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Pols Piece Holidays - Trisha Bunface. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Last year, my family and I went on a week long holiday near to Padstow, in a north cornwall holiday home. The holiday home based in North Cornwall was really what we needed, as it meant my husband and the kids got a chance for a quick getaway from London. We found a great place on the internet and we were able to book online really easily. We were in the Cornish to town of Trevone, which provided a great place to explore the depths of Cornwall’s caves and coves. The Kids were really excited to be able to go to Cornwall and to visit to the beaches and amusement parks. A few of our friends had been to Cornwall before, they had stayed with some friends and said it was much better than when they went to New York for two weeks. So on that solid recommendation, we started to plan our holiday. We would usually go to places like Majorca, for our family summer holidays, but Trevor (My Husband) and me felt like a change. On the first day, we settled in to our Holiday Home near Padstow and relaxed after the long 300 mile journey from our home in South London. On the second day, were managed to find out our surroundings by going for a country walk along the costal path, we found a small cafe for lunch and headed on to the beach. This meant all the family could relax with the hot Cornwall sun, and get a cool dip in the water. We visited Rick Stein’s Restaurant in the evening, and the kids were able to try fresh cornish fish for the first time. On our third day, we were able to drive to St. Austell to see the Eden Project. My five year old’s favorite place was the Mediterranean Biome. There were some amazing figures which attracted the interest of our 18 month year old daughter Susie. Whilst we were there we were able to get a drink in the cafe and grab some Eden Project souvenirs for our friends back home, We had traditional Cornish pasties for lunch and they were delicious. My Husband is an avid fan of playing golf, so he was delighted to hear that a golf club was only two miles away from the holiday home, He took the kids with him and they had their first go at crazy golf. I was able to get away from the family and go to an exotic spa in St. Columb, I got the Day Spa package and had a Pedicure, Massage and Facial which really made my day! On our last day we felt we visited Flambards Amusement Park In Helston, It was a treat for the kids - but even my husband enjoyed it. Their favorite ride was the Thunderbolt which I wouldn’t step on! The kids got a chance to meet Ferdie the Bear and I got a photo opportunity. We were able to put Susie in the Creche, which meant we could all go on the rides. I enjoyed ‘The Garden Experience’ as it gave me loads of ideas for our back garden at home. We only had a week in Cornwall, so we weren’t able to fit everything in. I’d recommend that if you come to Cornwall for a holiday, you spend at least two weeks here, We traveled back to London on the next day and could stop thinking about the memories we’d had in Cornwall. We were glad we’d chosen to goto Cornwall instead of Spain. The food, people and scenery was excellent, I think it looks like we’ve found a new place to come for our family summer holiday... North Cornwall! We are already planning our holiday for next year and hope we will be able to fit everything next time! We stayed at Pols Piece Holidays (www.polspieceholidays.co.uk) for our accommodation, which served as a perfect base to explore Cornwall.
I love United Kingdom - Susan Mary Robertson. Date of travel: Aug 2006
There is a great variety of scenery, cities, towns, villages and countryside with ancient, medieval and modern monuments, culture, sports, arts and festivals. I loved the United Kingdom.
Lucy & Kayla. Date of travel: May 2005
It was quite a risk: Taking my moody, image-conscious pre-teen daughter on a camping trip around England and Scotland! However, having spent a couple of weeks sightseeing in London, I wanted her to see and experience what is, for me, the "real UK": the green countryside, quaint villages and beautiful scenery. We picked up a hired VW camper in Derby from a young couple, Simon and Suzanne, who run a thriving budget campervan rental service. I had "found" them on the Internet, and was delighted to discover that the van was all they had promised (by email) that it would be, and they were genuine, warm and friendly in their approach, even promising to be our "family in the UK", whom we could call for help and advice at any time. I needed this reassurance because I had not driven on English roads before! I found the driving so easy, though, once I had travelled the first few blocks towards the M1! The motorways are so well sign-posted, drivers stick to speed-limits and rules, and they are courteous to a fault! Navigating was a breeze (I had a good AA map) and the first day we easily found our way to York, and our first campsite in a village (Alne) north of the city. From there we travelled north, through Berwick on Tweed, Edinburgh, and up to Inverness ... stopping where the fancy took us! It is a wonderful way to travel and I discovered hundreds of places of interest ... in fact everywhere in the UK has a fascinating history and a tale to tell, if you have the time to suss it out! We stayed two nights at Invermoriston, camping right on the bank of Loch Ness (Kayla was convinced we were going to get a Nessie 'exclusive' and even slept with the camera ready!!) From there it we drove through the Highlands, falling in love with Scotland, and back down towards England, where we meandered through the Lake District. All this time we managed to agree on just about everything, and seemed to bond closer as mother and daughter than we ever have! Our final sortie was to travel south, were we camped near Winchester ... this was mainly to visit relations in the area. All in all we covered about 1,500 fun miles in "mary", as our camper was called (her name was painted on the front!). I would definitely recommend this as a fantastic way to explore the UK ... the campsites are pristine and perfect. Tour Operator: Coolcampervans.com
Julia. Date of travel: May 2005
Well, the last time i went to Butlins was when I was about 9, so I wasn't exactly excited about going again this time, but Ive got to say it was really enjoyable. Everything now is pretty modern, there's absoulutly loads for kids to do and because its all closed in its really safe too. We took my 4 year old neice at the time and she loved it. We went on an 80's weekend so it was really good for the adults too, and because its mostly all child friendly it doesnt mean the adults have to miss out on anything. We also went half board and the food was good, kids meals as well so shouldnt be any tears or tantrums. So if your looking for a cheap and cheerful week or weekend away i can definatly recommend it..Have fun, we did.. Tour Operator: Butlins
Leonard and Diana. Date of travel: Mar 2005
We stayed at the 4*Richmond Hill Hotel in Richmond Upon Thames in Surrey which we found comfortable and suitable for over purposes. There was a great view over the Thames and Richmond Park was only 2 minutes walk away and we went in there early in the morning for a jog. Hampton Court, Ham House and Kew Gardens are close by. Whilst in the area we tried a couple of the local English pubs and enjoyed The New Inn on Ham Common and The White Cross down by the river. We had a meal in Caffe Uno in the town centre and enjoyed the food there but were disappointed such a small area had been allocated for non smokers. We were also able to get a train direct into Central London. Tour Operator: Own Arrangements
Lee. Date of travel: Mar 2005
Edinburgh is well worth a visit. If you're into History, Art, Scenery or just great night life, then this is the place to go. Edinburgh Castle dominates the skyline and is worth a visit. It seems expensive at £12 but there is a lot to see and do for your money. The free guided tour is a must. There is always a good time going on in, and around, Edinburgh. This is escpecially so around the time of the Fringe (August time). It gets very busy at this time so book early. Tour Operator: independent travel
Shila Brockie. Date of travel: Jan 2005
I went on a Warners holiday which is adults only for the very first time in January this year. These properties have all the leisure facilities you could wish for. Swimming pool, saunas' steam room, etc. which you have to pay a little extra for. Its a great way to break up the winter months and something to look forward to after Christmas. The one we went to was Bodelwyddan Castle (I know this is supposed to be haunted!!!) but I promise I didnt see any ghosts!!!!. They have live evening entertainment and quizzes every night. When we were there it was a soul weekend, featuring the ex lead singer from the 'Drifers' who was absolutely brilliant. If you go by car then you can visit some of the resorts in the surrounding area. We went to Llandudno, Rhyll and Colwyn Bay, to name a few. It was quite a busy weekend but you were never bored. I would highly recommend these breaks. They are available all through the year and have several different properties all with different themes. Tour Operator: Warners
Lisa Smith. Date of travel: Nov 2004
Crieff in Perthshire Good town to stay in. Very central for reaching most locations and near to Loch Earn. Found great new gallery called Artery in King Street - just behind the square - just opened and full of great stuff. Bought a painting at about quarter of the cost in London. Definitely worth a visit.
Dave Parker. Date of travel: Jul 2004
I'd definitely recommend the Cotswolds! We stayed in Cold Aston a tiny little village with a great pub across the road. Its only a few mins away from Bourton-on-the-water which is pretty too. The villages are cute English villages with the thatch roofs - just like out of a picture book. Bourton tends to bit a bit pricier though. We stayed in the b&b Farm Grove which was well worth it, and away from any tourists (this was the bank holiday weekend too). You can also drive up to Stow-on-the-Wold, Stratford-on-avon and various other places nearby.
Jenny Auden. Date of travel: May 2003
The Lake District to me is like England's secret garden place. It is a fabulous place to visit for its walking potential and the scenery is breathtaking. As a tourist destination, it is outstanding in natural beauty and it is easy to see why so many visit and inhabit it, for inspiration cries out from every nook, cranny, lake and fell. The Lake District is a place of mountainous grandeur and impressive splendour. Whether you desire a peaceful, romantic weekend away from it all; or prefer an artistic week with your sketch book paints and easel; or you are one of the serious rock climbing fraternity- this picturesque region has something to offer everyone.
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