The most popular package holiday resort town on the island of Cyprus, Paphos blends a long history dating from Roman times with the hubbub of modern tourism development, centred on the beautiful soft sands of Coral Bay, lined with a busy market-like promenade. Those on holiday in Paphos who want to take a break frommore
Paphos best cheap local restaurant: Melania restaurant - Gino Georgiou. Date of travel: Aug 2010
Paphos best cheap local restaurant: Melania restaurant
We were having our dinner in melania restaurant every year. Every year we notice that they getting better. Only, this year they manage to grow all the vegetables, potatoes and fruits at there own land next to the restaurant. According the owners, they are not trying to minimize the cost but to supply there family and the customers with fresh organically homegrown products. They never sell there products at any market. There family wine is very nice. Sure they know how to look after grape vines, the huge vine yard around the restaurant verify this. While having our dinner under the vines we fell that we are 1000 km away from the noisy tourism area. Because of the fresh organic food we can eat too much every day and we never fell stuffed. The owner Matheos (moustache), his wife Elli (always smiling) and his son George (young philosopher, very high educated) and few more stuff give there best to satisfy our gastronomic needs! There mousaka and meze (Cypriot specialities ) are the best. Steaks are also very nice. All grilled meals are fresh delicious.
Kato Paphos =] - Debi Stripe. Date of travel: Apr 2009
I would recommend Paphos to anyone. I had a great time and met lots of people. My cousin and Aunt and Uncle live out there so I can go whenever I had such a good time. I would recommend Bubbles Bar as I spent most of my time here, also The Olive Tree restaurant which is a 20 minute drive from Tala as it has got great food ;). Coral Bay Beach was a bit of a let down but other than that I enjoyed myself and will definitely be back :D
Paphos - Chris J. Date of travel: Oct 2008
Easy and quick access to Paphos along the motorway. Much better and more interesting journeys along the other routes: easy driving for us from the UK.
Kato Paphos - Melissa. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Food is lovely and there's normally a good deal to be made. There's lots to see and do around the area like turtal beach, aphrodities rock and I recommend going out on a boat for the day, and snorkling is a must as there's lots to be seen in that area. If you rent a car you can go up into the mountains a bit which is good - lots of rough tracks too if you like that kinda thing (but rent a jeep if you are doing rough tracks!) All in all its one of the best places I've ever been to and cant wait to go back.
Paphos holidays - Josh and Julie. Date of travel: Aug 2008
Paphos holidays
Paphos is the great. Just got back from 2 weeks in Paphos and missing it already. There are many good places to go to. the food is great try the "meze". Bar street is the place to go, went to black and white every night after that rainbow. Stay away from Starsky's it's the best on Bar Street,. Cyprus in general is a fabulous place. Great weather, 360 days of sunshine. Can't wait to go back again!
Paphos - Wendy. Date of travel: Jul 2008
Paphos was nice although we struggled with the heat and didn't go too far because of this. Some of the party went to the water park which was an expensive taxi ride and day out. We went for my daughter's wedding which was very nice and would return again but at a different time in the year when it is a little cooler so we can explore more of the area.
kato,paphos, fab place - s savage . Date of travel: Jul 2008
we have been to kato,paphos 5 times now, it is a great place for family,s and couples wanting a quiet relaxing holiday , not lots of brits on the piss ! we stay in a self catering villa and ther are plenty of villas and apartments to rent cheap on holiday lettings.co.uk.the weather in cyprus is perfect, and the lovely harbour area is great for taking a nice walk of an evening. the people are really friendly, and most speak good english , its become alot more expensive now that the euro came in last year but worth it, the full moon resterant offers a all inclusive package , including all meals, snacks, local alcohol and beers, ice creams, etc great!! , other lovely places to eat the imperial chinese, phucket chinese, the rib shack, fat mams is fab , entertainment, good food, large portions share size ha. diana staek house has the best steaks ever and all staff really nice. as for where to go, there is sopmetimes a fair in high season, the water park is great and can spend the whole day there, can get discount when paying for 2 trips. the karting centre is good too, watersports on the harbour area , paphod bird and reptile park, the children can hold a python, ride a pont and watch parrotshow fab day! ,luna park also has a small beach area, childrens play area, mini fair rides, pony rides etc . the best beach has to be down at coral bay wihich is 10 mins away in car, car hire is not essential but good for families, agais car hire is best weve found , meet you at airport realy nice . there are lots of lovely resterants along the harbour and fresh fish resterant,s hair wraps, portrait man hector, lovely pencil drawn portraits, there are boat trips availible also from the harbour cheap fmaily day out , chance to snorkel and see all the beautiful coast, there are the troodos mountains to visit, aphrodites rock, lara bay with the fab tirtles, stena winery , overall plenty to see and do, tomb of the kings etc , lots of ancient ruins and places of worship , lovely place and we will go back again, easy jet now offering cheapest flights !!!!!
Paphos, Cyprus - David Bowden. Date of travel: Jan 2008
Paphos is a great destination. Sun 340 days of the year. Coral Bay has a great beach and good restaurants and bars.The Almond Tree in Kato Paphos is superb. Lots of sight seeing. The Akamas is a great place for scenery. Nicosia is only 1 and 1/2 hours away by car the only divided city in Europe.
Paphos is the best... Bubblin' it - Manj and Kully. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Just got back from 1 week in Paphos and missing it so much. Bar street is the place to go, went to Bubbles every night it's the best on Bar Street.... those Bubbles boys made our holiday. Micky, Phil, Johnny, Boris... great guys. So much fun, can't wait to go back again. Cyprus in general is a fab place. Great weather, no insects, really safe and friendly people. Go to Coral Bay for the best beach and watersports.
Visit now - Sheila Whitney. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Paphos is a great place for a week or two but my advice is visit sooner rather than later the increase in English & Irish bars and fast food outlets makes me think it will soon be like all the other resorts, which is a shame as it is a lovely town.
Was not as good as I expected - Adam Bradley. Date of travel: Sep 2007
Was not as good as I expected
I found Paphos in general quite boring, maybe it was the time of year. We went out there for a wedding which was a great day but in general the nightlife is not what I expected at all. Bar street is Ok but it's just not lively enough. Also I'm 16 and I will give some advive to young people travelling there, stay in a big group do not go off alone as me and my mate found out when 10 Cypriot MEN jumped on us and gave us a good kicking for no reason whatsoever. So stay together and visit Flairs which I found was the most lively place.
Lovin' it, lovin' it, loved it - Jes. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Well, what a holiday best one yet. Our apartment was lovely, clean. We vistited the Coral Bay Hotel which is georgous, great places to eat on Tomb of the Kings Road, great bars and clubs in Bar Street, Rainbows, Bubbles and Flairs. Met a girl called Jess who took photos in night club. Great holiday and things to do the water sports the tombs the mosiacs and the lovely beaches... wow what a holiday!
Not going back to Mayfair Apartments, Paphos - Pauline and Dave. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Paphos was OK, pavements poor, boat trips good. Mayfair Apartment bad - worst place we have ever stayed in.
Amazing Holiday - Emma. Date of travel: Aug 2007
OMG! Anyone thinking about going Paphos, GO! Had an amazing time, the weather was great, Bar Street is immense! Bubbles and Flairs best ones down there, get free shots, half price drinks, etc, get hammered, go to the night clubs then try finding your way back some time in the morning. It's actually jokes! met sooo many ppl and miss it so much, deffinately going bak next year =pthe ppl there are propa safe and friendly and if u want a gd nite out there is so much to do! paphian bay hotel is pretty gd for families, entertainment is shit so go out evri nite, go to the waterpark and coral bay beach cos pafos beach is crap. BRING ON PAFOS 07 <3 emmaxx
Paphos was brill! - Dani, Laura, Maggie, Morag. Date of travel: Aug 2007
Great holiday! Bar Street really good. Bubbles was great, they put a ring of fire and bar staff ride over the fire with ther beer mats. Really good. Flare is good, Rainbow and Blues Brothers is quite good. Drink is cheap everywhere. Buy 1 get 1 free some with shots free. Best family bar is Flinstones. When you order a cocktail a big horn goes and everyone shouts "yaba daba do!" lol. Pool tables, really frendly staff. Splash karaoke bar is brill. You must go! Drinks really good, staff are brill. Guy on karaoke is so funny. You laugh at him all night. Good for everyone and if you go during the day, get drinks and there's a swimming pool... If you walk to the end of Bar Street, cross road, keep left and follow the long road till the beach. There's great pubs: O'Solmens Irish pub good but if you go down to beach, Niks Watersports is brill. If you haven't been paragliding, GO! It was the best thing I've ever done! :) Paphos was brill. Going next Aug again cause it was so good. Can't wait! Going to jet ski next time! lol :)
Amazing time - Jade. Date of travel: Aug 2007
I spent 10 days in Paphos and it was wicked. I loved it and going to Bar street every nite was the bollox... the club staff made the holiday and specially Bubbles boys... they made the holiday, loads of memories. Thanks to Alex, Jason, Elias, Johnny, Sav, Carly, Harrison, Ben and the rest. I can't wait to go back next year. It's the best holiday I've ever been on. I'd recommend it to people who love a live holiday and love clubbing and late nighs til early hours of the morning...
Paphos is AMAZING - Anna, Becci, Ellis, Fi, Hannah, Laura & Lucy. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Paphos is AMAZING
Had the best holiday ever in Paphos. We met a big group of boys at our hotel, the Mayfair, and were with them most nights. Made friends with a few reps...Perran and Dale at Flairs (the best bar in Bar Street!!) High Five!! Bar Street is amazing, especially Flairs, Bubbles, California and Rainbow. We met DJ Luck & MC Neat in Rainbow, and stayed there till closing every night. Drink is so cheap, and we got free entry, cocktails and shots in most bars. would DEFINITELY go again, really didn't want to come home. The weather was amazing and the atmosphere was so chilled....Best Holiday ever!
Paphos is amazing! - Amy, Sash, Abbie, Decan. Date of travel: Jul 2007
I loved Paphos so much! I really don't want to be home from there and can't wait to go back! Bar Street was excellant, so good that most nights I can't even remember! My favourite bar was Flairs but I did really enjoy the others... I loved the music, the atmosphere, the people, everything!! Everyone is friendly, up for a laugh and knows how to make your holiday worthwhile! Drink is cheap and you get good deals! Once it hits 1 in the morning you know it's time for the night clubs and by then you should be extremely drunk & up for it. They play a mixture of music so it's fun for everyone! I met so many people and had the time of my life, it must have actually been the best week of my life and I can't wait to go back!
e.g. I loved Paphos - susan goldsworthy. Date of travel: Jul 2007
I loved everything about Paphos - lovely harbour, good shops and lots of history.
It was sick!! - Hayley. Date of travel: Jul 2007
It was sick!!
I came home from Cyrpus yesterday and really miss it already. It was sick out there. Daytime go to market, harbour, sea front, beach, waterparks, coral bay. Was dead good but at night time went to Bar Street! Believe me if you're going to Paphos don't miss it out. Love Flairs, I was dancing on the bar for 45 mins in one night. LOVE Mario (and they guy with his tongue periced) in Callifornia club, they are legends. Bubbles is good but does get really cramped, LOVED Symbol got very friendly with the PR called Stefan and we met up in the daytime when he was not working, I miss him so bad!! I'm already looking at flights to go back big time. Trust me, Bar Street is the place to be!!
Kamares Village - Sasha. Date of travel: Jul 2007
I came home from Cyprus 4 days ago and I want to go back as I miss the Ice-creams down at the local parlour. I enjoyed the waterpark and the water sports. I love the country as my auntie has a villa out there.
I love Paphos! - Alexis, Ashleigh, Mandy, Reevo, Will, Jennie, Jo, Scott. Date of travel: Jul 2007
We love this place we were so upset to come home. We wanted to stay. We had the best weather ever on this hoilday over 100 degrees everyday. We had the best nights out too. Black and White drum and bass/ r n b/ dance bar was the best ever. We became friends with most of the reps in there. Wicked place had the best nights in there. Loved Bubbles, Rainbow, E Club, Woodys, Baywatch bar the list could go on and on and on. We are so coming back too hopefully this year.
Paphos - Richard, Matthew, Mark, Janet, Chelsea. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Paphos was ace, the weather is amazingtoo, hot though, so if you want to get a tan, Paphos is the place to go. The best bit about Paphos is the Bar Street, it's mint, loads of good clubs. Best I went to was the Black and White, Woody's. You sould go if you want to get wasted, there are other bars as well like Rainbow, etc.
Paphos was good - Leda Gardens NO! - Rick & Chelsea. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Paphos was a good place to go for your family holiday. Bar street is the best! They are all very friendly and give you drinks for cheep (if they're nice). The bar we recommend is Black & White! Amazing Bar!
Paphos is quality - Wilko. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Absolutely loved Paphos. Great nightlife and plenty of lovely ladies. Just a pity our apartments were unfit for tramps.
Paphos - raved it up man! - Kate and Emma. Date of travel: Jul 2007
So gutted that we had to come home...bar street was AMAZING!!! We had the best two weeks there ever!! Flaires, Bubbles, Black and White and Rainbow are the places to go... We met so many people who were all mint!! And oh my god the waiters in Bubbles are all gorgeous!! The drinks were so cheap compared to Manchester. We got wasted every time we were out!! We will definitely be going back again as soon as we have enough money x x x x x
Bar street place to be - Gemma. Date of travel: Jul 2007
I loved Paphos and shopping there was brilliant! But Bar Street was the place to be this summer '07. It is wicked there, I met loads of people and boys from Essex where I am from which is brill. The best places down Bar Street for me are Woody's, Bubbles and e-club, wicked places.
Always Loving Greeks and Cypriots! Love How You Lunge! - Amanda, Ashleigh, Alexis - The A Team. Date of travel: Jul 2007
What a nice place to be out, really nice people, really nice atmosphere - locals really loooked after us and will definitely be going back very soon. Loved how we can dance full on! Like how the swimming pools are there to cool us down, when we are naked! Enjoyed that loads! Also loved Yianni's big hot dogs - they were great if not rather huge!
Paphos = Brilliant. - Lauren. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Paphos was wicked, Bar Street is the place to go deffo its well safe. I recommend the Black and White bar and Bubbles, free shots and all that if you dance on the bar in black and white haha, wicked people in there, the staff are well good and you can have a proper laugh with them :D. We went to the foam party at Pure and there was like 10 people there but when your pissed who cares haha was mint. Bubbles was well good met some lads from Cardiff who were well strange yeah you know it 'liam and shane' haha also some very good lookin staff there. ;) I so want to go back I've been home one day and I miss it already =[. gutted! Will upload piccy's when i get them :D x
Paphos/bar street - Natasha Richardson and Kathryn Smitheram. Date of travel: Jun 2007
Paphos/bar street
Absolutely had the time of our lives over in Paphos!! Been to Cyprus before so knew we would have a great time but this time my friends were already there working the season. Perran at Flairs, Joe at Woodyz and Dave at California!! Made a few other friends there too like the gorgeous Jamie, Kate and Luke at Woodyz and Perran's mate Louis. Bar Street is amazing, I definitely recommend - Woodyz, Flairs, California, Karaoke bar, Bubbles, Waterhole and Black and Whites. They Rock!! You should also go on the 'Ocean Flyer' Champagne cruise on a Saturday night, it's great, really worth just the 30 you pay!
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Azia Beach | * * * * * |
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