Situated along the Mediterranean coast of north Africa, Tunisia is fast developing a reputation as the new “Riviera” with nearly a thousand miles of beautiful sandy beaches and a string of first class modern resorts. A holiday in Tunisia offers the best of the old and new worlds, its towns and cities harbouring medieval souksmore
Hammamet - a beautiful coastal resort with rolling white sand and turquoise sea. - Sheila Anne Cowen. Date of travel: Mar 2008
Being a regular visitor to Tunisia I am always looking for something new to see and this is never a problem because the whole town is steeped in history, its culture, its food, and a very caring population.
Awful! - Karen and Damien. Date of travel: Oct 2007
The main issue in Tunisia is the food. There is no sense of hygiene with food being left out with flys landing on it. We spoke to people from many hotels and all had the same complaint. I was very ill for 2 weeks a few days after my return and have since spoken to 5 other people I know who were very ill (food poisoning symptoms) afterwards. There wasn't loads to do and sitting on the beach or even by the hotel pool or cafe is annoying due to the amount of hassle received. Locals frequently come up to you asking you to go on their trips but having read previous reviews I wouldn't trust trips not done by the rep. Also it is not safe to go out at night. It is cheap though and as long as you agree a price before using a taxi these are not a rip off as is often said in reviews. I loved the zoo we went to outside sousse and the camel riding.
Amazing country, friendly people with a fantastic culture - John Vaughan. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Tunisia itself is very colourful and most people are wonderfully friendly. Taxis are cheap but make sure you agree a price or ensure that they set the meter running beforehand else you will get ripped off. Markets of medina’s as they are known are great places to get a bargain but be sure to visit the tourist supermarkets such as the Yasmina Centre in Monastir to get an idea of general prices before you start else again you get ripped off, as a general rule if they say 60 dinas, half it and take away a little more such as 20 dina, and if they won't agree walk away, you will be amazed at the results. You do get approached by all shop keeps to go into the stores and some can be pushy, just understand that this is the way they are and press on unless something catches your eye and you will be fine. Tours with the reps are great, such as a day in Tunis, Carthage and Siddi Bou Said are great and well worth the money. I may appear to moan but it is important that you know the facts before parting with you money, Tunisia is wonderful, the hotel was not, choose your hotel carefully and you will have a great time. Hope this is of some help to you all.
Tunisia - Ezri Tigan. Date of travel: Nov 2006
When you go to Tunisia and go into the cafes always ask for a bill. This will ensure that the staff do not rip-you-off. By Tunisian law they have to provide you with one. If they do not give you one ask for the chief and make a scene. The waiters in the local cafes are a bunch of rogues and by everyone doing this maybe they will learn that the tourists are not there to line their pockets.
Hot and sunny - Millie Ireson and family. Date of travel: Dec 2005
Hot and sunny
Tunisia is so hot and sunny with average tempetartures of up to 40 celcius.there was alot to do in Mahdia.(nearest to the hotel) we went on a camel ride not far from the hotel,or a boat trip from madia and back round in a loop.we also went to a colaseum which is the 3rd biggest in the world. in mahadia it was again very hot and sunny so i couldnt last very long out there after visiting a handmade carpet shop and the markets. my hand is about to start to ache so im going to go now but really it was a lovely place to go to for a holiday Tour Operator: lastminute.com
Happy holidayer. Date of travel: Jul 2005
Stayed in Hammamet twice last year in the Hotel Le Saphir and Bel-air. Both hotels are fantastic, however, the entertainment in the Saphir was more for children. The Bel Air is an excellent place to stay, not far from the beach and taxis are plentiful. The entertainment staff in the Bel Air are fantastic, although the food is average, and there is plenty to do inside and outside of the hotel. The medina was fun if you like haggling. We made lots of friends and are still in touch. Yasmine Hammamet is an amazing place, especially the Lella Baya. There are two casinos, however you cannot gamble in Dinars. Although a Muslim country there are plenty of bars and clubs. We had a fantastic holiday and are returning in Aug 05 for 2 weeks with four other people and another four joining us the week after. All in all, Tunisia is a fantastic country and am considering moving there. Tour Operator: Airtours
Elizabeth Davies. Date of travel: May 2005
I went to Tunisia for just 5 days on an educational with Panorama. We stayed 2 nights in Yasmine Hammamet and 2 nights in Port El Kantoui. As we were on an educational I didnt really get to see much of Tunisia apart from a few local attractions. Cartage land in Yasmine Hammamet which is the local theme park is more designed for younger children rather than teenagers. The local medinas were a good place for bartering with the locals over goods. Overall my personal opinion of Tunisia was a beach lovers paradise and very much hotel based as it wasn't at all safe to walk out at night. Hotels which we stayed in were rated at 5* which i thought were more like 2 or 3* properties. As i am not a beach lover and would rather go out and look around a destination this wasn't really a break at all for me. Tour Operator: Panorama
dawn. Date of travel: Mar 2002
on my visit to tunisia i stayed at the hotel kanta in port el kantaoui. i also spent 2nts on the desert safari which took in the film locations of star wars and the english patient, which in itself was an experience....what with the camel safari through the sahara at sunset...bazaars...the colosseum!!!! port el kantaoui is an ideal resort as there are many bars and restaurants to visit if you fancy a change from the luxury of the hotels that tunisia has to offer, or the long sandy beaches. it is well worth a visit for a family, singles or couples holiday. maybe not a 'young and lively' though!! Tour Operator: panorama
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