If anyone was asked to describe heaven in earthly terms, it is likely they would conjure up the image of the island Republic of Mauritius, a dot on the map in the Indian Ocean just south of the Equator. A holiday in Mauritius is a holiday in paradise, sugary sandy beaches and blue lagoons enclosedmore
Reply on person who didnt like Air Mauritius - Jena Roberts . Date of travel: Nov 2009
Mauritius - I am just wondering how many meals you expect on a flight that is 4 hours long and secondly, the mere fact you were able to "eat" it is a tribute to its service - most airlines now world wide their food is so disgusting you cannot even eat it. That has to be the most retarded comment ever on why you didn't like an airline. I have flown Air Mauritius 8 times over the past couple of years and think they still provide a highly professional service for such a small country. Next time take Lufthansa to see really bad service.
Mauritius can be a frightening place to visit - Mr D. Tolton. Date of travel: Mar 2009
It is perfectly true to say that Mauritius is a paradise, but believe there is an increasingly terrifying aspect to the island's make up: CRIME. My family and I were subjected to a truly frightening experience near Moka when we were held up by three men who were wielding knives, and who knows what would have happened if another car hadn't appeared forcing the three men to flee into the shrubs and trees which allowed us to get back into our car and speed off. This happened last year and we reported the matter to the police who told us that this particular type of crime is most definitely on the increase on the island. Since then I have heard of other instances of people being held up using various ploys such as leaving an abandoned car with a baby seat at the side of the road with what appears to be a baby sat in it. I urge you to reconsider before booking a holiday to Mauritius, it could well be the last holiday you ever book.
I hated it - Tiffany Tiff. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Horrible roads. Hardly any good food. You cant walk around without a bunch of men in trucks honking and yellling at you. Shopping isn't all that great. the beaches are nice but, but I wouldnt go in them with a swimsuit. The only place you can really relax are the big and fancy resorts, which are about 450 a night.
To Mauritius - Traveller. Date of travel: Aug 2008
I have traveled by both Air Mauritius and Emirates Airline, however the service on board Air Mauritius is of low quality; the crew are not welcoming, no choice of meals available, only one meal for long hours of travel, ... I highly recommend Emirates airline which offers a world class service.
I Love Mauritius - Natasha. Date of travel: May 2008
I love Mauritius. I stayed in the Beau Rivage. We went hunting, exploring, partying, swimming, all sorts and boating. I loved it. The rooms were lovely and cold but when you go on the balcony you feel the heat. Outside my room I could see the beach. I wish I went there. It's all natural and I loved the showers. Cold cold :D:D. If you want to go there I think you should. It's beautiful tropical land with so much to do.
Mauritius is great - mike. Date of travel: Jan 2008
Mauritius is lovely, fab, paradise, would come again but stay at a different hotel.
Lovely island, shame about the weather - Tom P. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Lovely island, shame about the weather
This was our first time on holiday to Mauritius. We stayed in the east side of the island around 50 minutes from the airport. The area is fairly unspoilt, with just a few good-quality hotels and miles of empty beach. The weather wasn't great, it was generally nice in the mornings until around 1.30, then the wind would pick up and the cloud came over, with quite a lot of rain some days. But it was always warm. I believe the west side of the island has better weather. Its possible to organise trips through the main hotels. We visited the island of Ile aus Cerfs which was nearby and definitely worth a visit, get a boat there but don't bother with the package (waterfall and lobster lunch) as it's not worth it. We also visited the Vanille Reserve de Mascareigne (Crocodile Park) which is fun for children. Lots of crocs, and they can sit on giant tortoises. The Black River Gorge National Park is alse meant to be worth a visit with waterfalls, wonderful views from the extinct volcano and good hiking. You can also swim with dolphins on the south west coast and visit the markets in any of the big towns for some good bargains.
I adore Mauritius - Suresh Nilmadhub. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Excellent fishing and diving. There's plenty to keep you occupied. Be extra careful when driving.
Mauritius! - Samantha. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Mauritius is definitely a new favourite travel destination, perfect for beach lovers and a great place for an adventure. Mauritius is a beautiful blend of many cultures and certainly a worthwhile trip. I would not miss out on seeing Pappalmousse or the temples, these two places were a highlight of the trip- any boat rides are also advisable, the snorkelling is to die for!
I loved Mauritius - Andy Waroll. Date of travel: Feb 2007
I recommend Mauritius as a great place for vacation. The cost of life is quite cheap compared to Europe and people are very friendly. There are a lot of activities to do all around the island with some diverse and various landscape to visit.
Heaven on Earth - Jenny & Bradley. Date of travel: Feb 2007
Heaven on Earth
My other half and I were privileged enough to stay at this wonderful place and we can't sing its praises enough. It was an absolute dream come true from the second we got off the plane we were in heaven, and we haven't been the same since coming home. All we're doing now is working our socks off so we can go back. A magical expericence which made you feel like the most special people in the world. If you can, GO!!!! You will not regret it.
Exceptional holiday in Mauritius at Monalysa Bungalow - Ravi B. Date of travel: Jan 2007
Excellent Beaches, Very warm people. If you want a great holiday far away from the crowds this island is the place you will want to be.
Mauritius Vacation - Dave Chris. Date of travel: Oct 2006
1) Mauritius is a wonderful place to be with your loved ones and according to me everyone should visit Mauritius at least once in their life time. It was so easy to plan a trip for Mauritius through Dialaflight. I got amazing deals on travel tickets as well as value for money.
Grand Baie, really nice part of Mauritius - Melanie Hoffman. Date of travel: Sep 2006
As we were close to Grand Baie we ventured here a few times. Charming little village/town, take the bus or let the taxi drop you a good while before the center and take a long walk to town. Lots of little Indian shops, you can buy all kind of clothing cheaply, and the usual nick nacks. It all seems so fun when you are there and shopping becomes a pastime. Of course at home you might view some of your purchases a little differently. We just enjoyed walking through the streets and seeing how the people lived. There is a large Super U (super market) and we bought all kinds of foods you can't get here, we became very french with all the cheese we bought! Mauritians are all very friendly and we felt safe at all times. Of course somebody is always trying to sell you something and they can get on your nerves, but they do go away quickly if you tell them: Not today thank you. We miss Mauritius already, being back a week, and can highly recommend it.
Mauritius Ocean Villas - Jose Charneca. Date of travel: Apr 2006
Mauritius is a paradise Tour Operator: My Travel
elaine hughes. Date of travel: Jul 2005
I travelled to Mauritius with Tradewinds travelling from Heathrow with Air Mauritius. This proved to be a very comfortable flight i stayed at many of the hotels on the island including the new hotel heritage golf and spa this is a premium all inclusive hotel the package includes all premium drinks including champagne and mini bar, this is a lovely spot on the island a fantastic beach, we had a great welcome from staff who were very happy to help with all our requests it is well worth going out for the day on a catamaran , we had a fantastic day with the added extra of spotting the dolphins. Port Louis is great for shopping and a must is to visit the bazaars a great destination for couples and families and very special if you are looking to get married or honeymoon in an exotic location. I would recommend October through April as this is the summer season as the weather in our summer can be changeable. Tour Operator: Tradewinds
Fantastic beaches - Nigel Tompkins. Date of travel: Jun 2005
Mauritius is such an interesting little island with so many cultural nuances to appreciate. The history of the island has great mix to it with Hinduism crossing French traditions. Apart from the beaches which are obviously fantastic, the inland was hugely enjoyable and Port Louis is a quaint capital with a great vibe. Tour Operator: none
Christoph Lamport. Date of travel: Apr 2005
I spend nearly 2 months in Mauritius with my family. The budget on accomodation would have been a fortune for me, if i had not discovered the Residence Lecapitaine, situated at only 5 kilometres away from city centre Port Louis and 10 minutes walk to the sea. It costed me for the accomodation only 4 Euros per person a day, and for the small children it was free !. Repeat ; 4 Euros per day per person. You will have the details of this safe place at: http://www.mauritius.new.fr www.mauritius-ilemaurice.com Christophe Tour Operator: own
Dawn. Date of travel: Apr 2005
The most relaxing wonderful destination anyone could wish for. Accomodation outstanding... beaches divine.....Mauritian folk wonderful. Port Louis Market disgusting but very touristy. NO BETTER HOLIDAY THAN 7 DAYS SOAKING UP THE SUN, FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT. DEFINATELY EXCELLENT SELLER.
dave & sue robson. Date of travel: Feb 2005
we were warned there could be rain we didnt think it would be every day but it did. despite this we still came home sun tanned but would not chance feb again just took the edge off the best months to visit sept oct nov book all inclusive as prices outside hotels and in hotels very exspensive or self cater as supermarket prices very cheap as with many places there appears to be a tourist price and a local price Tour Operator: kuoni
Sue Hayes. Date of travel: May 2004
we travelled with emirates airline via dubai to mauritius staying over in dubai for a few days. if you want a holiday where you can do nothing but relax and be pampered mauritius is the place to go.Ideal for couples or singles you can laze on the beach all day and enjoy a relaxing meal at night. Most hotels have their own beaches and most night life is centred in the hotels. Would advise you go all inclusive drinks were expensive, food was mostly mauritian style. mauritian people were very friendly. Tour Operator: t.cook signature
sue hayes. Date of travel: May 2004
if you want a totally relaxing holiday mauritius is the place to go ideal for couples and singles go all inclusive as drinks are expensive most hotels have their own beaches my hotel was on the north west coast which is less windy nightlife is mostly centred around hotel a fantastic holiday i would totally reccomend Tour Operator: t c signature
sue hayes. Date of travel: May 2004
the place to go if you want to get away from it all and relax all inclusive is best as drinks are expensive our hotel was in the north west which is less windy than the east coast most hotels have their own beaches and nightlife is usually in the hotels a fantastic holiday Tour Operator: t c signature
Mauritius, of course is stunning! - Mel Hoffman. Date of travel: Jan 2004
Mauritius itself is a pleasant, friendly island. It's not a particularly clean enviroment ( in the cities), but that just adds to the flair. Lots of Hindu influence, which is great to see, little altars in peoples gardens with incence burning adds a magical touch to the experience. Shopping is fun, lots of great textiles, again lots from India. DO haggle, the first price given is always totally over the top! We had a lot of fun. Don't give the beach traders who offer you tours to the Islands deposits! - they will ask you, you might not see them again, or the tour gets cancelled and so does your deposit :) ( But I'm sure you would never part with a deposit in the first place..)
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Le Mauricia | * * * * * |
Heritage Golf & Spa Resort | * * * * * |
Sugar Beach Resort | * * * * * |
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