. Visits to the west bank can be done cheaply by using the local ferry, then picking up a taxi to go to the valley, etc. Egypt is a magical place & you will never forget the sights & sounds.
laura rowntree. Date of travel: Feb 2005
Travelled to Luxor and loved every minute of it. Met some really excellent people and they have got to be the nicest friends we have found in a foreign country. In Luxor there is an excellent place to eat called Jems. The food is fantastic and the waiters are really friendly. We have become really close to one of them and his family and we would go to their house in Karnak Village to spend time with them. I found the shopkeepers to be nice enough and yes they do want you business but a polite la shukran tells them that you are not going to buy. Hotels to stay in while visiting Luxor have got to be The Sheraton and The Novotel. We are going back in July of this year and we are staying in the Sonesta St George so hopefully it will be as good if not better than the others. I would recommend Luxor to anybody as yes there is a lot of history there but also the luxurious hotels make it an excellent relaxing holiday. Tour Operator: various
nigel & anne seaver. Date of travel: Feb 2005
LUXOR - hotel sonesta - an excellent trip the accomodation was just right with food costs low £10 ph in hotel and £5 ph outside restaurant MAXIME nearby for lazy evenings and all transport arranged through marvellous local guy Hassany at HASSANY488.hotmail.com with webiste prices a third of tour operators www.hassanyandnasser.com. we both highly recommend reading his website. most problems to do with hassle from hundreds of keen local salesman caused by not knowing what the local prices were. best rule of thumb offer a tenth of what's asked if you dont know. Tour Operator: libra
sue preston. Date of travel: Nov 2004
Hurghada - hotel Siva Grand beach travelled for 1 week all inclusive. The hotel was spotless and the staff were incredibly helpful. The food was excellent- you could eat all day if you wanted to. Hotel does not have much in the way of entertainment so you make your own. A trip to Cairo is a must but be prepared for a coach journey of 7 hours each way.Snorkelling and diving is excellent in the Red Sea and boat trips to do these can be arranged cheaply and easily in resort. Take plenty of small denominations in egyptian pounds as everyone in egypt needs to be tipped. Would definatley recommend Egypt and the Siva grand beach as a holiday destination. Tour Operator: panorama
Debbie Smith. Date of travel: Nov 2004
I travelled to the Le Meridien Makadi Bay for a week All Inclusive. It was the ideal place for a relaxing week's holiday. It was a very large complex and was right on the beach. I didnt think much of the food, for the evening meal there was 1 buffet restaurant for All Inclusive guests, the food was not very warm and it seemed to be the same every night. There was a A la carte restaurant upstairs which you had to pay extra for. The food here was alot better and was also hot as the cooked it infront of you. I would go back to Makadi Bay but would look at a different hotel because of the food. Tour Operator: Panorama
Lucy. Date of travel: Jun 2004
Loved Egypt, hated the Egyptians!
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