The largest city in Canada, Toronto buzzes with a cosmopolitan population, frenetic cultural and sporting facilities, fantastic shopping, a great collection of bistros and bars, a throbbing “Clubland” and some fascinating ethnic neighbourhoods. The city’s landmark is the CN Tower, pointing skywards from the waterfront district, but this is just one of the myriad ofmore
One word: amazing!! - Thomas. Date of travel: Jul 2006
When I went to Toronto in 2006 I was so excited about going to the city and when I arrived I was bursting with excitement...and it didn't let me down. It is such a beautiful city lots of great shops, really friedly people. I was there for two weeks and there was always something to do. Bay street where we stayed has some excellent bars on it, real lovely places which are great to relax in when it got really warm during the day. We were in a few bars and nightclubs down by king/queens street where they all seem to be situated they are quite dressy but are really great clubs with a chilled out crowd. On the whole, Toronto was such an amazing place that when I finish up at university I would like to go live there.
I loved Canada - Louisa Phillips, Andrew Richmond, Sally Phillips, Chris Phillips, John Phillips, James Brad. Date of travel: Feb 2006
Torroto was great. The hotel was right next to 2 big shopping centres. I didnt find the clothes that cheaper than in England as they add tax on top of everthing. The hotel was also near the drug and sex area but that didnt bother us, we just walked past them all. Everywhere is able to be walked to, thats if you dont mind having a bit of a walk. We went during New Year and the city put on a massive show which was great. The Canadians are not very big drinkers so we looked out of place while having a few during the evening. We went on a trip to the Niagara falls which was excellent; wouldnt like to stay there but for the day it was great. We also went up the cn tower but the day we went up it was very cloudy and couldnt see anyhting but we had lunch which was realy nice. We also tryed getting tickets for the ice hockey game but had no luck but we did get in to see the raptors - basket ball which was an experience. Very excellent city.
Toronto, i say yes - Chad. Date of travel: Jun 2004
I like Toronto. It's the big apple of Canada. Big, diverse, and progressive. Is it Queen St? I'm not sure. But Toronto has this one street that is the hip street. Funky with art, bars, and shops.
Dee Swain. Date of travel: Jun 2003
I have visited Toronto several times as I have family there. The city is amazing, fantastic shopping;sightseeing & a wide range of hotels to suit all budgets. A trip up the CN Tower is well worth a visit with glorious views over the harbour & down into the city. Toronto is now far more accessible from more airports in the UK. Niagara Falls is only just over an hour's drive away & can be added on as a twin centre destination. Apart from the famous falls there is a wide range of other things to do & see. Nightlife is abundant with a couple of casinos, discos & theatres. Two wonderful places to visit all year round