Seductive seaside resorts line the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines of Turkey, the character-filled country which marks the geographical and cultural boundary between Europe and the Middle East. It is not just sunshine and sea that draws visitors to holiday in Turkey, however, for this land of contrasts also offers bustling cities, unique cuisine, exotic crafts,more
Lovely place - Lin & Steve. Date of travel: Sep 2010
Icmeler town has lots of fine eating places & bars with varied entertainment (good is Sony’s for eating & Scotia Bar for drinks). WORD OF WARNING – do not exchange currency at the exchange next door to the Black & White hairdressers as they take so called ‘Government Tax’ without notification when they feel like it regardless of what their board is displaying.
Pamukkale - Donald Durma. Date of travel: Aug 2009
I would really recommend Pamukkale as a stopping point on your tour of Turkey. It's famous white travertines (terraces) are bound to leave an impression, and there is plenty of accommodation in the village below, for example the Koray Hotel.
Didum Resort - Jenifer Purdy. Date of travel: Jul 2009
This is the second time I have been to Turkey and I love the country and in general, love the people. The prices outside the hotel for eating and drinking are very reasonable compared to say Spain. The watches and t-shirts (copies) are excellent quality.
Pamukkale in Turkey is great! - Mr Nicholson. Date of travel: Jun 2009
Turkey is such a wonderful country, so many things to see and do, not just the big resorts. Koray Hotel was a good base. My excursion to Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) was by far the best, so amazing to see such a natural wonder. We were guided across the calcium mineral springs of Pamukkale and took a swim in the health-giving thermal spa. The ancient ruined city of Hierapolis nearby was splendid, especially the amphitheatre. I would recommend Pamukkale to anyone.
Bazarre Bazaars - Margot Hinz. Date of travel: Jun 2008
You haven't been to Turkey unless you have been to a bazaar. There is one in every town, and a few in between. The vendors are often overly friendly, and being asked 30 times a day where you are from, starts getting on your nerves, but armed with a good sense of humour, and a bag of patience, the bazaars are not to be missed. The concoction of sights, smells and sounds is enough to entice you to stay, and it's well worth it. The carnival atmosphere is enough for you to buy twice as much as you expected, and if your bartering skills are up to scratch, you will spend half the amount of money you anticipated.
Wonderful country - Mike. Date of travel: Mar 2008
Was a well and cheap holiday in Turkey, one of the best. Very good friendly people. There is pletny more information on the Internet.
I am a real Turkey lover - Chris. Date of travel: Dec 2007
Whenever I find time, I go to Turkey for holiday since it was the most beautiful place I have ever been. I love Turkish people since they are extremely friendly and helpful.
A colorful destination - Susan Green. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Turkey has a unique cultural appeal to itself. You will simply love exploring the colorful bazaars and interacting with friendly locals here. There are good opportunities for sightseeing as well. Would love to visit again.
Loved Turkey - Abigail Witherspoon. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Just returned to UK and had to write a review about one of the best holidays ever! My 9 friends and I love Turkey! We were a little worried about over zealous locals but rest assured, everyone is as nice as can be. We didn't have any hassle except from the occasional 'alright girls', nothing we couldnt handle! Hotel was lovely, the maids were really sweet and didn't bat an eyelid at all our clothes strewn everywhere! Booked a load of trips with Katie at Nostradamus travel, what a sweetie. Got the best tan off their all inclusive boat trip, and loved their paintballing day! Ate at Carols Bar and Violets as they were the best value with the nicest staff and yummy food! Would defo recommend Turkey to everyone!
LOVED IT! - Jess n Vicki. Date of travel: Jul 2006
I have been to Turkey 4 times before but in Marmaris and Gumbet. which was...fun. but when we went to Alanya it was amazing. We tried a few restaurants, but the most 1 we went to was Taffys! it was AMAZING! also we went to Big Bens and Galipos. we went to Elvis Bar after our meals a few nights to have a drink and me and my friend sometimes went during the day, to the Elvis Beach! its was amazin i will definatley be going back there! Tour Operator: thomas cook
Turkey has gone really expensive - Richard Phillips. Date of travel: Apr 2006
After going to Turkey 2 years ago i could'nt believe how cheap it was. Well that has all changed. The food and drink is more expensive than the uk now! The average beer was around £2 which I thought was expensive for abroad and compared to the last visit I had! Everyone out there is trying to rip you off! I went to a restaurant for a meal one night called Devilla or something like that! and was offered a free starter. When the bill came I was charged nearlly £10 for it and they made me pay it! In Marmaris youre not able to go for a nice quiet walk due to the amount of hassle you get. Everyone's trying to sell you something. I would not go to Turkey again for a holiday, it's standards have really slipped!!! Tour Operator: Thomson
Loved it - Charlotte. Date of travel: Dec 2005
We went to Turkey 3 yrs ago and then had to come back: we came back 3 times just this year. We love it so much we bought an apartment out there. I loved it, especally the night life. Dolphin square bar and cafe was the best bar we went to, we tried loads of different ones goin so often but we somehow found our selves back in there. Its perfect for every one any age. I have a 9yr old brother, 13yr old sister and my mum and we all love it there. I'd recommend it to anyone planning to go to Turkey.
Deanna, Louise, Chloe, Daph and Sarah. Date of travel: Sep 2005
We first came to Altinkum last year and loved it so we came back this year. Our hotel was very basic but we never really in it so it didn't matter. It was only a short walk from the beach and Dolphin Square. At night we spent all our nights in the Dolphin Bar: we had such a good time. The staff and the dancers were so friendly. We loved it out there and we're already planning to go back :) Cant wait !
Amy Moreau. Date of travel: Sep 2005
Went to visit family in Izmir, Turkey and travelled around to Efesus, Bergama, Kusadasi, Selcuk, etc. The weather was still beautiful and hot, food delicious, recommend Iskender Donair to anyone!! Everyone was generous and sweet.
Turgetries love it - Janet Riley. Date of travel: Sep 2005
This was my first visit in 2005 and it was great. The locals were so friendly; food was great especially at the Welkome restaurant. I am going again very soon, can't wait. Tour Operator: Thompson
Gumbet, Turkey - Ann Ball. Date of travel: Sep 2005
Very clean,friendly place. Tour Operator: My Travel
Turkey is the best - Rachel Smith and Family. Date of travel: Aug 2005
Turkey is the best holiday destination in the world. The people are frendly and kind. I recommend Turkey 2 everyone who is looking 2 have a good time and meet people. Tour Operator: First Choice
Sue, Mike, Megan. Date of travel: May 2005
Was a good holiday, one of the best. Very friendly people. Very clean. Lots to do. Had a good haggle in markets. Cheap. Fun people to be around. Tour Operator: Thomson
Becci Hipkiss. Date of travel: May 2005
Went to various resort in Turkey, Olu Deniz, Hisaronu, Dalyan, and Fethiye, all very traditional, pretty and unspoilt. There's not a lot to do in these resorts, but the people are very friendly and there are handfuls of shops and bars. Hisaronu is the livliest of the resorts with music bars and a nightclub. One thing I would reccommend is in Dalyan go for a mud bath; it's lots of fun and believe it all not you do feel clean after. Also went to the Antalya side of the island. This side is very different its not commercialised at all, but it has beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea. This side of the island is more suited for people wanting a excellent standard of accommodation in a relaxing area. One good thing about Turkey is the market were you can pick a really good bargain, but you need to be good at haggling. Would definitely recommend Turkey, but not so much in the summer as it is really hot. Tour Operator: Cosmos
Margaret Hume. Date of travel: Apr 2005
Highlight of Turkey tour - definately not to be missed if you want to see the beautiful country of Turkey - we started from Dalaman and drove to Pamukkale (cotton castle) to Bursa (the silk capital) and then on to wonderful Instanbul, the highlight of the tour. After 3 nights stay the tour continued to Gallipoli, Ephasus and Troy. All Hotels on the trip were of good quality and the food was superb. Highly recommended tour! Tour Operator: Cosmos
Holly & Lee. Date of travel: Jan 2005
Fab. Its a must. the people are so friendly and i would definitely recommend going to this hotel. this is my 3rd time in turkey and its my fave holiday destination. its lee's first and we both had a whale of a good time we didnt even argue lol. the rooms are wonderful and there is so much to do the beach is just outside and is a beautiful beach. and the brouchure is right its a great holiday for fun lovers. Tour Operator: Thomsons
I loved Turkey - Dave Morris, Sue Morris. Date of travel: Oct 2004
The ancient site of Olympos dates back to Hellenistic times when it was an important Lycian city and became famous as a place of worship honouring Hephaestos or Vulcan, the God of Fire. Located on a beautiful sandy bay, the ruins are spread out on either side of the Ulupinar River and include a Byzantine bathhouse with mosaic floors, a marble temple entrance, a theatre, and some excavated tombs. The shoreline is also a major protected nesting site for sea turtles. On the rocky slopes above the ancient city are a series of eternal flames issuing from cracks in the rock, caused by the combustion of natural gas seeping out of the mountain. It is possible to extinguish them briefly, but they will always re-ignite and are most impressive in the dark when at their most visible. The fire that comes out of the ground is said to be coming from the mouth of Chimaera, a mythical fire-breathing monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat and a snake’s tail, who was slain by the Lydian hero, Bellerophon on his winged horse, Pegasus. Address: Çirali; Transport: The bus from Antalya to Olympos takes 1.5 hours. In season minibuses travel to Çirali from where the eternal flames are less than a mile (1.5km) walk away
I loved Turkey - Dave Morris, Sue Morris. Date of travel: Oct 2004
This was my first visit in 2004 and it was great. The locals were so friendly; food was great especially at the Welkome restaurant. I am going again very soon.
Grant Wedkins. Date of travel: Apr 2004
Ephesus is amazing and even though it is awesome just to wander around it may be worth it to have a guide who can tell you more about each area and the history to make the most of the experience - I was too tight with my money at the time, but having spoken to others who had had a guide I feel I may have shortchanged myself!
nikki whitehouse. Date of travel: Oct 2003
stayed at the kalkan regency on reccomendation from friends. fabulous location, exceptionally friendly and helpful staff, set on the hill overlooking the resort it has wonderdul views, especially at night. just a short walk down to the resort centre and a very short taxi ride back up! leads to the old part of the village with a great choice of reaturants, bars and shops. good transport links to other resorts and beaches. as yet mostly unspoilt by too much tourism definately a place to visit sooner than later. Tour Operator: tapestry
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